On the Bloggies…

So the nominations for the the Bloggies are now up and I would encourage everyone to go and explore some of the weblogs that have been short-listed. For good or ill, quite a lot of the old crew have ended up on the nominations again this year, with surprising me a bit by being up for four categories. Evidently there’s still a bit of life in the old blog yet. If you want to vote for it, then it’s represented in the Best British or Irish and Best GLBT weblog categories and to my delight Weblogs and the Mass Amateurisation of Nearly Everything has a shot in the Best Article or Essay about Weblogs category (weirdly opposite Rebecca Blood’s classic Weblogs, A History and Perspective which actually already won the award a couple of years ago).

Now despite my reputation for being a complete kill-joy when it comes to weblog competitions, I actually have a bit of a soft-spot for the Bloggies. I’m not going to go into too much detail about why I like them (big argument here) but – in a nutshell – it’s because they’re part of the weblogging ecosystem and treat it with respect, they don’t take themselves too seriously and most importantly, because they are open to everyone to participate in, vote in and nominate for. There’s something nice – honourable, even – about nominating someone else for an award that they’d never put themselves in for but eminently deserve. And it’s fun being able (at this stage) point to some of the new sites that I’ve discovered as a result of the nominations process and which I plan to read more often. So – from the nominations list – here are some sites (old and new) that have given me particular pleasure today:

PS. When does the gay mudslinging start? Because that’s the best bit.

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The Bloggies…
the nominees for the Bloggies came out today. comments on it. I have similar thoughts. When it came out, I went to the site, not to vote, but to browse. And I found a bunch of fascinating new sites to explore — and I was surprised at th…

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