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Old news: Firefox in the New York Times…

Final old news entry of the night, I think. It’s 1.30am and frankly I’m not as young and spritely as I once was. So anyway a while back I linked to a hooji whereby you could get your name in an advert in the New York Times by donating some money to Firefox. My link read as follows:

Help promote Firefox by getting your name in the New York Times $30 a shot gets you a name in the New York Times advert as well as helping the open source community and encouraging real human beings to use the best browser on the PC (although not necessarily on the Mac)

Long and the short of it – they ran the advert a while back. It looked great, did the job (see some stats on browser usage) and indeed my name and the names of my web-lovin’ peers around the world were all dutifully recorded. I feel quite proud about the whole thing, in a vaguely dumb and clumsy way. You can read all about the advert at the spread firefox site, or – if you’re particularly weird – you can just have a quick glance at the tiny part of the advert which has my name on it:

Well I thought it was neat…

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