My vain search for a simple business card…

I have a strange request for help from you guys – the wider weblogging community – and it’s not terribly interesting, I’m afraid. I’m really enjoying the process of creating my new stark and simple templates for and I’m also kind of obsessed with various elements of the typography and layout. My typographically snobbish co-worked, Mr Matt Patterson, isn’t quite so impressed by the work I’m doing – but I don’t care! I think it’s good!

Anyway, my newfound love for my site, my new simple clean aesthetic (which everyone will hate) and my long-standing desire to create some kind of weblog-related swag (as was the fashion a few years ago) leads me to a fundamental desire to get some weird business cards made, through which I can show off. Unfortunately, I have an incredibly precise vision in my head – and it’s of totally clear, square-cornered cards made of some substance like acetate. I want to place a few plain black words in a couple of fonts onto this shining piece of clarity and nothing more. But I can’t find anywhere in London that does anything like this at all.

So I’m appealing to you – my fellow aesthetes and egomaniacs – does anyone out there know where I can get something at once so simple yet brazen and showy as a thin totally clear plastic card? Please?

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I accomplished something like this once at home, by printing a bunch of cards onto sheets of laser-printable overhead transparency film, which I believe can still be found at just about any office supply store. Then I just chopped the sheets apart into card-sized pieces.

Spluttering back to life
So, where were we? Oh yeah, Easter. The first Easter at a new church is always interesting – the variation in what’s on offer and how it’s approached can be…

You can get plastic (PVC) business cards
membership cards, loyalty cards etc.
from us.
Our plastic card prices are $253 per 1000 cards,
Until the end of may 2008.

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