One last day in San Francisco…

I’m back in San Francisco after the Online Community Report summit and most of a reasonable night’s sleep (didn’t wake up until nearly 6am) and now trying to work out what to do for the next twenty-eight odd hours or so before I have to be back at the airport. A few days ago I mooted the possibility of a big breakfast with cool people somewhere tomorrow morning – however (1) Cory has suggested that my proposed venue wasn’t terribly practical and (2) I don’t know how many people are interested in coming… So I’m not totally sure what to do about that. Anyone got any ideas?

Otherwise pretty much the world’s my oyster today. I need to get some clothes and visit the Apple store while I’m here (mmm – weak dollar is gooood) and I think I’m going to visit Gayland this evening, which should be cool – but the rest of the day is totally up for grabs. Ping me if you’ve got any ideas… I’ll be on- and off-line all day.

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Last time you were in SF, I recommended Zazie in Cole Valley (near the Haight). It’s one of my favorite places for a Sunday brunch, especially if you can get a table out back on their patio.
It also happens to be right next to where I live, so if you go that way I might join you…

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