Links for 2004-11-24

  • The Smaller Picture by Kevan Davis So the Smaller Picture has been in my head a bit recently – individuals choose whether a pixel is on or off and over time a picture emerges. This picture represents the collective visual understanding of the concept…
  • Typophile’s version of The Smaller Picture This is just depressing. As I understand it Typophile’s hosts couldn’t handle the script that ran the Smaller Picture’s letterform and alphabet version. Someone has to step in – this was a beautiful and important project.
  • Death of video recorder in sight The death of the video cassette recorder appears to be in sight after the UK’s largest electrical chain said it is to stop selling them. Dixons will phase out VCRs due to the boom in DVD players, sales of which have grown seven-fold in five years.
  • The new logo for the upcoming new series of Doctor Who Right – a few things. Firstly, lens flare is not cool. It’s just not. Secondly, it’s all a bit Farscape. Thirdly, it’s lame. This is all I have to say on this subject. I bet the theme music has no bass in it too. No BBC themes have enough bass.
  • Is Sex Inspectors the creepiest show on TV? They get people to film themselves having a shag, sometimes in infrared to not be – you know – too disturbing or anything, and then give them advice on ways to masturbate and stuff. And this weird presenter woman watches it all!

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You’re not wrong about the Sex Inspectors. Must be more prudish that I thought, as all I could think was ‘What?! We so shouldn’t be seeing this!’ (Though I did rather enjoy the look of extreme discomfort on the bloke’s face as he reminisced about the time his wife told him he’d never made her come.)

The Doctor Who logo fills me with apprehension that this “Second Coming” will be more Crime Traveller than Exciting Adventures in Time and Space”. Look at the logo here if you don’t believe me – hah! I cite lens flare! The lack of foppishness in the casting and costume only exacerbate this foreboding.
On a more rousing note, I saw some filming of Russell T Davies’ Casanova miniseries in Venice last month. Rollicking good fun it looked too.

Ick, that Doctor Who logo is indeed teh sux0r. Not only is lens flare last-century, but it’s not even done very realistically in this treatment.
I’m no artist, but I think I could have done better than that.

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