A quick cartoon from Hugh MacLeod…

Given my Zen-like state of calm today, this is potentially not the kind of thing I should be posting on my site in full view of my boss (hey dude). But it’s funny and it reminds me of a couple of weird working times in my life and the middle of one particularly appalling break-up and anyway, I’m still trying to procrastinate around writing up the Apple piece. Again. Sigh.

This is all inspired and illustrated by the book outline of How to be Creative by Hugh MacLeod, that I’ve just been reading about (again) over at his site. Early 30s people sure are a grouchy, disillusioned, stroppy, self-important and cynical bunch of bastards, aren’t they!

PS. Be warned, the linklog today is bloody enormous. It’s going to arrive around midnight with the force of a small atomic device. If you actually read any of the links I post, set aside a good hour tomorrow to work your way through them. Or just mark the damn thing as read in your RSS reader and skip on to something more useful.