Links for 2004-10-27

  • provides a more sophisticated interface with which to post to Appears to include a way of deducing common tags for a link as well as aiding you navigate through your own tags. The interface doesn’t quite scale to the sheer breadth of tags you might wish to use, however. I wonder how it could…
  • Some notes from GameDevBlog on The Sims 2 “The Unbearable Lightness of Being, what’s-her-name was mortified by her upset bowels when she first met Tomas. Not too far from having a Fear in The Sims 2 about losing control of your bladder at a party…”
  • Cal’s awesome presentation on Flickr and PHP I’ve never been more impressed, amused and missed a friend so much at the same time. Cal come home, they don’t love you enough.
  • Flickr’s fruit at the bottom – on bottom-of-the-page site navigation Ah – after posting a couple of links yesterday about bottom-of-the-page sitemaps and referencing Mr Jones, I’ve just noticed that he’s posted about it too. I’ve expressed some of my concerns in the comments, if you’re interested.
  • Foxy’s self-financed house of horror! A young small business owner decides to create an unorthodox Second Life installation featuring zombies and blood-sucking ghouls. So she plunked down $400 of her own money to rent the land and then converted $400 more, to hire the staff to make it happen.
  • gets reorganised The homepage is now some form of portal to films across the BBC (which isn’t immediately clear when you get there) – with the old site’s frontpage now renamed BBC Movies and moved to a new URL but everything else still living under /films. Very strange.
  • Alice Taylor thinks about Grand-Theft Auto, its use of radio and streaming real-world media into games Webb and I have been thinking about this – trying to work out if a game of the future would be interested in having a real-world radio network streamed into it. Or perhaps we’re talking about bespoke media? CNN reports on wars inside Star Wars Galaxies?
  • Dan Hill on the death of John Peel Gambaccini then listed a few of the artists that Peel’s Radio 1 show ‘broke’ in the UK and beyond: The Clash, Sex Pistols, Roxy Music, Althea and Donna, Led Zeppelin, Pulp, Leonard Cohen, Joy Division, Laurie Anderson, The Undertones, Elton John…
  • Apple release the iPod Photo And I have to confess that I’m slightly non-plussed by it. I mean it’s nice and everything (presumably the switch to Myriad as the font is a consequence of having a better screen that can handle anti-alliasing) but it’s just a bit, well, odd…