Disorganised, behind and apologetic. Again….

Quick brief apologies to people who are waiting patiently for the next part of the New Musical Functionality series. I’m off to Los Angeles and San Francisco in the middle of the week and this means I have to get a number of work and home things sorted out quickly before I go and and hence I’m a little behind. I wrote the first draft all the way through about a month ago, but the more I look at it the more I want to enhance and extend it without doing the same thing I did to the portability and access section (ie. drown it in detail and almost completely lose the core point). Anyway, hopefully I’ll get the rest of the series out before I leave for the States. Thanks for being patient!

On the subject of the USA, I’m probably going to try and say hello to a few of my favourite geeks while in San Francisco – probably culminating in some kind of frenzied uncool geek-out booze in somewhere cheesy like The Tonga Room sometime between the 12th and 18th of August (I love the Tonga Room). So there’s a possible date for your diary…

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