Christina of Finland?


I was wandering down Oxford Street the other day when I stumbled upon this poster featuring Christina Aguilera attempting to flog Sketchers products to no doubt impressionable youth-type people. My first reaction was to think that the pose looked really familiar and after a fair amount of brain-searching, I’m thinking maybe it’s been ripped off from a piece by Tom of Finland. Now I’m really interested in finding the piece that inspired this advert – particularly because if it is Tom of Finland then there’s probably someone out there who should be writing a book on the way his bizarre sexualised gay imagery is being repurposed to sell shoes to a teen audience.

Christina Aguilera in Tom of Finland pose

If anyone knows of the advert’s influences then please leave a comment below – and if you happen to have a URL for an ‘original’ somewhere on the web, that would be bloody awesome too.