A disease in the Breedster ecosystem…

There’s so much I could write about Breedster if I had the time. I could write about the interesting way it handles new members (you have to put work in to getting food and finding a partner before you can create a new user account and plug someone into it). I could talk about the possibilities of gaming / message-board overlaps and some of the slightly-abortive work that Cal and I did on the not-open-for-business The Mafia Game site. I could talk about the gaming aspects of maintaining a community and the congruence between gaming rule-sets and political rule-sets. I could write about lots of things. There’s loads of stuff I could talk about that’s interesting (to me) here. Instead I’m just going to report that a friend of mine has just contracted a disease in the game – they’ve released an infestation that can affect your bug’s digestive tract and make it harder for you to build up enough strength to fornicate. Watch out everyone, there’s infected poop about. This is a disease of the colon that could (and please forgive me for this) run and run!

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Tom – I would like to send you an e-mail about professional matters (ie work) but cannot find a way of contacting you. Could you e-mail me with a way to write to you?
Charlie Bourne
Leamington Spa

Not just a digestive virus, Tom, but an STD. (Be polite, and don’t ask how I know — but if we meet in Breedster, let’s not go further than holding hands. For your sake.)

help is hand, a rumor is spreading about a fabled purple bug who heals all who touch hir.
on another note the STD is only spread between breeders, thus if you mate your children or members of the same sex you are laughing all the way to the bank.

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