How many weblogs are there in the UK?

Right. For a whole range of reasons, I’m getting increasingly interested in finding out how many weblogs there are in the UK. If we could demonstrate that a large number of UK-based webloggers exist, then it could have a whole range of effects: it could encourage publishers to find constructive ways to engage with the community, could encourage UK-based people/companies to get more involved in building weblog-based software (or to spend time thinking around Denton-esque micro-publishing ventures like Gawker, Fleshbot and Gizmodo). All kinds of stuff.

Now there’s no really useful way of effectively measuring these things, but it occurs to me that we’d probably be able to motivate a good number of people to make themselves known as weblogers if everyone who read this post stuck up a mention/plug for one or more of the major geographical portals onto their sites. So I’m going to wander off now and check that I’m listed on:

And please – if you’ve got ten minutes and are interested in helping to uncover the lost continent of UK webloggers out there, then stick something on your site about this too.

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