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“I sometimes find it hard to remember whether it’s Ruby or PHP that I’m trying to find the time to learn. Ruby’s more fashionable…” My vote is for Ruby, as it’s *much* more sexy. Ruby On Rails is sexier still.

I’ve got a suggestion: how about using a style sheet switcher so us readers can choose what colour highlighter we want to use for the links on the site? I’m quite partial to purple myself. I know it’s extra work for you and you probably can’t be bothered right now, but it’s just an idea…

The headline of the article says that “blogs are replacing search engines” The rest of the article is about how important and useful blogs are in daily life (supports this idea by giving sone statistical data) Moreover it’s written that a mother had found her child in ten days after she “wrote a blog” and an employee lost his job after working eleven years just because he wrote a blog criticising his boss. The last part is tyhe list of most popular and most visited blogs that had won the “Bloggies” award. the list is as follows:,, etc.

Ditto Patrick’s comment. Ruby – it’s just got to be. 🙂
Also echo your comments about M$ Symposium. Only found today myself. Where do these things get announced?

Yeah, I started an online course on Ruby which looked really interesting, but I’ve not had that much time to explore in depth. There always seems to be something I could get done more usefully in the same amount of time – although perhaps that’s a short-termist view. With regards to the people complaining / commenting on the link colour – I’ve made it totally random now. Not quite what you wanted, but maybe kind of fun…?

Ruby’s sexy, but it’s aggressively object oriented (in a good way) which can be confusing depending on how much other development knowledge you have. It leads to Rails, which is doubleplus sexy, but starting with, say, PHP, is in some ways a more traditional foundation that might serve you better, and would be easier to build on in order to, say, learn Ruby at a later date.
Dan Benjamin explains this well in this post (which may well break your formatting):

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