What I did on my flight…

Eurgh – long flights. Or should I say: Eurgh – long flights, other people’s screaming children, no room for a laptop unless you’re in the most extraordinarily complex and intricate of positions and why do people feel the salmon-like urge to walk directly into my elbows while walking down the bloody aisle. I mean it’s not even like they were lolling out everywhere… Still, I saw an episode of Will & Grace, an episode of The Simpsons, an episode of Arrested Development and two three films – 13 going on 30, Dodgeball and The Stepford Wives. I would say that was several hours of my life that I’ll never get back, except of course the alternatives were worse. Ooh. Check it out. The guy in front of me is actually bouncing up and down on his seat. That’s a new one…

Not a lot to add except that I got bored and in a fit of feckless lunacy decided to try and make a new hybridised NetNewsWire stylesheet on the plane out of two of my favourites – Daring Status Bar and Dashed+ – to try and make something that suits my needs a little better. Trivial problems with those two stylesheets being – not enough right padding on Daring Status Bar and not great handling of multi-line titles, not enough styling on Dashed + to make me happy. The CSS that I’ve bastardsed is atrocious and dirty and wrong and I give alll professional coders out there permission to barf when they see it. And I lost categories somewhere along the way… But if you want it, it’s here.

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OT – I saw 13 going on 30 the other day (the fiancee got a dodgy copy from a friend) and I felt like my brain was melting while watching it. Never again.
Can’t speak for the other two films though.

My personal favourites on long flights are people too dense to grasp that the thing in front of them is a seat for a person, not
a) a strength training device for their legs.
b) a remarkably flexible handrail for getting up at 3am.
c) anything else they might kick, grab, prod etc

I can never seem to get my elbows in far enough when using my laptop, nor can I angle the screen right. it is for these reasons that ‘regular book’ is superior to Powerbook, on this one occassion.

quality-of-life tip from an ex-business traveller: sound-cancelling headphones
they kill the engine noise and you escape with near-zero jetlag. more importantly, your brain is as sharp and fully functional on arrival as at departure: important if you’re travelling for meetings or wish to problem-solve/code/achieve something nontrivial at the other end.
(also, if you plug them in, you can hear the movie near-perfectly instead of having most of it killed by the engines)

. . was doing some random surfing and came across your site. Wicked work you have here.
screaming children would be enough for me to crawl out of my skin.

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