A quick question for Bay Area friends…

If I was to wander over to San Francisco sometime between the 13th and the 27th June, would anyone be around? Are you all going to be off at some weird festival or something? Would there be time to hang and muck around at all? And if necessary – would anyone have a spare sofa or bed I could crash in for some of the time? Flights have suddenly got extremely expensive (US$1000 for a return to San Fran from Heathrow!) If you can see any possibilities, then send e-mails to the usual address, post a comment below or ping me on IM (plasticbagUK) or whatever… It’s all a bit impromptu, I’m afraid. If it comes off. Which it may not.

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So what happens when you get invited in to someone’s house and sleep on their bed, only to wake up with your nuts chopped off?
Requesting lodging via strangers on the internet seems unsafe!

You’re welcome to stay in our guest room for part of your stay — and we won’t chop off your nuts while you sleep.
That’s not to say I won’t smother you with a pillow.
Email me when you know more.

I need to get a rest room.
And I’m not going to mention anything about your nuts. This statement is not true.
Anyway.. you can crash at my place if Mena’s nuts statement freaks you out.

Try these guys for a ticket:

They were 1/4 of the price of anything else I could find (and they flew me on Virgin) when I came back a month ago. A couple other people in my office have since found excellent deals to and from europe using them.

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