And relax!

Wow. What a couple of weeks. I’ve been working so hard that at times I swear that my keyboard fingers have been getting cramps. Certainly my brain has. A succession of twelve-hour days, plus travel (including weekends) has left me a little the worse for wear and not really in the fittest state to talk to the general public. And – of course I have this epic post gestating in the background that I can’t get rid of and can’t finish that I really just need to release into the world as is. Mental constipation due to an overly refined diet of work, I think…

Anyway – I’ve carved myself out a long-weekend of slacking off and not thinking about work at all, both Friday and Monday to wander around the place and think about personal stuff and catch up with what’s going on online and clean my flat and try and get a few design treatments done for some things I’m working on. So far I’ve already seen Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, watched the final episode of Friends and the penultimate Enterprise and Angels, gone for lunch with Cory and ripped a few new albums. And later today (when I’ve got bored of standing up in the Human-Computer Interaction department of Foyles scabbing off their wifi) I’m going to wander off and catch Troy. Tomorrow is cleaning and basic creativity, I think. And then I might spend Sunday on the blog and Monday doing personal project stuff before the slog begins anew… Relaxation is fun.