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An illustration of spam…

Yesterday I received a piece of spam with a title so interesting and dramatic that I felt I had to illustrate it with Photoshop. Presenting: “Unrelenting Massive C*cks Destroy Innocent Pussies!”

Addendum: Of course now my site will be blocked by my brother’s school for another six months. Sigh.

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If this were boingboing and London were LA and spam was SARS, this post would be the start of some cool new cultural art thing and would wind up in Wired magazine next month. Good thing this is much better than that.

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mattj: The spam specified multiple cocks, but I agree with the swarm problem. I had hoped to use a large ranked mass to signify ‘unrelented’. Perhaps if we could get the guys with the LOTR special effects computer interested in this game it’d be more convincing? Conveying innocence is also a quality hard to convey convincingly.
What this, and b3ta-style art, reminds me of is Archaic art. Feyerabend, in Against Method [p177], describes the style: “The picture becomes a list. Thus a charioteer standing in a carriage is shown as standing above the floor (which is presented in its fullest view) and unencumbered by the rails so that his feet, the floor, the rails can all be clearly seen. No trouble arises if we regard the painting as a visual catalogue of the parts of an event rather than as an illusary rendering of the event itself (no trouble arises when we say: his feet touched the floor which is rectangular, and he was surrounded by a railing…)” — the picture is a series of statements: “We have what is called a paratactic aggregate: the elements of such an aggregate are all given equal importance, the only relation between them is sequential, there is no hierarchy, no part is being presented as being subordinate to and determined by others“.
The picture is read rather than gleaned, and I’d contend that this form of art arises out of cultures that contain strong virtual worlds (we have cyberspace; the Greeks had systems of thought and description. It’s not so different), because if the world the artists inhabit is a construction, the art will tend to be like that too. (See also, Cyberspace as a paratactic aggregate.)

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a picture tells a thousand words
From, and in his own photoshopping no less: Yesterday I received a piece of spam with a title so interesting and dramatic that I felt I had to illustrate it with Photoshop. Presenting: “Unrelenting Massive C*cks Destroy Innocent Pussies!…

Pılevate silmadega blogijad kaklemas
You know what we should do? Send up a Mars mission and then once they’re up in space, call them and say, “You guys can’t reenter the atmosphere until you develop a cure for AIDS. Get crackin’.” Selline veider koomiks. Ja siis muidugi unrelenting massic…

The Illustrated SPAM
“Unrelenting Massive C*cks Destroy Innocent Pussies!” proclaimed the subject line of the message in the Inbox. What? Someone more inane than I concocted the truth of the story in Photo Shop. I have ta thank Goldie for trackin’ this story…

FLEE! FLEE! THE ENOURMOUS CHICKEN COMETH! AAAH!!! Those words are etched into my mind for life. Genius. Everyone I showed thought it was completely hilarious. Cheers!

Despite the large quantities of funny stuff online, it’s rare that webstuff makes me laugh out loud. And I’m at work. People here now think I’m nuts. This is absolutely hilarious. Do more. I love it.

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