An addendum to a definition of Social Software


I’m loath to wake the old evil beastie of definitions of social software, but I came across some old notes that I sent off to someone in October and I’d like to keep track of it for later. Basically the question was could you produce a short and pithy, mostly accurate short-hand description of social software that mostly worked. I came up with:

Social Software can be loosely defined as software which supports, extends, or derives added value from, human social behaviour – message-boards, musical taste-sharing, photo-sharing, instant messaging, mailing lists, social networking.

I slapped a lot of examples in there because it seemed to clarify the issue a bit. Note, this is a shorthand, and nothing more – my fuller posts on the subject include: My working definition of social software but I think maybe I prefer this shorter, rotted-down and composted version.