Links for 2005-04-20

  • Google Maps for the UK
    This has to be the most blatantly obvious link of the day really. It’s almost ridiculous that I’m referencing it at all…

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Never be afraid of ridicule.
New design rules BTW but can we have some sort of sub-dividing rule that separates comments? They’re hard to distinguish atm. Otherwise you are rocking the minimalist look. Nice!

Depends on the purpose of your referencing though..
How are you using – as a way of storing your own personal path across the web for your personal future reference? Or are you using it as a repository for bookmarks soley for the purposes of interesting visitors to your site? Or simply as a way to bookmark things that interest you personally?

That’s an interesting / good question. Fundamentally it’s a stash for me, but – as usual with these things for me – it’s kept functioning by exposing it to people as quickly as possible. That weird territory between recording and reporting is the space which I think these things occupy for me.

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