A world of iTunes tips…

So an upgraded version of iTunes appeared on my Software Update this evening. For the most part – if you’re not from AOL and looking to buy music – there aren’t very many changes that I can notice (except hopefully it won’t now crash my G4 desktop every 12 hours or so). But one thing I did notice that I hadn’t seen before was under the iTunes menu at the top of the screen – an option called ‘Hot Tips’. When you click on it, it throws up this page – iTunes Hot Tips – which included these useful-to-know factoids:

  • “To quickly create a playlist containing an album in your library, click Library and choose Edit > Show Browser (if you see only Hide Browser, then the Browser is already visible). Drag an album from the Album list in the top-right section of the library to the white area below the items in your Source list. A playlist named after the album is created.”
  • “To switch between the approximate and precise time for all the songs in the selected playlist or the library, click the time displayed at the bottom of the iTunes window.”
  • “You can Control-click songs, playlists, column headings, and many other items in iTunes to do certain tasks more easily. For example, to see all the playlists that include a particular song, press the Control key and click the song, then scroll down to Playlists.”

Lots more. Some obvious. Some less-so. All very nice.

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The tips you mention are also in the Help > Shortcuts and Tips section of the help file on iTunes for Windows 4.11 – but a direct link from the main menu is a more user-friendly touch (and better than having to deal with those irritating “tooltip” windows that often pop up when you start various Windows apps these days).

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