Meet up with me in San Francisco…

Right. So I’m going to San Francisco again on Wednesday, but I’m only in town for a very short period of time as I’m spending Thursday and Friday in Sonoma for the Online Community Report Summit 2004 and then flying back to the UK on Sunday afternoon. I think I’m booked up for the Wednesday night too catching up with Web 2.0 people, but Friday night / Saturday and first thing Sunday morning I think I’m free to do stuff, talk to people or muck around. Does anyone have any ideas about what I should get up to?

More importantly, my current plan will be to be in The Pork Store on 16th / Valencia around 10am on Sunday 3rd October for my last Californian meal for a good few months (or at a pinch maybe that place down by the dry docks that Jim and Ben took me to last time). If anyone should feel like they want to join me, then they’d be more than welcome… I’ll post more nearer the time.

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The Pork Store is okay;the REAL Pork Store is on Haight St.
The one you speak of has been like 8 restaurants in 10 years…
If you really want the best breakfast in town-I can’t believe I’m giving this one up-but I trust your writing and stuff so it’s okay-try the SOMA INN.It’s on Folsom St. right near the shitty MacAdam Store between 7th & 8th Sts. in South of Market.
I’m telling you,great everything-especially breakfasts.And no one is ever there.Plus you can walk to the MoMA or down 6th. St. to see the “Junkie Parade”…have fun in SF!!!

So you’re into meeting up with folks in SF. Cool.
Would you be up for meeting with a few UK web folks when you get back sometime? A bunch of UK bloggers are planning a private London get together in Nov and it would be cool if you could come.
I emailed a couple of times about the last one but unfortunately never heard back. Dunstan did the same with the previous one but also never heard back. Could be that we’ve just been getting your email address wrong so why not give me a shout and we can sort something out.

I’m always interested, but works been insane for the last few months. I’m coming out of a coma with this stuff now as the particular project I was on has now ended. You’ve probably noticed that I’ve just started to post slightly more regularly to my site for a start… What kind of thing did you have in mind?

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