On RSS feeds and upcoming redesigns…

This is more of an update than a post and won’t be of enormous interest to an awful lot of you, I’m sure. Basically for those of you reading this site via an RSS newsreader, I’ve decided to remove the splicing of photographs from my Flickr photostream. This is for a number of reasons, but mainly because I’ve started to feel a bit uncomfortable about the enormous shifts in tone between the two feeds and how they inter-relate to one another. If you enjoy seeing pictures from my photostream however, you can still subscribe to a dedicated feed.

For those of you who are not familiar with the feed, or with newsreaders in general, then I can recommend the Wikipedia article on RSS and newsreaders and if you’re using a Mac, then NetNewsWire remains the client of choice.

This little job is just the first of a large number of changes that you should be seeing around the site over the next few weeks as I work to redesign the place from the ground-up. I can warn you now that many of you are not going to like what I’m going to do with the place. I’m taking it very stark and simple. But I’m finding it quite exciting. If you’re of the speculative sort, then why not have a look at my page on a design history of and see if you can spot the trends.

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This is good. I enjoy your writing here much more than the pictures of your friends. (I’m sure they are all nice people — don’t get me wrong) I’m glad people are finally getting rid of these monolithic feeds.

Thank god you’ve removed the photos… though it says comething about weblogs when readers don’t want to see any overly personal content like photos…

Thank you. I’m glad you seperated the feeds – the photos were beginning to overwhelm the writing and links, and echoing ramanan: I’m sure the pictures were wonderful, but I’m more interested in your writing.

Thanks for the update — I was on the verge of removing this subscription because the photo-to-writing ratio was too overwhelming.

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