Where the police pretend to be secret agents…

Yesterday evening, after a few too many cocktails with lovely people from work and an emergency Italian meal, we walked back towards Charing Cross to catch the tube only to see a van full of police officers looking weird and mischievous while playing the theme tune to Mission Impossible incredibly loudly and driving up and down the Strand. They all looked about seventeen, and like they were wearing their dads’ uniforms. These are not the uniformed whores from Morrissey’s The World is Full of Crashing Bores and that’s quite nice. I wasn’t scared of them or anything. But I wasn’t exactly filled with confidence either…

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I hesitate to repeat the cliché, but isn’t it considered a sign of one’s advancing years when policemen are looking way too young? The thing is, though, I’m not quite sure where the clichés stand when the policemen in question are playing 1960s spy show themes.

Was walking through the City late one night, and a police car parked in a side street near Morgate tube starting playing the theme to Knight Rider incredibly loudly (through their grill-mounted (?) loudspeakers) as I walked past. I jumped. The policemen laughed. It was most odd.

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