"We will now back down!"

There’s a slightly Freudian typo in BBC News’ latest article about the joint Blair / Bush press conference in the states. Or at least I assume it’s a typo and Blair didn’t just squeeze in a bit of a massive policy U-Turn while no one was looking:

Outlining the coalition’s strategy, the prime minister said: “First, we stand firm. We will do what it takes to win this struggle. We will not yield, we will now back down.”

It probably won’t be there for long, so enjoy it while you can…

One reply on “"We will now back down!"”

Apropå min lilla profetia att att Bush och Blair borde börja glida isär snart… Bush verkar tycka det är ok att Israel mördar hamasledare efter hamasledare, medans regeringen Blair verkar tycka det är olagligt, omotiverat…

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