A life portrait for a business card…

Awesome – after posting up my business card side effects of the redesign, I got sent this terrific e-mail from Siobhan Curran of Tranniefesto:

A while back, I purloined a couple of images from your Flickr photostream, ran them through the processes that I use to make my photographic work, and ended up with what (in my mind anyway) is a portrait of you. Now, I hardly *ever* do this, but I thought, maybe, it would make n appropriate background for the business cards you mentioned today. You’ll most likely hate it – it has none of the transparency that you were aiming for – but I thought I’d send it to you anyway. Can’t blame a girl for trying…

Well I don’t hate it, I think it rocks, and I’m absolutely delighted that Siobhan sent it to me. And so I’m going to share it with the rest of you:

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Hmm. I’d take out the http:// from the front of the link.
And the A looks a bit too caps, but…

My thought exactly regarding the “http.” Love the look, though, and the sentiment behind it.

I collect them .Would you send me a few?
PH# 352-378-4519 Ill give you my snail mail adress..

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