Success against the blogspammers!

Thanks to Cory we have a result against the blogspammers! Cory chucked an e-mail to no less than Jeff Bezos drawing the post to his attention and within 36 hours received a reply. has now been dropped from the Amazon affiliate scheme and so hopefully will no longer be comment spamming all and sundry! Take that evil scum!

5 replies on “Success against the blogspammers!”

Wouldn’t they say “pwned”? Or am I past it?
Anyway, it’s good to know Amazon actually pay attention to this stuff sometimes. I reported one of their sellers for adding me to their mailing list without permission, and they did nothing about it.

‘Pld’ is short for ‘played’, implicitly preceded by ‘well’.
Although ‘pwned’ and its derivatives, ‘pruned’ ‘prawned’ ‘shrimped’ among countless others, would probably figure.
I’ll go now before this starts to seem any more like gratuitous commenting

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