Don't leave me, you infuriating bastard!

So my colleague Matt Webb is about to abandon me in the BBC and is now trying to work out what to do next. Maybe you guys can help.

This feels like my most significant decision for the past decade, and the one that will most shape my life for the coming ten years. I’ve no idea what to do. Last time I tried to make a decision was last year, but then the book came along and I did that instead. Before then there was another offer too good to refuse. This time I really have to decide, the time is right, because even if I decide to keep to the status quo, this time that means I’m staying in industry, pretty much for good. And whatever happens now is significant because of my age, and because the subjects I’m interested in are coming to fruition both with people and technology, and because of all kinds of other externalities (funding bodies and so on)… But I can’t work it out, and I need to make a decision, I think, in the next few weeks–not only which way to turn, but which college, what focus, which subjects.

If you’re thinking of employing Matt, then obviously you could send him an e-mail offering him work and stuff. Or – and I think this is a much much better idea – you could send me an e-mail with details of the opportunity and I’ll make sure he gets it… in the end… as soon as I’ve checked that it wouldn’t be more appropriate for a person of slightly wider girth experience instead… er… or something… cough… nothing to see here…

Anyway, good luck old chap. You’ll be much missed, impossible to replace and work will not be as much fun without you. Think of me fondly while you’re out there in the real world, and send me a postcard occasionally.