Where all the best people work…

From an entertaining post on an interesting Metafilter thread:

The BBC is best when it’s at its least domestic and condescending: its radio and web output is better than its TV news (BBC World excepted) and the World Service is best of all. There’s a reason why people who work at Bush House feel superior: they are superior.

For the record, I work at Broadcasting House, which is kind of like the BBC’s version of the Lost City of Atlantis.

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I was going to continue that thread by wondering about the people at Threshold House, but then I remember that I work, most of the time, in the Steel Grey Temple Of Doom.
Anyway, Bush House must be good. Which is why it’s going in a few years, isn’t it?

The ten writing comandmants wore me out to where I could hear Jennifer Eagan’s wince while my ass cheeks grew fat enough to squish her against the back of my legs without anyone being there to look at her.

Hurray! I’m superior! But alas we’re so good, the BBC has taken the decision to dismantle us so we can spread our fantasticness across White City and Broadcasting House – both of which will grow enourmously under our guiding influence.

I couldn’t agree less.
“And Nation shall speak peace unto Nation”.
The BBC was founded by a Scotsman under the principles of reflecting the social composition of the United Kingdom.
It is at its best when the nations work together.
Keep watching the skies – you’re living through the final days of a London-centric BBC.

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