Pictures of Mountains and Clouds…

So by way of a change of pace, here are some pictures of mountains and clouds. They were taken (much like last year) from the plane from the UK to California.

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Hi Tom
I love your photos. I had an interesting trip last December returning to live in the Uk having lived in Mallorca for 13 yrs. The plane took off as usual from Palma and after about 30 mins. the captain advised us that we were landing in Asturias to pick up some people who had been stranded there because of a plane breakdown…so there I was, asking please may I take photos? I did get a few shots but it is not easy with my camera (just a cheap Canon 2megs)…anyway, I felt like Spain didn’t want to lose me! I am heading back there asap but will stick with Yahoo … I have been with them since 2003.
Bye for now

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