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re: We’re not commercial. The advertising pays for the bandwidth over-usuage. We make a little on Amazon links, which is paid out in Amazon vouchers – I buy the editors presents for Christmas, etc. When U2 tour, we make a little extra on referrals, through a package deal operator. That’s it. We do it because we like the band and are obsessive about documenting what they do.

The Incredibles again
I saw The Incredibles again last night. It was every bit as much fun second time round. In fact, I appreciated a few details even more on a repeat viewing: the way that some scenes would have made a beautiful double-page spread in a comic, the fantasti…

Regarding the most beautiful words in the English language: A mid 90’s U.S. study of non-English speakers found the most beautiful word to be diarrhea.

How wonderful it is! Today, I had seen the film – “The Incredibles” this afternoon, my father also had seen this film in this evening. This cartoon movie is powered by Disney-Pixar.
In this film, I love the people’s sensation, scene, bugbears. The scene is so sublime.
With the great imagination.

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