Links for 2005-05-18

  • Kylie Minogue ‘has breast cancer’ “Singer Kylie Minogue has postponed her tour of Australia after being diagnosed with breast cancer, her tour company has announced”
  • Anti-Anti-Piracy Seal A beautiful bit of design for artists to put on their albums if they don’t mind it being shared online. I doubt we’ll see it in the wild…
  • The Mermaid by Heinz Insu Fenkl An awesome piece of investigation into the figure of the mermaid, the siren and representations of female sexuality centred around the Starbucks logo
  • Blogpoly board A new Monopoly-derived game board centred around the world of weblogging manages beautifully to avoid mentioning any weblogs…

2 replies on “Links for 2005-05-18”

LOL – I spotted Boing Boing too, is that still classed as a weblog??? 😉
And Tom – are the link colours random? (if you’ve already mentioned it, ignore me).

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