Life from Etech 2005…

Before I start, a brief shout-out to everyone coming over here from BBC News. I’m kind of overwhelmed by how many of you there are. I wish I’d had a bit more time to slap up a new lick of paint and fix all the little bugs that have crept into the site over the last year or so while I’ve been working my arse off.

But quite a lot of that work is really starting to pay off now, so I’m not going to apologise too much. I’m at ETech 2005 right now and I’m watching Tim O’Reilly on stage. Rael Dornfest’s just done his session on what it means to remix and why that’s the theme of the event. Tim’s talking about design patterns and Christopher Alexander and open source stuff. And as usual it’s all looking pretty interesting and plays right smack into the heart of my deeply held prejudices, which is always nice. I’m not going to post up all my notes this year – I’m concentrating on absorbing as much as possible and staying calm and focused for our presentation this afternoon: Reinventing Radio: Enriching Broadcast with Social Software (with Matt Webb, Paul Hammond and Matt Biddulph). We’ll post that presentation up after the event, of course. If you’re there, feel free to give me a ping and we’ll meet up or something! Particularly interested in talking about social software, media distribution, post-broadcast tech, PVRs and EPGs and the like…

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good job! i have now triangulated you via nick + gid, jack the beanstalk and…reading bbc news from my desk. not good for keyboard plaque but good for your site ratings…as they say over ‘ere: awwwwesome; as they say back ‘ome: that’s quite good, well done.

Well to be fair I tried to overwhelm the BBC by following your link to their article.

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