A New Font for a New Year…

After a highly entertaining half an hour with my work colleagues and fontifier, I now have a full operational font of my handwriting. It looks a little childish and insane, like the kind of thing you’d write threatening letters with, but it looks great as the default font on OSX’s Post-It equivalents. Should you be foolish enough to want my scribblings on your computer, feel free to download it from here: Coates.ttf.

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I suggest that your next project should be a ‘Coates Signature Font’, an exact likeness of your signature as used on, say, cheques and important documents.
I also think that using a handwriting font on computer ‘stickies’ is going one step too far…

I saw url2png and thought a useful tool for web designers would be an expanded version of that which would return an image of your site as viewed by various versions of IE, Netscape, Safari on various versions of Mac OS, Windows, etc. Does something l…

You should try to get hold of an architect to do this with. They train them to annotate sketches in this architect-specific “angular” style of writing. The moment you’ve seen it, you know a trained architect scribbled it — it’s really quite nice…

Weird – I was just dling free handwriting fonts like mad two nights ago. And here is a fine one.
Question, though — you include any punctuation with it? Quote marks and dashes and such are so important when I use these things.
I really need to get a font-making program for myself….

It would be nice if you could get a handwriting font that could do cursive (you know, all the letters joined together). That would be excellent.

“Flygande bckasiner ska hwila p mjuka tuvor” is sort of Swedish. Flying (strange word) will rest upon soft tussocks (almost). why the (quasi-) Swedish, Tom?!
/a swede

ha! I did that handwriting thingy over a year ago! and implemented it into my web site! but it looked crap, so took it off… best of luck in the bloggies, fellow nominee

“See, that wouldn’t work with my handwriting, it’s too varied, and joined up.” – Hmm. I’m pretty sure Tom can write joined up, just that for the purposes of this font he didn’t. He’s, like, a fully-grown adult and everything 🙂

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