Links for 2004-11-29

  • Rufus Wainwright’s Gay Messiah “He will fall from the stars – Studio 54 – and appear on the sand of Fire Island’s shore. Better pray for your sins, Better pray for your sins, ‘cuz the gay messiah’s coming…”

One reply on “Links for 2004-11-29”

I got to see Rufus perform this live at a very intimate event at the Coral Room here in NYC back during the RNC. He seemed rather proud that Jimmy Kimmel had allowed him to sing the lyric “baptised in cum” on national TV, albeit at 1 am.
BTW, to paraphrase a classic Python line, may I just mention that this is my first time posting on Plasticbag? Hi Tom; don’t know whether you get notified of comments on old entries, but I like the place already.

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