San Francisco update…

So what did I do yesterday… Er… Basically went for lunch with Kevin and Jesse where we talked about Apple and set-top boxes and food and stuff, wandered into Technorati and said hi to people (wave to Tantek), micro-bumped into Joi, then got the CalTrain up to see Six Apart (purely for fun), got a train back with Anil and finally wandered off to The Cafe for my required dose of gaydom, which was a bit weird as it was hip-hop night and I felt like everyone’s fat beardy grandfather. So I got a bit drunk and danced clumsily and collapsed back at Leslie’s unconscious at about one. Funny day.

One reply on “San Francisco update…”

Tom, you realize that the guy playing hip-hop at the Cafe was my boyfriend, right? You’ve met him before. If I knew you were there I would have crawled out of my dreary surburban and said hi. Oh well.

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