More on the Typekey upgrade…

So my installation of Movable Type has never been the simplest of things. I’ve had to use cgiwrap to avoid some of the more arcane problems with pair’s process throttling and I’ve got MT installed in a completely different directory and domain to my site. For someone with as little overt server knowledge as myself, this means that every time something’s supposed to be a simple installation or adaptation process, everything goes completely wrong. This is all by way of me saying that I’ve still got lots of problems around the place with integrating the Typekey registration system, including but not limited to it randomly not working, having lots of really nasty preview screens that remain totally untemplated and generally feeling more than a little rough around the edges. I’ll endeavour to get it all sorted out this evening so that the Monday morning crowd don’t start snarking out at me… Plus: Lots of actually interesting posts on real subjects to come soon!

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No problem at all. You’ll also notice that the links to your sites go through redirects so that people don’t get any Googlejuice from putting their URL into the comment. It’s a bit weird, but it does appear to work.

Is it possible to disable the URL redirect/cloaking? I would actually like people to get some google juice. (Unless they’re spammers, in which case they get nuked.)

I’ve had one e-mail from someone saying that they wouldn’t be commenting any more, but for the most part – and probably as you’d expect, the only people who have commented have been people who are prepared to comment! I do understand people’s resistance, but there is a side effect to not using it – ie. that I’ll continued to get large amounts of comment spam and it’ll continue to be an effective strategy for people who are spammer, and as a result everyone suffers.

Of course having said all that, I’m not really an average user since I’m so interested in moderation technologies generally and am much less tense about the idea of individual sites having different requirements for posting.

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