Anyone for Gmail?

So anyway, I signed up for Gmail a while back and basically I don’t really use it even though it’s pretty well assembled and has some nice features and now I’ve been given three invitations but everyone who I know who wants an account already has one. I imagine the big craze for offering people enormous gifts and proposing amorous liasons in exchange for One Gigabyte of Full-On E-mail Pleasure has passed, but if you can think of a reason why I should invite you rather than just making three new accounts with funny names, then post a comment below or chuck me an e-mail to my fairly guessable normal e-mail address (hint: it starts tom@) and I’ll see what I can do…

[Update: I’m afraid all three invitations have now gone. As soon as I get any others I will post them up and people can make a case for why they should get one. Sorry if I didn’t send one to you. It’s not personal…]

Second update: I got another five invitations this morning and have given away four of them to some of the other people who contacted me about them either on this post or by e-mail. That means I have one more left if anyone out there wants it. Yet again – make a good case and I’ll give it to you. I’m adding one condition now – if you get an account and eventually get the ability to give out invitations, you have to give away at least one of those invitations to someone who says something funny on the internet. You can’t give em all to friends. I have no way of enforcing this, of course, but I will consider you a person without honour if I found out you have wilfully ignored your obligations.

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Hmmm… The only reason that I can think of is that my daily allotment of 600 – 1200 spams could use a new place to be filtered out 🙂 Well, that, and that it might save me from having to take “” as the only address available…
lol.. Hey wait — you didn’t ask for a GOOD reason… But if either of those two lame ones are close enough, my address is lawson@ the domain on the comment…

No, no, no, Tom, you’ve got it all backwards…
Here’s the deal:
If you can think of a reason why I should let you invite me rather than just take up any of the three other invitations I’ve got…
Heh 🙂
The truth is I haven’t received any invitations. But I don’t need a stupid Gmail account anyway. Honest.
P.S. I once linked to your site.

Tom, if you can hook me up with an account I’d appreciate it. I’m hoping Google integrates IMAP into Gmail in the future. Then I’d store all my old e-mails in my Gmail account as a backup.

Thats quite comical, as I JUST wrote about the same thoughts about Gmail last night. I think it would be so great to have had I not already gotten email through my various domains/hosting accts. I think I’ve used mine maybe twice just to see what its all about, though I think it’d be good to use for signing up for various forums, etc.

This whole Gmail malarkey is a perfect demonstration of online community core-periphery theory. Those with Gmail, or who have been invited to join, reside in the core. And those who haven’t are left stranded at the edge – standing in the rain outside the living room window, watching the party in full swing. Oh you Gmailers, don’t you realise how cold it is out here? So, so cold…

Hey Tom. I guess I could use it because I’d really love to finally get a reliable webmail account that’s not a pain to use (and it’s run by one of my favorite companies as a bonus). If you did give me an invite, I’d promise to use all my invites and give them to other people on the condition that they pass on all theirs – heck, I’d even give them to the people who don’t get one in your little contest. 🙂
Plus, your blog is one of my faves (probably my number one, although it’s a close call with all the great blogs out there – probably tied with I guess a little butt-smooching won’t hurt. 😉

And if I don’t get a gmail account, a barbelith registration would be nice to have as well. 🙂

I have to admit that I mainly want a G-mail account because I feel left out, and would love to be able to tell others at grad school or in my office that yes, I have a G-mail account. What would I do with it? Don’t know. I’m sure I could turn it into an interesting project for a research writing class later this summer. I suppose I could have my work e-mail forwarded into it. That might actually produce an interesting range of results, from web- to marine- and environment- related. It’s always interesting how Google ads can be off-target. For instance, I read a Washington Post article about Olympic athletes and steroid use only to find ads for “legal” steroids at the bottom. At this point I doubt I would use it as my default address for filling out forms. Like all of us, I already have a horribly-abused mailbox for that. Hmmm, actually, it might be interesting to forward those e-mails into G-mail and see what kind of ads come up. Truthfully, I don’t know what I’d do. I haven’t thought it through. Hope I make the short-list, Tom…

Dear Sir/ Madam
With deep sense of frustration and desperation I have decided to reach out to the world for help and that is what this letter is all about. I am Mr. Abbas Abacha the third son of Late General Sani Abacha Nigeria former Head of State and Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces, whose sudden death occurred on 8th June, 1998.
Owing to allegations of financial misappropriations levelled against my father, the immediate past Military Government of Gen. Abdulsalami Abubakar freeze all traceable local and foreign bank accounts in the family’s name and also seized our vast estates together with other fixed assets of my family. My mother is still under house arrest since June last year and my elder brother Mohammed is currently in detention being prosecuted by the incumbent democratic government charged with
series of allegations.
I consider you reputable and trustworthy enough to assist me in acquiring a gmail account.
(just kidding)

Well I don’t have any particalarly good reson for wanting one of your gmail invites other than having craved an invite since the project was announced. I just really want to make sure I get blasdelf@gmail before any other cretin does.
Would really appreciate it!

Wow. What an extraordinary response. So far I’ve sent one to Scott Reynen because he wrote the funniest comment and I’m thinking about the rest of you. Sorry to seem cruel but some of your comments are really funny and I want to get more of them…

The other day I got an email from Bill Gates telling me that I’d get a Dollar or something for each email that I sent….the way I figure it is we need to start a club of Gmail users and we all mail each other… with 1Gb of space for all these mails, I reckon we’d be able to bankrupt old Bill, bring down the towering Empire of MS and free the Macs to rule the world.
Just think about it, 1000 years from now, historians will look back on Microsoft like they do now on the Roman Empire, trying to trace it’s collapse and it’ll all come back to a simple comment on a good weblog and a Gmail invitation.

Because…i’ve got a yahoo! account bursting at the seams (oh wait… I was just upgraded today to 100 MB… better rethink that reason).
Well, I’m interested in conducting a very specific g-mail experiment. Are any of my friends so concerned about privacy problems with Gmail that they’re willing to stop e-mailing me if I use a G-mail? Will using G-mail ruin my e-mail social life (which, since I’m living in Japan, is pretty much the only American social life I have going)? Will friends run screaming when they read my g-mail e-mails and be afraid to write back because their e-mails might be (gasp!) scanned and processed for the display of advertising? These are friends who refuse to RSVP for parties listed on Evite because they might lose control of their e-mail addresses.
Help me test my friends to see if they really love me… set me up with a Gmail account.

Call me weird, but I ENJOY deleting email. It gives me the satisfaction that I have actually read, responded to, and removed my emails from the queue. If I had 1 GB of space… YIKES!!!! I would feel compelled to answer to the avalanche of emails, not get to them due to busyness, and then feel Interactive Guilt (not quite Catholic or Protestant guilt, but close).
Just say no to colonics* and say yes to your delete key… ;oD
[* uh.. sorry… but I live in California, and colon cleaning seems to be an unfortunate fad next to boob jobs…. And from what I gather from friends who do this, colon cleanliness is next to…]

To: acronymous[ate]gmail.cow
Cc: tom[ate]o
Subject: Gayish Massively Attractive Interconnected Lovebox
*LOL* Great one, Scott! Why do I love Nigeria letters? – Yes I do!
Here, my poetry.
This for Gmail.
Yes, you see:
I don’t want one-
Hell, don’t need one!
Still, I’d give my gay blood-
If you need some?
sarcosos@mail.[are you?]

And invitation number two goes to Jen from for talking about high colonics! I’m now trying to work out whether or not my brother would want to get a gmail account with the last one or whether I should give it away to another lucky punter…

Why you should invite me? Hrm…
a) You started me on this whole blogging thing in the first place, curse your metallic socks and shoes
b) I’d like to be able to get a username that is less than 10 characters, as opposed to the numbifyingly long usernames and email addresses I have to use at the moment
c) I want to be part of the in-crowd
d) I want to be part of the out-crowd
e) I could buy you a BBC lunch in wales?
f) erm… I’ll throw in some socks?

1) If you give me a gmail account, I’ll have more space for spam.
2) If I have more space for spam, I’ll end up looking at more spamvertised pr0nsites.
3) If I look at more spamvertised pr0nsites, I’ll become a sexual deviant.
4) If I become a sexual deviant, I’ll naturally seek out ever greater crimes aginst nature.
5) If I seek out ever greater crimes aginst nature, I’ll at some point turn gay.
6) If I turn gay, I’ll immediately become hugely obese.
7) ???
8) Profit!

It’s like being a child again… everyone rushes out to try and get the lastest fashionable toy, blag and parade it in front of the poor kids who haven’t got one, then a few days later everyone’s bored and wonders what to do with it. Someone on is offering a couple too, and I’ve got 4 left which I can’t seem to give away. I guess the novelty is wearing off.

I would relish the opportunity to compare and contrast the Gmail service against my now upgraded 2GB BT/Yahoo account.
I am interested to know whether Gmail’s use of Google’s search technology to organise and find messages is more worthwhile than using filters and folders etc.
In anticipation,
PS – I do solemnly swear to invite any additional persons to the gmail service that I come into contact with on the internet [dib dib dib etc.]

I attend Worcester Polytechnic Institute and absolutely no one at this school has a gmail account yet. This is major problem for this tech school because these nerds rely on their d&d/sci-fi/LARP mailing lists for social interaction. Without adaquate storage to keep all the mass emails they get, these poor recluses will be forced to delete their email regularly, and as a result, be restricted from going out in the world and meeting real people!
We can’t let this happen! We need to give GMail to the nerds!

I’d like a gmail account because I lost my Yahoo! one yesterday. I had a rocketmail email address form 1996, Yahoo! bought them. I upgraded and was using a yearly paid account for a while. Naturally once getting my own domain I wasn’t as active with my Yahoo! account.
About 4-5 months ago my email client started throwing errors when trying to log in. Whenever I tried to log in on the site it would time out or throw errors. So I started sending them help requests. Never heard anything. Yesterday mine was one of the “50” million to be destroyed. And since it’s not an actual Yahoo! address, they can’t do anything for me. I got reimbursed for the rest of the year and now am out a piece of nostalgia.
I’m going for the pity angle. 😉 Have a good night.

Hello! My name is Ursa Zalar and I`m from Slovenia! I`m trying to get Gmail account for long time now, but in Slovenia we dont have much chances to get it! So, I must search for nice people (like you are) and ask for invitation.
Please, if someone has the invitation and is so kind to give it to me, I would be very happy and grateful! Thank you very much!

Well, I got my Gmail account today! Yaaaay!
And, it was easier than I thought. I sent an email to the address I really wanted, to see if it’d bounce and instead, I got a reply from the current owner of the address which included an invitation!!!!!

I’ve got a few. Email me. Creative offers / justifications welcome but not necessary.

I deserve a Gmail address because I’m great. In fact, I deserve several, so that I have spare ones for spam. If chosen, I will use my invitations for Me, that’s right, I want them all for myself so I can keep my real address spam-free. Mwahahahah…
In fact, I might send inter-Gmail emails with all sorts of crazy keywords to see how bizarre the advertisements get. Then I will make public my findings and a laugh will be had by all. Especially me, ’cause I’ll have a Gmail account…

Hello and hi
i m a Final year student of Computer science
at Beaconhouse Informatics ,
i needed a GMail account urgently
plz invite me at GMail
if u can inquire any thing more abt me
then i will provide it to u as of urs request
i m waiting for the invitation
from u
i will pray to God for you as well.
With best Regards

I’ve got Gmail now! Woo! Thank you to Lukas! I dunno when invitations start arriving in my inbox, but when they do if anyone wants one then email moi!

I have been trying really hard to get a G-mail account for a while. The reason I want this so badly is because I am in the process of looking for a job. I have completed my MBA and have been constantly applying for jobs (with no luck so far). Anyways, whenever I apply through any of the job websites like monster, I get a confirmation mail to my hotmail account. Unfortunately for me my hotmail account gets full so quickly that I have no way of keeping track of all my applications. With G-mail I would be able to have all my mails in one Inbox and used the wonderful search feature to find an application I sent to a particular company.
Also, I assure you that I will send out as many invitations as I can once I get an account. Also hopefully a new G-mail account will help me get a job too.
Thank You
Karan or

I have GMail Invites… in exchange for a good laugh!
About 2 or so weeks ago, I was reading Tom Coates’ Plasticbag and made a silly comment (due to lateness of the hour and the glass of Sangre de Toro I was drinking). Tom sent me an invite to Gmail…

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