In which Nick Denton gets a pie in the face…

Now Nick Denton and I really get on pretty well when we’re not talking about politics, but still I can’t resist having a little evil chuckle to myself at the news that he’s been pied in the face as part of some freaky New York Media turf war:

I’m delighted to see that he took it in his stride. You can read more about this whole debacle on the Drudge Report (‘GAWKER’ PIE LIES AT ‘RADAR’ PARTY), at Gothamist (A Great Moment in Blog History), on Gawker (The Radar Party: Cream Puff Pies Galore!) and on Mr Denton’s own site (Good messy fun). Soon to be a movie by Nick Denton, adapted from a book by Nick Denton. Pie In The Face Inc is part of the Nick Denton family of companies.

The only thing that I’m confused about is that the whole thing doesn’t seem to be part of The Contagious Media Showdown. That damn site’s been so omnipresent recently that I’ve started looking at prominent news stories about wars in far off lands and started to wonder if they’re all staged to win the $1000 Technorati ‘Most blog links’ prize. And if they’re not now, well how long until they are?