Los Angeles (Day Two)

A few weeks ago I had a conversation with Dan Hill about clothes. My contention – that everyone in the world should wear the same clothes because then we’d stop making spurious assertions about people’s integrity and value on the basis of what bloody T-shirt they wore. My other contention – no adult human being needs any more than two pairs of shoes and those that claim otherwise are in some way mentally depraved.

This latter story – such as it is – is relevant for two reasons. Firstly because I tried to buy some clothes today and secondly because I tried to buy some shoes today. I was unsuccessful on both counts. The shoes that I needed to replace last year at ETCon are still firmly on my feet. And I have no new clothes of any sort. I do however have an enormous pile of stuff from the Apple Store and a desperate salivating urge to go back and blow another £200 on a new iPod. I only wish I could claim surprise at this turn of events…

The other great thing that happened today was that I got to have lunch with Christopher from filchyboy / chronotope / safer sex. We went to a little Mexican place where they fed us about five tons of food for about twenty pence and talked about familial relationships, children, expectations, socialising and meeting people through the internet. Altogether a very pleasant couple of hours that I look forward to repeating at some point in the future.

The only bad news (other than me cleaning out Apple of course) was that I was supposed to go with Kerry to the Viper Rooms this evening, but am too bloody tired to move out of my comfy chair. So – more likely – I shall instead mess around with Garageband for a couple of hours and then have an early night…