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Preamble towards a post on Social Software for Set-top boxes

The following post contains some of my thoughts about Social Software for Set-Top Boxes. But before I do so, I thought maybe I should write really briefly about some of the context. I’ve been thinking around this stuff for a very long time now, but I’ve been too disorganised and busy to put any of it out in public. The last thing I wrote around this area was several months ago, and was in fact entirely an attempt to set the scene a little for what I’m going to write next. It was about conceptualising how a connected media hub might operate in the home. For more background on that, you should read the three posts I wrote back then, the last of which has enough pictures to give a sense of the whole concept without the effort of ploughing through my clumsy inarticulate prose:

I started writing this post and the following post immediately after producing the pieces above, and the illustrations and design work you’ll see were well on their way before Christmas. I decided to postpone publishing it for a variety of reasons, including the fact that I felt it had a certain amount of synergy with the paper that Matt Webb and I were going to be presenting at ETCon with Paul and Matt Biddulph on “Reinventing Radio”. But with that paper now out of the way (and available here: Reinventing Radio: Enhancing One-to-Many with Many-to-Many) I think it’s probably the right time to launch into it. So with no further ado: Social Software for Set-Top Boxes.