More thoughts on Doctor Who and Bad Wolf…

There are a whole ton of theories all over the internet at the moment about all the ‘Bad Wolf’ references appearing in Doctor Who. In two weeks an episode called “Bad Wolf” will air, and it looks like it’s the first part of a two-parter that will end the season. In pretty much every other episode so far there has been a reference to ‘Bad Wolf’. So obviously, people are thinking something pretty significant is going to happen. Obviously I have my theory, and again, obviously I have no interest in accidentally spoiling the experience for anyone should I inadvertantly appear to have got it right. So if you want to hear it, view the source and scroll down until you see the hidden comments…

Note added 20:00 pm on Saturday 4th June 2005: In case you hadn’t noticed yet, the BBC-owned URL of started working yesterday, full of speculation and suggestions and theories. You might also like to read this thoroughly good weblog post about all the Bad Wolf references and this incredibly spoiler-full message board thread about the next couple of episodes. I’m not completely convinced that my theory is still correct, by the way. Particularly not after the end of the episode I just watched (which totally rocked).

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I’ve got one word for you: Daleks.
You don’t think the BBC went through all that hassle with Terry Nation’s family for just one episode, featuring just one Dalek?

Wow – nice theory. In fact, I love it.
I’ve always thought this whole time war thing was a bit implausable – and the end must relate to that in some way (well we know it does because the end involves the extinct race known as the daleks!)
On the other hand, the best bit about the series was the doctor’s face off with the dalek. And I was hoping that a face off with ‘bad wolf’ would happen – a bit of a confrontation about the ‘wolf’ not coming in to help when he was needed etc… would have been fun
But still – that is one awesome theory. Ever thought of going into script writing?

Could Adam be the young Davros character?… It would explain the initial problems with T Nation’s Estate

Has to be the daleks. The number 23 6 801 keeps popping up everywhere in the series and on the sites.
Season 23 – we are on now. Episode 6 – Dalek. 801 seconds – we first see the Dalek!
Added to this, we now know that the Daleks will appear in the episode Bad Wolf.
Without a doubt – it has to be the Daleks!

If anyone goes on the UNIT website, then you will know that the password has been changed. I know what the new password is! It is badwolf! I am trying to find out more…..

If you listen to the last music clip on the badwolf website you hear the words of a William Blake poem… The sick Rose
O Rose thou art sick
The invisible worm,
That flies in the night
In the howling storm:
Has found out thy bed
Of crimson joy:
And his dark secret love
Does thy life destroy.

I have been reading the ideas regarding ëBad Wolfí with interest, and have an idea for you (not mine, unfortunately). In Dalek, the Doctor refers to the creator of the Daleks as a genius, shortly before Adam Mitchell declares himself a genius. You can probably see where I am going with this. By the time Adam leaves the Doctor and Rose, he has seen a Dalek, has had all manner of information passing through his mind regarding future technology, and perhaps most importantly, has a hole in his forehead in the same place that Davros has an eye. Has the Doctor inadvertently created Davros?î

Carrying on from my previous comment, Davros created the Daleks, who hate The Doctor. Adam would obviously feel annoyed at the Doctor for not letting him travel with him, so he creates a creature to destroy the Doctor….

Found this on TV TOME, which is a great site-
The viewers of the Bad Wolf channel on Satellite 5 seem to be shaping the events affecting the Doctor and Rose, apparantley having been filming the Doctor’s adventures since he left. Realizing this, the Doctor makes a return appearance to Satellite 5 and is forced to play the game ‘Bad Wolf’ in a ‘Big Brother’ style house with two other contestants. However only one contestant will leave the house alive. Elsewhere Rose takes part in The Weakest Link hosted by a robotic Anne Robinson with robotic contestants, whilst Captain Jack appears on What not to wear with a robotic Trinny and Susannah. Meanwhile Adam re-appears as an agent for the Doctor’s greatest enemies who intervene with plans of their own – the Daleks. This final battle has devastating consequences for the Doctor.

The Daleks have never been that clever with time travel….So some one or some thing bigger is involved…could it be that the time lords them selves have lost the plot? Also look at the tardis..the console room is very different than it use to be..very old and looking more like a junk yard…..Very primitive. Havenít the Daleks made a copy of the Doctor before? Captain Jack seemed to be able to rewire the tardis…How? Heís not from he? Or is it that the tardis isnít?

I have read around, and I like the idea of Adam being a young Davros (with the hole in his head!)
Can someone explain why some Dr Who fans dislike Davros, and why they’d prefer the emperor Dalek. Also, why would Davros cause problems with Terry Nations estate??

Just found this on the Bad Wolf site set up by the bbc. It was only visable if you high light the page went back to check it was gone..
Rose – Are you there? Are you getting this? You’ve got the point, haven’t you? Rose…?

Given that we now know we’re going back to satellite 5 next week, that raises something I donít think Iíve heard anyone else mentionÖ
In the confidential that accompanied that episode, Rustle T Davis did mention that the presence of The Mighty Jagrafess of the Holy Hadrojassic Maxarodenfoe raises an interesting question – how did it get there? – He also said that this question would be answered.
My guess is that some entity has been controlling humanityís destiny since the very beginning (the Jagrafess being it’s latest agent) and that that entity is “bad wolf” – the reason that we have seen “bad wolf” references everywhere isn’t that the references are following the doctor, so much as they are all over earth (due to being engrained in human consciousness) – so the doctor can’t help but encounter them.
Remember that the only non-earth reference to “bad wolf” was when The Moxx of Balhoon tells the Face of Boe that being trapped on the exploding Platform One is “the classic Bad Wolf scenario…” – remember that everyone on platform one was a “earth buff” and that by the end of the world it is quite possible that the whole “bad wolf” thing has been exposed and dealt with, therefore common knowledge amongst earth-buffs.
Oh well, I guess we’ll know in a few days…

Silly thought just came to’s something that could of been on earth along time and spread the Bad Wolf message throught out it’s time…..could it be adric? Yea i know stupid?

I have to say that being able to watch this show is alot of fun. I pray someone really picks it up here (in the US), but for now torrents will do.
First I’d like to address the original post. I’ll just put out a crazy theory. Could Mickey be the master? It’s just struck me as odd why they would keep him around. We have all the character background for Rose so we really don’t need to see Mickey anymore. Why is she still straining to have a relationship with him?
Secondly i like the Adam/Davros idea and it may pan out later, but i don’t think that’s the Bad Wolf reference.
Also love the Possession idea that has the doctors body being possessed by the Master and letting Christopher Eccleston stay on re-occuring maybe? I think his character is a brilliant doctor.
I have to say that i have found a fond love for the new series. Congratulations to the UK and the BBC for such a good remake of a classic.
I hope you are forwarding all this stuff to Mr. Davies.

Re: Adam / Davros.
This _can’t_ be the “bad wolf” reference as Adam is in Rose’s timeline _afer_ Gwynneth saw the bad wolf in Rose’s head 🙂
Although I do like the theory as a something separate from the “bad wolf” references…

I think we are missing something from the TV movie.. The Tardis swallowed up the master…what if he’s still in there..controling the Tardis..hence why it started to open the rift so he could gain power and escape? And the tardis it’s self keeps showing signes about Bad Wolf..wolf in the fold? Master in the Tardis?

Its the Tardis or the daleks.
The tardis…
Rose must have seen it before “the unquiet dead” because of what Gwynneth said. So it was something from episodes 1,2 or maybe 3. Or all of them.
The master was trapped in the Tardis at the end of the 8th Doctor Movie, and could be the Badwolf, but this might not be the case as refering back to old episodes is something the bbc are trying to avoid.
The Tardis had a strange effect on Margaret in “Boom Town” and the doctor said “she looked into the heart of the tardis, not even i know what that’s like”. Though not derictly “badwolf” related, it is an important point, and a tension build up.
Everywhere they travel they see Badwolf references. “how can it be following us?” your travelling with it!
Apparently the Nestene cries out “BADWOLF!” when it sees the tardis, but i haven’t checked this. This makes sense as there are no other references to BW in the episode, and Rose hasn’t started travelling yet.
The Tardis is telepathic, and “gets inside your head”. This could explain why Gwynneth saw it in Rose’s head, and why it appears all over the place, from people sub-conciously having the words Bad Wolf being put in their head when they are near the Tardis. E.g Badwolf graffiti, ON the tardis (and a poster near where it landed), and the Moxx saying “its the classic bad wolf scenerio” and “Blaidd Drwg” just popping into Margaret’s head… After she had been around in the earlier episodes.
As for the references on ballons, tv channels etc this may be from the Tardis, just travelling through time, spreading the message.
The Daleks…
The theory of the Daleks and Davros. The daleks warred with the time lords, and wiped them out,they all had Tardises, but only one survived… And the Daleks aren’t the sort who go around leaving clues about themselves in such a wierd way “alert, alert, we have been detected”
As it says below, the Tardis may be warning the Doctor and Rose, which makes sense as it may think of the Daleks as Badwolfs, as it may’ve seen into the future, and seen the Doctor in “Badwolf” and then the Daleks appearing…
But again, Gwynneth said, rose had already seen it, but this may be the Tardis imprinting a Dalek into her mind, without her knowing. Explaining why she was so familar with one in “Dalek”.
I quote from the Bad wolf site
“Is it a mistake to think it’s a person? Perhaps it’s an object… A UNIQUE ONE.
We know that the TARDIS can alter Rose and the Doctor’s perceptions of the world so that they can understand alien languages… perhaps it’s responsible for placing the clues about Bad Wolf all around them?
Thinking about it, it all makes sense.
I’m probably wrong, but…
The adam = davros theory is cool. How does he appear in the future as an agent for the daleks?
Can he time travel? (with the daleks?)
Could he travel back to Skaro?

I’m entirely with you on the thought that the TARDIS does create the messages as warnings. Either the warnings are directed towards The Doctor and Rose or they are directed at the world, to warn them about the Doctor.
Like Clive says in episode 1, everywhere the Doctor pops up, he is loyally accompanied by death.
The theory that I and a friend of mine had come up with earlier included the master. But since I’ve seen that the ‘Bad Wolf’ episode will have Daleks on it (or is that just an illusion, part of the game the Doctor is forced to play?), so I guess this season we will not see the Master yet.

Adam CAN’T be Davros because Davros isn’t human, he is a Kaled. So unless RTD wants to add a whole new depth of connection in that the Kaled race is some kind of spurned human race then that can’t be true. That’s how the T Nation estate would be peeved though I guess, if they tried to alter the creation of the Daleks.
I think something dodgy’s going on with the Dr, surely the BBC would contract him in for longer than one series – they did with Billie Piper – why not the main character, assistants are easier to explain away than regen-limited time-lords!

Adam could be Davros, as Davros was mutaded. This could have removed human DNA.

Yes, he was mutated, a mutated Kaled. He didn’t mutate into a Kaled.
You can’t mutate into another being, evolve yes, mutate no.
Saying that maybe in RTD land maybe anything is possible because somehow ‘Dalek’ cried for the sun – though was probably a clever ruse to trick Rose into helping it escape.

Just found this on the Bad Wolf site set up by the bbc. It was only visable if you high light the page went back to check it was gone..

Rose – Are you there? Are you getting this? You’ve got the point, haven’t you? Rose…?

It’s still there, it’s on the disclaimer page which you can access from the front page…

Adam cannot be the real Davros. Has no one seen “Genesis of the Daleks”? At the start Davros doesn’t even believe in life on planets beyond Skaro.

Hi all,

As far as i can see, the Bad Wolf idea of being the master could be reasonable. He got pushed into the ‘Eye Of The Tardis’ which was supposed to be all powerful like the ‘Heart Of The Tardis’. They wouldn’t have killed him off completely and RTD did say there was a gap to bring him in sometime.

If you can remember the Doctor Who Film, the Tardis was in its retirement age, you could say, a lot more of a relaxed atmosphere inside, plus it was full of wooden structures and many other more detailed features. (unlike the previous series’, where the interior/console room was very bright and plain. Apart from a few occasions, such as the Tom Baker period where he had an all wood style inside, in other episodes he also had various items of furniture lying around).

Back to the point – Bad Wolf refering to the master, I think I can remember two or three episodes where the master had powers to control the mind, so whatevers left of him and the Tardis may just be enough for him to play his tricks.

Somehow ‘Captain Jack’ maybe something to do with the master. Such as an assistant, but we’ll wait and see.

Adam – yes he may have something to do/or play a big part with the Daleks, but he cant of created them. Because for one that might mess things up a little, two – yes, Davros was a Kaled. They may bring Davros back in somehow, if that is at least slightly possible, but I can remember him suffering from an illness or something, hense him in the big bubble.. Also, didn’t Sylvester McCoy wipe him?

Something has to be leading this new fleet of Daleks, I dont think it will be the one from dalek episode either..

Another Bad Wolf theory that Rose may have something to do with it also seems believeable as I heard that she is left in control of the Tardis, Jack is tortured and of course, the doctors regeneration will probably occur over the next two episodes..

Meaning if he was killed, he would just regenerate of course. If he doesn’t win ‘Big Brother’ by the looks of it he would be killed anyhow. As with ‘The Weakest Link’ and i dont know about the other. Knowing that Rose stays in it might explain the Bad Wolf bit.

We’ll see anyhow…

I think you all have it backwards, the Bad Wolf is The Doctor. There seems to be a theme in this series about good being relative, and certianly it is alluded that The Doctor might not have done the right thing during the time war.

Hi,i have just read a comment from a Doctor Who mag,that the twist would please fans from the 60’s as well as the present,could it be the meddling monk ??
Remember the start of the movie(PM)the daleks and the master didnt get on,so NO way the master.
We all know that CE is making may for the new doctor,so how about tennant being a watcher aka bad wolf (like baker/davidson)as we all know that the doctor can see future doctors ??

perhaps bad wolf isn’t what it is but a clue like an anagram.
e.g. kaled = dalek.
bad wolf = ?

Back to the doctor being Bad Wolf..we are forgetting the Valeyard? He’s out there some where..
I think ‘the twist would please fans from the 60’s’ could be the Dalek Invation of Earth..or the look of their space ships.
Perhaps Bad Wolf is not the doctor but one of the Tardis original crew..Susan perhaps..the Doctor’s own Kin?

Have you ever thought that most of what Rose has worn throughout the series had been in red … Little Red Riding Hood perhaps? And that makes the wolf…

am not sure if this has bein mentioned yet but if u think about it Adam is the bad wolf because he knows al the secerts 2 the future

Found in:
Quote: Part 1 of a 2-part story; when the TARDIS transports its crew to a reality TV station the Doctor becomes trapped in a ‘Big Brother’-type show, Rose meets Anne Droid and discovers who is the Weakest Link, while Jack learns What Not To Wear from fashion gurus Trinny Woodall and Susannah Constantine.
Even though Rose has learnt a lot in a year, even she’s surprised when the one man she trusts isn’t who she thought he was…
This story will also explain all of this season’s ‘Bad Wolf’ sightings…
Also have heard a rumor that Paul Magann being in the last story? Not sure about that though…

FACT: Davros is credited on IMDB for the last episode.
FACT: The Master is not. These constant Master comments are missing the point.
FACT: Adam is not. These constant Adam comments are missing the point.
Now let’s try and use some logic in guessing this rather than indulging in endless fanwank about ideal characters we’d like to bring back. Yes, The Master played by Roger Delgado was one of the best villains ever, but Eric Roberts’ Master in the film was showed that the same character could just be a wet drip, and we know he won’t be in it, so let’s stick to facts, and stop endlessly meandering off-topic.
There could be some extra villain from the past, but it’s unlikely. Throughout this series, RTD has aimed at new audiences, with only the odd nudge and wink to existing fans. The chances that some obscure villain from some episode 50% of viewers won’t have seen, i.e. Fenric, the Meddling Monk, will return, are nil.
The cast of the last 2 episodes is:
The Doctor
Rose Tyler
Jack Harkness
Mickey Smith
Jackie Tyler
The Controller
The Anne Droid
The Watcher
We can assume that Bad Wolf is either the Tardis, or one of these people.
We actually know from episode synopses that the Big Brother TV show the Doctor is on is also called Bad Wolf.
Nobody has asked the glaringly obvious, whether the Tardis is trying to warn the Doctor that he’s being watched on Bad Wolf television. But the name Bad Wolf for the television programme could itself just be another alert over the same thing.
So, from that list, Bad Wolf could plausibly be:
*The Doctor
*The Tardis
*Mickey Smith
*Jackie Tyler
*The Watcher
This assumes that the Watcher is the same Watcher as has been on a past ‘Doctor Who’, i.e. a projection of the Doctor’s future self, and therefore, the Doctor himself.
Bad Wolf cannot be Rose – the message on the Bad Wolf website is clearly a warning to Rose (not The Doctor), and it cannot be Jack Harkness, Linda, Susannah, The Anne Droid, or The Controller, because all of these characters will have been introduced after the ‘You’ve seen the Bad Wolf’ comment.
There is also a rumour floating on some websites that the 60s Dalek Emperor will be back – if so, this makes sense, given it could be the same character as Davros, as in Remembrance of the Daleks.

P.S. No, Paul McGann will not be back. He can’t return as the Doctor for copyright reasons. On film and TV, his Doctor is jointly copyrighted to the BBC as well as several American consortiums with whom the 1996 film were made (though the other incarnations of the Doctor from the TV series are still copyrighted ot the BBC).
This is one of the main reasons why he didn’t come back in the first episode to do a regeneration scene. The BBC would have HAD to pay an arm and a leg just for five minutes of McGann.

Some thought on the Doctor’s regeneration.
It’s now clear that Christopher Eccleston signed up for one year from the start, and knew he wouldn’t be doing a second series. It’s also fairly clear now that David Tennant had been cast as the Tenth Doctor before this series even started broadcasting.
There are conflicting reports of whether or not Eccleston will be in the Christmas special, before the second series. If so, he’ll regenerate at the end of tha, but if not, his Doctor will be killed off at the end of this.
I find the ‘James Melody’ with only no previous IMDB credits, cast as The Watcher, a bit fishy – it could well be that this is a pseudonym for David Tennant, or some other character playing ‘Watcher’ figure (but is no guarantee Eccleston’s Doctor will be killed off this series, it’s possible he’ll die in the Christmas special).
I’d heard a story that several possible endings had been recorded on purpose, so that cast and crew couldn’t give it away – one of these endings apparently has the Doctor being exteminated, and regenerating in episode 13.
According to both The Mirror and the Star, Rose gets kidnapped by the Daleks in the final story, as they prepare a fleet to invade the earth. Will the Doctor betray earth for her? Will he betray her for earth? Will he die for her? These are all reasonable possibilities.

Ok, the most recent ep, “Boom Town,” at least guarantees that we aren’t all fan-wanking over an in-joke. The Doctor is not an altogether terrible liar, but we fans can spot the difference. 😉
I find it highly feasible that the Doctor is either half-possessed by the Master, or that the TARDIS is half-possessed by the Master. I would not easily accept that the Eccleston character is (100%) the Master in disguise, and I say this based on his genuine concern for (most) life. The Master would more likely be working to help folks destroy Earth, and the presence of a pretty but primitive and insignificant human would be very unlikely to sway him toward even a convincing show of mercy. Just think, when he had Gwynneth alone in that dungeon he could have vented the gas and struck a secret pact with the Gelth to help them take over Earth in exchange for a favor…
However I would believe that the Doctor may be partly controlled or influenced by the Master because our newest Doctor has a flair for the slightly apathetic and even occasionally ruthless. (vis “Dalek,” Rose’s line, “What about you, Doctor, what the hell are you turning into?”)
A note about the many adventures “implied” in the first episode (Clive’s storehouse of photos of the 9th Doctor) … in Boom Town, while talking with Mickey, Rose discusses all kinds of adventures that we haven’t seen on TV.
Very importantly, this could imply that the TV show is not showing Rose’s adventures with the Doctor IN SEQUENCE. If the shows aren’t in sequence then who knows what Rose saw before Gwynneth read her mind.
Perhaps the most important clue I have for everybody is that we have to remember that “canon” “facts” stated by fictional characters in past episodes ARE NOT NECESSARILY TRUTHFUL STATEMENTS. For example, yes Davros says that he doesn’t believe in life on other planets, but it could have been a propaganda tactic, which would fit Davros’s iron grip of fear perfectly. And yes, Davros was allegedly a Kaled, but did anybody put him under a medical scanner to verify it? Much easier to control and slaughter a native species if you yourself aren’t a native… so maybe Adam is the Bad Wolf, and I strongly suspect that Adam will recurr as a villain, but on the other hand the “third eye” is an ancient symbol in our stories symbolizing wisdom or all-knowingness, and so it could just be a coincidence.
Speaking of lies, consider these few facts and observation from episode Dalek:
1. The Dalek was trapped far below the surface of the Earth and remained unmotivated until the Doctor arrived.
2. The Dalek falsified tender emotions so that Rose would touch it and allow it to absorb her DNA. The Dalek made special reference that it was time traveller DNA.
3. A Dalek would know that if it killed the Doctor and then escaped, the Doctor would regenerate and pursue – but if it could convince the Doctor that it had committed suicide as an act of honor, it could rejoin the Dalek fleet and notify them that the Doctor is active again…
The lyrics of the William Blake poem quoted above and recited on the Bad Wolf website seem to indicate the Master (if you don’t know why, watch the Doctor Who – The Enemy Within movie again. Jeeze, even the title to the movie seems to be a clue to the Master inhabiting… something!)
And lastly, someone above mentioned that Bad Wolf could be an anagram. I’ve observed that the new series’ intro goes from a blue timestream to a red one (if these are Doppler colors, that means a reversal of flow) and “Wolf” is “Flow” spelled backwards. The TARDIS was originally powered by energy from a black hole (“originally” meaning before Gallifrey was destroyed)… and in Doctor Who black holes lead to antimatter universes, so perhaps the TARDIS can see the future and has known all along exactly what the Bad Wolf is?
Getting exterminated by a Dalek blaster seems quite without intrigue, which would be extremely disappointing after all this Bad Wolf business and therefore I say unlikely.

What if this whole season of Doctor who takes place in the matrix or some replicated universe which amounts to an entertainment tv show and nothing more?. Remember we know from the start that by the end of the series Rose can never go home. Maybe her home doesn’t really exist? Perhaps what we are seeing throughout the whole series is not the real world. Maybe thats why this doctor ends up as a hologram What if this whole universe shown in Doctor who is like an intergalactic zoo? or perhaps even a computer game or computer program? We could be the spectators. The programer might be bad wolf. In the real universe The daleks and the time lords may have survived. The last great time war and everything to do with the series could all be a simulation…..

Just a couple of notes:
on in the disclaimer page with the hidden message to Rose is also a link to a supposed computer company, if you link to it you see on their disclaimer page that it has been set up to tie in to the badwolf game, and if you look on the support page the first question asks about jumper settings, the settings are morse code for badwolf.
So nothing that tells us what is going to happen but if we keep searching we might just find more.

Just a couple of notes:
on in the disclaimer page with the hidden message to Rose (highlight the whole page to read) is also a link to a supposed computer company, if you link to it you see on their disclaimer page that it has been set up to tie in to the badwolf game, and if you look on the support page the first question asks about jumper settings, the settings are morse code for badwolf.
So nothing that tells us what is going to happen but if we keep searching we might just find more.

Just visited the Geocomtex site, reached from the disclaimer page. Amongst the items on their ‘Products’ page it says:
Node Stabilised (Lupus and Nocens variants)
LUPUS is Latin for WOLF
NOCENS (I believe) means GUILT (as in ‘nocent’, the opposite of ‘innocent’
Is there a connection with “stabilised nodes”?
On the ‘Support’ page —
“Q: Do I need a MX-TBL plug-in for the WTFLD Generator?
A: Only if you’re planning on feeding the flying pests.”
MX-TBL = Theodore Maxtible? Is this “the twist would please fans from the 60’s” ?
Finally the ‘Recruitment’ page reads, in part:
“Skilled? Motivated? Good at seeing the future? We’re always looking for people like you…”
Could the ‘seeing the future’ reference be someting to do with the Doctor-Watcher relationship?
Anyway these are my thoughts and findings, doubtless there are plenty more waiting out there. And of course all will be revealed in a few days!

Just visited the Geocomtex site, reached from the disclaimer page. Amongst the items on their ‘Products’ page it says:
Node Stabilised (Lupus and Nocens variants).
LUPUS is Latin for WOLF;
NOCENS (I believe) means GUILT (as in ‘nocent’, the opposite of ‘innocent’.
Is there a connection with “stabilised nodes”?
On the ‘Support’ page —
“Q: Do I need a MX-TBL plug-in for the WTFLD Generator?
A: Only if you’re planning on feeding the flying pests.”
MX-TBL = Theodore Maxtible? Is this “the twist would please fans from the 60’s” ?
Finally the ‘Recruitment’ page reads, in part:
“Skilled? Motivated? Good at seeing the future? We’re always looking for people like you…”
Could the ‘seeing the future’ reference be someting to do with the Doctor-Watcher relationship?
Anyway these are my thoughts and findings, doubtless there are plenty more waiting out there. And of course all will be revealed in a few days!

On the products page of the Geocomtex site, the following products are listed:-
IE core chip transistors
Gravitic technology research
Bubble memory
Argentum Ordnance (6/9/32 piece packs)
Psychtronic – Electronic Interface hardware
Node Stabilised (Lupus and Nocens variants)
Ether beam sensing technology
Reduced stature nebulalloy
Bonded polycarbon
Are they all that’s needed to make a Dalek?

I’ll say it again:
It is possible the Doctor is possessed by The Master.
It is possible the Tardis is possessed by the Master.
But it isn’t going to happen!
No actor has been credited as the Master, the final two-parter already reveals that the villains behind it all are the Daleks and Davros. Do people really expect a third villain to be revealed to be behind it all, in yet another “Aha! it was I” moment? Forty five minutes doesn’t give inifinite room for intricate plots, and the notion that we could have the three characters get into three separate TV shows, have some scenes with them, have them break out and discover the station, have them discover the Daleks are behind it all, have them find out what the Daleks are up to, have Rose kidnapped by the Daleks, AND THEN have a major, unannounced, but highly expected plot twist in which the Master is revealed to have been manipulating everything, just won’t happen.
What people don’t seem to accept is that it’s perfectly possible that the Doctor is reacting strangely/has done unpleasant things, *without* being possessed by the Master. It’s been a long time since we last saw the Doctor, and this Time War may well have changed him. Furthermore, as hinted by the Hartnell and McCoy characters, he always had a dark side. Is it too much to ask that the most clichÈd, highly expected villain after the Daleks (the Master) *isn’t* a convenient scapegoat for everything after all?
So, back to the shortlist (which I’ve now placed in my own order of suspicion):
1.The Doctor
2.TV show ‘Bad Wolf’
4.The Tardis
5.Mickey Smith
6.Jackie Tyler
7.Davros/Dalek Emperor
8.The Watcher (projection of the future Doctor’s self/NOT the Valeyard)
(Rose and other characters have all been discounted, for reasons listed in a previous posting)

I belive that the WATCHER is a time lord. The Doctor, The Master, The Watcher?

For Heaven’s Sake! Read my previous posts on why the Master is just NOT possible as a third major villain in what’s already a plot crammed full with twists and turns.
I’m probably getting paranoid, but are BBC employees trying to throw us off the scent by posting red herrings on these sorts of boards?
Or do people want to see the Master again so much that they’ll keep posting the same theory, no matter what?

I did read it, and i’m not sayiing tha master will be in it, i am just saying The Watcher may be a time lord, and using the Master to show what the Time Lords name are like!

Just found this on a reliable TV website, TV TOMEE-
Marks the final episode of lead actor Christopher Eccleston and the Doctor’s ninth regeneration caused by his extermination by the Daleks.
This is the Doctor’s first regeneration caused by his greatest foes, the Daleks.

These are fascinating theories my freinds and I made some joke theories and some proper ones. here are the Jokes.
Bad Wolf is Brigadier Lethbridge Stewart
and other weird and wacky things
Here is the other theory
Adam has travelled in time and has also downloaded 197,990 years of history crammed in his brain making it possible to create a time machine and travel to the future and become Davros.
The Watcher could be our 10th Doctor.
Bad Wolf possiblity of Mickey seeing his glare at the end of Boom Town suggests a level of evil in him and he has been inside the tardis a couple of times.
The Tardis being the wolf
A slytheen being a sheep in wolves clothing etc.
or our Doctor himself maybe perhaps he has a hidden agenda.
Though it would be great to be the Valyard marking the fact that the trial of the timelord was the first Doctor Who I saw and can remeber from memory.

Bad Wolf is a resentful K9 seeking revenge on the Doctor after years of imprisonment with Lala Ward.

Bonded polycarbon is what the casing of a Dalek is made of..
Heres a thought..Bad wolf that involved little pigs..where have we seen one of those latley? Another clue? And why dose the Doctor suddenly keep saying sorry to dead corpses? especialy when he’s not incolved with there death…or is he?

On TVTome web site the discribe the plotline of Bad Wolf but also this snipet…
‘Meanwhile Adam re-appears as an agent for the Doctor’s greatest enemies who intervene with plans of their own – the Daleks. This final battle has devastating consequences for the Doctor…’

Re. Geocomtex site. If MX-TBL plug-in is Theodore Maxtible, then WTFLD Generator is Edward or Victoria Waterfield.

I’m not entirely sure how the Bad Wolf storyline pans out, but from what I’ve seen and read so far, I think its somehow connected to the Bad Wolf TV channel. I read on one site that the Doctor and Rose have been followed around by cameras from the future as part of a TV show, if this is the case maybe the constant Bad Wolf references are designed to be ‘adverts’ for the show – imagine the Truman Show, and the way all the characters did product placements because it was a 24 hour live feed. Only a theory though!


Unless the BBC are hiding it from us (which is possible), it doesn’t look like there is going to be an Adam, Master or Davros in the next episode.. The cast list on the BBC One listings comprises:

The Doctor …… Christopher Eccleston
Rose Tyler …… Billie Piper
Captain Jack …… John Barrowman
Voice of Anne Droid …… Anne Robinson
Voice of Davinadroid …… Davina McCall
Voice of Trine-e …… Trinny Woodall
Voice of Zu-Zana …… Susannah Constantine
Lynda …… Jo Joyner
Strood …… Jamie Bradley
Crosbie …… Abi Eniola
Rodrick …… Paterson Joseph
Floor Manager …… Jenna Russell
Male Programmer …… Jo Stone-Fewings
Female Programmer …… Nisha Nayar
Agorax …… Dominic Burgess
Fitch …… Karren Winchester
Colleen …… Kate Loustau
Broff …… Sebastian Armesto
Controller …… Martha Cope
Security Guard …… Sam Callis
Androids …… Alan Ruscoe, Paul Kasey
Dalek Operators …… Barnaby Edwards, Nicholas Pegg, David Hankinson
Dalek Voice …… Nicholas Briggs

The storyline with that is:
‘The Doctor, Rose and Captain Jack have to fight for their lives on board the Game Station. But a far more dangerous threat is lurking, just out of sight. The Doctor realises that the entire Human Race has been blinded to the threat on its doorstep, and Armageddon is fast approaching.’

So lets wait and see!

“Adam cannot be the real Davros. Has no one seen “Genesis of the Daleks”?”
Of course he can’t, but I think you’re missing something. Adam can’t be Davros, but he CAN be the Davros surrogate for the new series. He can be to the new series what Davros was to the old.
Davros created the Daleks in a story called GENESIS. What’s the name of the First Man in the Book of Genesis in the Bible? Davros has an “eye” in the middle of his forehead. Adam has a portal in the middle of his forehead. In the episode “Dalek,” Eccleston mentioned (without saying his name) that the Daleks were created by an evil genius. Adam immodestly boasts to Rose that he’s a genius only minutes later.
It all fits. Somehow Adam uses Dalek DNA to generate new Daleks. That would also explain why Terry Nation’s estate initally balked, because the “real” Daleks (i.e. Davros’ Skaro Daleks) are all dead. That WAS the last Dalek. The Daleks in the final episode will be new Daleks created from scratch in a second Genesis by the second Davros, Adam Mitchell.
Think about it. Adam accomplishes nothing in his two episodes. He’s just an annoying twerp who contributes nothing to either “Dalek” or “The Long Game”. So why is he there? (that Russell T Davies thinks Bruno Langley’s cute isnt a good enough reason). He must be there to show the Doctor making a huge mistake by dragging him to the far future, leaving him to wander off and get into a big mess, then rudely booting him out of the TARDIS and vindictively refusing to remove the alien technology from his head!
This would make Eccleston’s whole arc much like Jon Pertwee’s era, opening with an Auton story and ending with a story (Planet of the Spiders) where the Doctor’s own arrogant meddling causes (stealing the blue crystal) causes all the trouble in the first place, requiring him to sacrifice his own life to set things right.

RTD refers to a charachter of “dalek lore” returning. States that BBW is not the Master or Fenric. In the last Dalek outing with Sylvestor Mcoy Davros escapes from the bridge of th Dalek mother ship before it explodes. So in theory he has been floating around earth since 1963. plus we know he has time corridor knowledge and create his own version of Daleks from humans i.e. no need for Skaro as seen in the Colin Baker Dalek episodes.
My money is on the Tardis or the Doctor’s future or past self as it needs to be relevant to the audience of today who’ve never heard of DAvros etc..I think the issue with the TN estate was over Davros as the reason he always popped up after Genesi was TN’s insitance that he had to

I just remembered, once Terry Nation said there can be no new Dalek stories without Davros, so perhaps Davros has to be in it as that is the only way the BBC can use tha Daleks again

According to IMDB, Davros is credited in the second episode, but not the first. Given all the revelations in the first episode, there’s unlikely to be much time for Davros in the ‘Bad Wolf’ episode anyway.
I’m not convinced this is a good idea. Davros was absolutely riveting in ‘Genesis of the Daleks’, but in every story since then, he’s been presented as a rather lame caricature of himself, due to a combination of poor writing and poor makeup/voicing (an unmodified, posh English accent in ‘Destiny of the Daleks’, and Terry Molloy’s OTT one-note-screaming from thereon).
The only effective treatment of Davros since then has been in ‘Remembrance of the Daleks’, because we hardly saw him at all in that story. I hope something similar happens, or that if Davros gets much screen time, he’ll return to the thoughful, amoral genius of ‘Genesis’, instead of the blundering two-dimensional megalomaniac he’s been since then.

Well here’s part of my theory(s).
The episode “Bad Wolf” is a prequel 9i use the term loosly) to the 60’s episode “The Dalek Invasion of Earth”. Thats where the speculation that 60’s fans are going to love it. Also note that the interior of the ships looks much like that of the old Peter Cushing Dr Who movies (based on the episodes of the same name). Please also note, that the dalek in the episode “Dalek” also looked alot more like the Daleks from the PC movies then the ones from the original series, the lights on the dome re a perfect example of my point here.
It is also possible (however unlikely…this is more a joke theroy) that the Bad Wolf is the sonic screw driver. We know there are other sonic devies in the universe (as demonstrated by captain jack and his Sonic Blaster). We also know (or at least have been hinted towards) that the Doctor made his Sonic Screwdriver. His love for his little toy causes him to use it all the time, to brake bars, bend metal, blow up walls…and yes..ONCE he even used it as a screw dirver. One big theme in Dr Who is how fragile the time line is, and even the smallest thing can change the time line for ever, for bad or good.
I have more extended versions on these theorys and more other theroys lie perhaps Bad Wolf is a Rupert Murdoch type tycoon (like VanStatten tried to be), but this post is getting to long now so I wont go into them YET.

Maybe we should let go of the thought that Bad Wolf indicates a person or an object.
I’ve had a look myself at the midden message in the diclaimer at Especially the last paragraph before the hidden message.

If you’re concerned by the thought that the universe has been irrevocably altered by an enormous experiment in neuro-linguistic programming, then just tell yourself “The Bad Wolf is not real. The Bad Wolf is not real. The Bad Wolf is not real.”
Rose – Are you there? Are you getting this? You’ve got the point, haven’t you? Rose…?

This seems to me as if it supposes that Rose actually lives in a more real world than in which the series is playing. It surely would be quite an anti-climax if it appears that rose has dreamt it all, but I suppose that’s more or less the general idea. The story however would be a little more interesting.

Just did anyone notice Micky refering to the Dr as ‘Big Ears’ in episode 11?

The last paragraph before the hidden message at might meen more than we think.The line ” ….the universe has been irrevocably altered by an enormous experiment…”
This could meen the Time War..It started as an experiment that went wrong? Could it be that the doctor and rose are the white mice or that (ala D Adams) the mice are the ones controling it but in the subconscious..shareing a dream still on Satellite 5 perhaps?

I can see some interesting points there..But my ‘beef ‘, as it were, is about Davros.
I cannot believe that he is appearing in Bad Wolf as the creature that escaped after the 7th doctor destroyed Skaro… Why?
Because Big Finnish are releasing a story called Terror Firma by Joseph Lidster about Davros meeting the 8th doctor after he has been in hiding since the destruction of his Daleks by the Hand of Omega!
Big Finnish have a contract with the beeb and have said that they would not contradict story lines made for the TV series and visa versa, RTD has said the same about Big Finnish..even suggesting that they do the McGann/Ecclestone regeneration.
So sorry fans he just aint in it!
Maybe the original Emperor will be.. That would tie in with the Waterfield/Maxible/Flying pestís mentioned on the Geocomtex site and what RTD said about ësomething for fans of the Sixties show!í
As for Bad Wolf? It must be wolf in the fold a.k.a. a member of the crew or Tardis itís self.

Its adam.
look at the GeoComtex website referenced on the bad wolf site. He used his knowledge gained to set up GeoComtex that became satalite 500.
He knew of the daleks…knows the future and has an official webite from the BBC set up for him. (his boss was van statton!)
Adam is bad wolf!

on the disclaimer page!!
This website has been made by the BBC. It is placed on the Internet.The Internet is an information superhighway based on the sharing of information between computers using wires. The Internet is used by kind permission of GeoComtex.

I thought that Skaro was not destroyed as seen in The Doctor Who movie with the cheap dalek voices inside.
I can easily see Adam Becoming Davros however we do have someone else credited as Davros which is kind of contradicting to these theories.
I know they could bring back empty child again and have Daleks going ‘ARE YOU MY MUMMY EXTERMINATE EXTERMINATE !!!!!!!’

The Skaro incident could have happend after the master was Exterminated!Hello? time travel?
Adam isn’t Davros..He could be the Bad Wolf..Even the creator of the latest model of Dalek..but not Davros.
Check out Big Finnish story The Juggernauts.
It features Davros and has flash backs to his youth on skaro..not earth!

all good theories but take clues from the disclaimer and the bad wold pars on th episodes 2-11 was there a mention of bad wolf anywhere in episode 1 the answer might lie there or between the 1996 movie and now?
and while i’m here wasnt there a pilot between 1996 – 2003 it aired once on bbc1 andit wasnt the movie?

You can say that big finish and the series cannot contradict each other but they can. In the original series stories contradicted with each other. E.g. Genesis of the daleks, Davros created Daleks, before that Daleks created themselves.

What interests me about the hidden message on the Disclaimer page is that it’s not aimed at the Doctor but at Rose. To me this suggests that all the bad wolf references are an attempt to tell Rose something – not to tell the Doctor something. This seems to support the idea that Rose is going to learn something unpleasant about the Doc…as for who it is trying to contact her… ??

Hmm, I think Adam is the creator of gamestation. In the grand scheme of things I think this is an place to keep the doctor busy whilst the Dalek fleet approach earth (or Adam is unaware that the Daleks have survived and is trying to get payback for the way the doc treated him). Im not sure whether Adam is Davros, given the fact that it contradicts the big finish titles, however it is possible that something happens along the way to make him beleive that he is a Kaled, or that he is merely colluding with Davros or the Daleks as payback for the way the Doctor handled him. I think the doctor is percieved as bad wolf by Adam and as a result the show is named after adams name for him because it is designed to keep the doc busy thinking that he is in a reality show. Looking forward to finding out though Im sure we wont be dissapointed.

Here is a new clue to put you all on track, The doctor puts a message on for rose, doesnt the big bad wolf go for little red ridein hood?
“Grandma, what big eyes you have!”
“All the better to see you with, my dear.”
“What big ears you have!”
“All the better to hear you with.”
“But Grandma, what big teeth you have!”
“All the better to EAT you with!!”
The bad wolf is the somthing to do with the TARDIS and the Doctor has unfinished bussiness. i.e. The Master was sucked up by the TARDIS but nothing happended but the Salvine was given a new chance at life. Rose is little red ridein hood, The Doctor Is Granma, And Jack is the hero who rescues rose but the doctor dies (that is the regeneration point at the end of the parting of our ways part 1)
And the time war continues because what the doctor did was reversed. Some how I dont know? Maybe this is the doctors extemination that answers that.

Here’s an idea that is totally improbable
What if the Doctor regenerates at the end of the final episode. We see CEís face morph into – Richard E. Grant who smiles and then final credits roll. David Tennant will have been a smoke screen. Now that would be exciting.

ok i think your all completely ignoring the mayor clue on the disclaimer page!!
“…Just keep telling yourself. “the bad wolf is not real.” then the message to rose. The dr’s always pushed people to become the best they can be he’s always said rose asks the right questions and has always pushed untill she caught on.
He was the one who mentioned that blaidd drwg meant bad wolf then he dismissed it easily.
What if he is the bad wolf? only he can’t tell her she has to figure it out for herself, like part of him’s trapped and counting on her to figure it all out and save him.
I think someone said about the matrix earlier and that they could be being filmed on the bad wolf channel which would explain the “The bad wolf is not real.” prompt.
lol you understand this makes more sense in my head

Anybody remember last weeks episode? What was all the writing about at the very end? Does anybody think it is connected in anyway?

Perhaps the doctor is trying to yell rose because he is being watched by Master or Daleks abit like in The Invasion of Time ! And it’s a big plot to get the Daleks and whoever by the Time lords..Perhaps they have taken them selves out of time to catch out the Daleks..Big Plot if it is…

Just to remind everybody that the Davros thing on IMDB was a hoax. shows that some guy put it there as a joke. He’s a Red Dwarf fan and put that the actor who played Holly in Red Dwarf would be playing Davros. So don’t take the IMDB details as potential clues.

In The Unquiet Dead Gwyneth the parlour maid looks into Rose’s mind and sees “The Big Bad Wolf”.
This means the wolf must be seen in one of the first two episodes or is the Tardis. She ewasn’t frightened of the doctor so it might not be him..unless he’s under the influence of another?
If the doctor and rose are being watched by Bad Wolf TV i would think it’s been from the Start of the series or even before..
what about this..taken from badwolf. org :
“weargwulf”, or Werewolf is Anglo Saxon. “Wearg” is a curious word, meaning either “criminal” or “cursed one”.
The doctor could be called cursed?
In the GeoComtex site ther following list is mentioned:
“IE core chip transistors” (International Electromatics in The Invasion), “bubble memory” (Logopolis), “Ether beam sensing technology” (Genesis of the Daleks) and “bonded polycarbon” (Remembrance of the Daleks). The support page has a question that asks whether a “MX-TBL plug-in” is needed for the “WTFLD Generator” ó a reference to the characters of Maxtible and Waterfield in The Evil of the Daleks ó and refers to a “finklegruber”, a Gallifreyan tool mentioned in The Invasion of Time and the Virgin Missing Adventures novel The Well-Mannered War by Gareth Roberts.
This by the looks of it is aa red herring.
Bad wolf site make sense to be set up because of the liks as does the aforementioned GeoComtex site.
But why the unit one? they arnt very prominant in world war three.And why the ‘buffalo bomb ? It dosent seem to do much? Could this be a rd herring as well?
Any Ideas?

“How can he destroy her if she’s in the next series?”
Don’t think Rose is in the next series she’s left just like CE
Oh and like some guy asked before, what was the big, white text at the end of “boom town” about??!!

I def think the dr’s the bad wolf there have been so many hints to it.
He chases a pig in ep 4 he kept tracking rose down in ep one when she was wearing a red hoody like little red riding hood and nancy did the whole “What big ears you have.” thing in empty child.
He has to be the wolf then there’s the william blake poem you can hear on the site.
ìThe Sick Roseî
ìO Rose thou art sick
The invisible worm
That flies in the night
In the howling storm
Has found out thy
Bed of crimson joy
And his dark secret love
Does they life destroy.î
Could the secret love be the dr’s love for rose? would explian why in all the episodes they’ve wanted that relationship to come across and the way he was watching her in boom town when mickey was around. He’s really possessive of her like he owns her or something.

Billie piper has said that she will be in atleast 4-7 episodes of the next series.

This conversation’s getting repetitive. Let’s review, since we’re repeating everything else, a few extra twists:
Different websites have different “official/leaked” synopses for the end of season 1.
The BBC is definitely participating in these message boards. They’re also rumoured to have filmed multiple endings so that not even the cast would know what happens.
Adam has been credited in some, but not all, of the synopses. So has Davros. The Master has been directly implicated because the poem lyrics in that audio clip at the badwolf site describes his physical description and M.O. as seen all through his history… as well as stating the Master’s last known location. The point being that every possible villain is being implicated (not to forget the Daleks in the preview, nor to forget the possibility that it’s a hallucination/ flashback/ reality TV joke) so, in other words, the BBC is intentionally messing with us…
And last but not least, it could be quite simply, the Bad Wolf tagging is name placement for a running Truman Show type production which has followed the Doctor since “Who”-knows-when… a theory not to be taken lightly since the daggum channel is called, Bad Wolf, and seems to think the Doctor is pretty nifty.
Anyway…. 2 more days!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Season 27 kicks butt 😀 😀 😀 😀 So long Chris and thanks for all the “new classic” lines 🙂
“Lots of planets have a north!”

I am a bit of a Doc. Who Newbie ^_^: So I am curious about the poem, how is it related to the master? And where on the Bad Wolf site does it give his M.O and last location?
COuldnt the poem be refering to Rose…?

What’s happening dudes? Norman Lovett as the Master, that’s a tragic waste of Frank Thornton (Captain Peacock from “Are You Being Served”) who looks exactly like an able-bodied (and two-eyed) Davros.
Anyway, to the point. I notice a couple of references to “fanwanking” and I have to say that mentioning that we should be careful not to do this doesn’t mean that you can then do exactly that.
I turned off my fan-mode at the beginnning of episode one and, experiencing the first twinge of discontinuity, remembered that it’s for kids. It was when we were kids and, Thank Russell, it is now. Everything you see will be self-contained and self-referencial. Original series characters cannot be predicted, and cannot be predicted to behave as you would expect. Which is great! I don’t know who Bad Wolf is and, if I had my way, I wouldn’t know that the Daleks were in next weeks episode until the moment they appear. How wonderful would that have been?
It’s Thursday night now. Lets’s all forget everything we ever knew and, on Saturday night, remember only what it was to be 7 again. Not realising that the Doctor couldn’t die, not knowing anything about what the technical jagon meant or that closing your eyes didn’t make it go away. Then, when we’ve done that, let’s watch Doctor Who without judging it.
Belive me, anything else leads to profound disappointment.
Happy Times and Places,

Me again…
Every one seems to be missing one vital point…i keep seeing things like “Rose klls the doctor” or “The Doctor will betray Rose” It has been confirmed the Rose will appear in a number of episodes during the next season, so if the Doctor tries to till Rose. Why in gods name would she hang around??
Just a thought

OH, and like the ‘” site says…
in other words, we have not seen all the clues, and that the Bad Wolf possibly wont be revealed to us until the end in good old cliffhanger styles, or perhaps even episode 13 itself.

Whos the doctors companion “death” remember Clive (dealy departed now) had info he had the answer, I know now the answer to the story BBC Wales knew if they didnt film mulipul endings then the answer whould be here now. STOP SPECULATING and watch the dam show on saturday
(I feel sorry to the non-uk viewers as the answer will be here as of 7.45 bst and will have to torrent the episode to watch it hopefully if the US viewers put up a stink they might get it on there TV at the same time as uk viewers on there BBC America channel if not why dont pester the BBC to steam it live on the net via HDTV PPV via UPN for the next series, whould be worth $30 at least)
I support the abloshment of the TV Lincence and replace it with a Pay channel System for premium Channels Like BB1 THREE and leaving BBC2 BBC4 FREE FROM SUBSCRIPTION just with ads betwwen programs ie 5 mins bettween programs could advertise Soap Powder, and tea bags

Here’s my pick.
Doc is the wolf.
He’s known it for a long time.
He knows something is watching him.
My main guess is that Adam is responsible for the ‘Bad Wolf’. It’s his name for the Doctor. I think Adam is now in charge of geocomtex. I think it’s possible that Adam is the re-creator of the Daleks but there’s something else going on. Not sure if he is the new davros or not. Strong possibility. I think Capt Jack is an agent of the Daleks also, but wouldn’t it be weird if he is Adam? Moxx’s reference to the ‘Bad Wolf Scenario’ is the Dalek invasion. Adam has had a thing for Rose since they met. I think he really hates the Doctor. And why does the Doctor always call Mickey, Ricky? He knows something… Maybe he relased that Viurus on the net, and GeoComtex owns it and used it to get info on the Doctor.
Whatever happens, I can’t wait to see it. I haven’t had this much fun watching TV since the Tom Baker years.

Soloved it watch the the fisrst few minuite of the 1996 movie do you see what I see a wolf!!!
The master is the BAD WOLF!!!
So what happened between 1996 and 2005 is the next step was there any Dr Who Books telling the story of Doctor 8 Adventures and doing’s.
And why is the TARDIS so small now compaired to the Movie wasnt the TARDIS a spaceship with infinate rooms because we only ever seen 1 room now.

I was really confused as to what you all meant when you were mentioning all that writing at the end of Boom Town.
I was looking at it with my Cardiff eyes – if you mean
“In these stones horizons sing” and the gobbledigook to the left of it – that’s the back of the Welsh National Opera House or the Millennium Centre as it’s also known. Unless RTD did some serious planning for this Dr Who I think that was just a nod to the future of Wales and a bit of Welsh pride on RTD’s behalf. The lingering shot wasn’t meant for the Doc’s storyline.

Yeah, but on the other hand, the plot of the episode was about an apparently inanimate object (the Tardis), and something more vibrant and living with in it. As such it made a connection, and if you wanted to push some of the theories, you could quite easily view it as another reference to the presence of something inside the Tardis.

yeah or the Council said if you don’t promote the Bay and it’s star feaure you can’t put your little blue box on the floor!
Quite like the thought though.

I still like the idea that Rose is somehow the little red riding hood in all of this.
Have spent way too much time now looking at all the theories, making my own and searching for the clues. Now I’m just gonna sit back, wait for tommorrow night and pretend two little words haven’t made me obsessive.

I think that Adam is the creator of the new version of the daleks because wen he left Satelite 5 he took hame 200,000 years of knowledge with him. I also think Badwolf is the master strongly!!!!!

I think Bad Wolf is a Dalek leader as the only episode called Bad Wolf has Daleks in it.
I mightr write back after i’ve watched the episode though!

Rose – Are you there? Are you getting this? You’ve got the point, haven’t you? Rose…?
If you look at this, it looks to me like Rose is speaking, as it says “Rose – Are you there?” like a script. Pehraps she is taling to herself.
(I am the same person as Gerry.)

Just checked on IMDB theyve removed Davros from the Character list and replaced it with ‘Tardis Voice’ That sounds interesting.

The link to the Dr Who website from the Badwolf site (and possibly the normal Dr Who links from the bbc site…) now takes you to a “Badwolf TV” frontpage with links to the usual Dr Who pages.
Looks like “Bad Wolf” is a TV channel after all..

Geocomtex site:
Give us a shout on our toll free number (555-236-801).

I think the Doctor knows who/what the Bad Wolf is- check the Fear Factor, and you’ll see it says ”The Doctor is warning someone through the camera.” I think I’ll die of shock once the Bad Wolf is revealed.

Adam Hendine, you’ve got it all wrong. Check the Bad Wolf site- it mentions ‘badwolf tv’ on the ‘Clues’ section.

IMBD says that Kevin Eldon is Bad Wolf. TYpe in his name on Google and look at the imagies..Give him a beard and he could make a good Master…

I’m Convinced that the Bad Woldf is the doctor and that he is’t “The Doctor”. This Kevin Eldon is and he get’s killed when he exposes the fake..
But i could be wrong..or could i be from the bbc and just making it up to confuse you as the answer lies within this site…

I’ve been reading all this and i just think that we will around 7.40 tomorrow…what a cliff hanger.

try typing this in on predictive text on a mobile phone
3845 = evil
443= Hid (predictive comes up with Hidden)
8664= tong (predictive comes up with tongue)
Also mimsy borogrove momerath & outgrabe are all from lewis carol. looking glass anyone?

also see borogrove tripod site try left click dragging right down the page. now read the poem mentioned in paragraph 1.
not a big big who fan but enjoying the series and hope this might make more sense to some of you.

I’ll be happy to be proven wrong! Many of the fan theories seem a lot better than simply having a “Bad Wolf TV” and to be honest I’d be disappointed if the BBC did tip things off on the website in this way.
I was merely reporting the change to the site.
Looking forward to learning the truth…

Other in-jokes from the GeoComtex site:
Argentum Ordnance = Silver Bullets
Also a “League of Gentlemen” reference perhaps out of respect to Mark Gatiss, one of the League who is also a Dr Who writer:
“Q: My Tubbs just doesn’t work like it used to. How do I reset it?
A: Enter code 12-T.”
Tubbs being the hideous female owner of the Local Shop whose counting skills lead her to define any large quantity as “twelvety.”

Hello everyone. Im new here and i just had a really far fetched idea. I think it might help explain who Bad Wolf is, or it may just be coincidence.
I was fiddling around with the letters BAD WOLF and decided to convert into numbers So A=1, B=2 up until Z=26.
This left B=2, A=1, D=4, W=23, O=15, L=12 and F=6.
When put together it gives us 214 2315126.
Well i was thinking this could be used in a similar way in which the number 23 6 801 was used above only this time we have:
21=Season 21 (1984)
4=Story 4 (Resurrection of the Daleks)
23= 23 minutes into the episode
15= 15 seconds into the episode
12 = Could be 12 milliseconds into the episode
If i remember rightly, at this stage of Resurrection of the Daleks we are a few moments away from the cliffhanger, at the point where Lytton releases…………DAVROS from his prison.
This leaves the number 6 outstanding, but DAVROS is spelt with 6 letters so maybe that is what the number 6 represents?
After typing this i realise how stupid it sounds, what are your opinions?

Only 50mins to go!! I bet all of you it isnt the Master – at least I hope it isnt…
Cant wait!!!

Well we were all rong…and that is definatly the Emporer Dalek..Same voice used in Big Finnish.
Excellent story..can’t wait till next week…

I told you it wan’t The Master.
And for those of you who still imagine he’ll make some deus ex machina appearance next week, he won’t. Get over it.

Why can’t the BBC just air the last 2 episodes of the series back-to-back like good channels do at the ends of a series. i.e Sky One and Fox screening the last 2 hours of 24.

definitely not the Master, although Adam is still a possibility. Derrick, the Weakest Link contestant said the name of Bad Wolf TV was from an old nursery rhyme, amybe Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Who of course being the Doctor, in which case the bad wolf is the Daleks are the bad wolf, as we’ve seen in the episode. Equally, could be the other way round…
Oooh, im so excited!!!

I wasn’t born when the original series was on the TV but I’m a big fan of this series.
On the next week teaser, whas that Davros’ voice?

Doctor will die next week and Christopher Eccleston will make a brief appearance in the Christmas Special somehow before we are introduced to that Casanova guy – David whatshisface.

I think the voice was either
1.The Tardis
2.Davros/Emperor Dalek
3.Adam (Creates himself a Dalek case)

Thanks, btw I checked the guest appearance list on IMDB and Laura Frazer is credited as The Tardis Voice on next weeks episode.

The way the BBC airs its TV shows are pretty pathetic.
They won’t show more than 1 Doctor Who episode a week.
We end up with 20 year old only fools horses episodes once a week instead of them screening some of the specials once in a while.
The Simpsons just vanished.
24 was just a joke, they didn’t show series 3 at all and have now started showing ‘SERIES 1!!’ at a late hour, and have cut out the ‘Events occur in real time’ line as well as the ‘Previously on 24’ clips.
Buffy The Vampire Slayer used to dissapear for weeks on end and sometimes come back in a totally different slot.
Need a go on?…

Wish it was this time next week then we can all go out again on a saturday night.. that is unless they repeat the series

Someone mentioned Armageddon. If we’re talking bad wolves, wouldn’t Ragnarok be more apt?
Hmm? Hmm?

If the voice in the trailer claiming responsibility is the Tardis’, that has interesting implications.
Could it be the Tardis that has kept the Daleks alive?
It’s not Davros’ voice, and it seems unlikely that he’ll be in this last episode. But it could be the Dalek Emperor.
It’s unlikely to be Adam. He’d have been brought into the ‘Bad Wolf’ episode earlier. I doubt he had a role in ‘recreating’ a ‘new’ race of Daleks. Remember, the trailer of episode 13 had a question about how person X helped the Daleks survive the Time War. The Daleks haven’t been wiped out and born again from scratch (with or without Adam’s help), they survived. And there’s no reason to throw Adam into the plot as well.

Ok go to GEOCOMTEX site and recruting and look at the cd rom! WAT hmm those raindow refelction wat a shape…wat a pepperpot with a long stick on there head…..were have i seen that!?
Ok lemme put it like this NO MASTER!
But a The Watcher if is a time travelr cood of used Adam to bring to the futre get all he needs and let him lose!? Or Maybe Adam is a new Davrous he read then Daleks hisorty and took on as the new Davrous to conrtol the Daleks!??

Can someone post the plot/gist of the penultimate episode?
I missed it!!!!!!!!!!
No-ones put a full write-up of the episode on the web yet…

Loved tonight’s episode and, for suspense, it was one of the best. Next episode’s looks even better and the “battle” of the Daleks looked fantastic in terms of special effects. Davros, Adam and The Watcher are all in the next episode (as per the cast list) but no mention of The Master, which is a shame because he would have been a great addition to the series. Having said that, I think the Beeb are really looking to the Daleks as the main enemy with the new Who. One question though….didn’t Davros die in the old series?

that episode was easily the best yet. It was not the master or most of the others, i think it was eather adam, davros or the dalek emperor…

least we know now why ep 6 was called the long game.
The Dr says who ever was controlling satellite 5/game station had been controlling the human race for hundreds of years and he says “They’ve been playing the long game.”

It’s not fair, I watched every episode of this series except one, I missed it cus i was out. Long game, which, it seems, is possibly one of, if not, the most important episode until Bad Wolf.

Just noticed something rather amusing.
Geocomtex site: Support:
Q: I’m trying to get the Discotron-3 to flash in the sequence MED BIL EOTV
MED BIL EOTV when read backwards is an anagram for VOTE LIB DEM

The TARDIS is the Bad Wolf.
Remember in that episode where the TARDIS was gratified with the words ‘Bad Wolf’ but The Doctor made that kid remove the graffiti?
I think that the TARDIS was merely being labelled with its name and the TARDIS itself will confirm this when it speaks next week.

Just a thought, but people have mentioned the Master isn’t on the cast list. True, but the TARDIS is. Some people have thought that the Master could be in/part of the Tardis… he/she/it could be the voice.
As for next weeks ep… who says’s we’ll find out? It’d make a perfect hook for next season “what is bad wolf”

Nope your all wrong, the Bad Wolf is my next door neighbours Sausage dog called Tiddles, dont let the name fool you he is evil.

Whats eveyones view on the next episode? If the Dalek ships are meerly a fleet, then surely they must now have a new home or base – therefore prolonging there involvement in the new series beyond the next episode? I dont fully understand what happened with the Terry Nation Estate, but i for one would love to see the Daleks remain a perminent fixture in Dr Who – all be it by using them sparingly as too much repetition would devalue there appearances. Does anybody know if they are to remain or are they to be written out? I know nothing is certain, due to the nature of the series (time travel etc), but it would be a huge shame if the Daleks are wiped out for good. What does everyone think? Also, love the new series but hate the format – 45 mins a week is hardly enough to develop good stories. With the series really taking off hope the BBC can look into this! One last thing – how is this series going to end? Hopefully the Daleks will come out of it in a way which enables them to return next season. Any ideas? The regeneration will be interesting also.

It doesn’t matter I think, if the Dalek’s are defeated, we were led to believe that the Dalek in “Dalek” was the last and that all the Dalek’s were wiped out. Even the Doctor believed it.
If they are wiped out they will come back. The Daleks will not be completely written out.

Well Folks,
From what I can see and theory ‘the daleks were recreated using humans, zapped out of game shows to create those daleks’.. I cant see it being the voice of the tardis that was speaking.
More like Davros had either entered the tardis or had been hidden somwhere in there for a long time, for all of you older folks, will remember – the tardis had corridors and extra rooms, just sometimes the budget didn’t cover the extra sets.
In the past there has been two or three voices/actors of davros. This one suprises me.
(Hopefully this next bit of formatting works)
Read/Highlight below:
The voice of Davros is Norman Lovett arcoding to Who was also the voice of Holly in Red Dwarf for the first few and latest of the series’, i dont doubt this as his profile also tells us he is in the new Red Dwarf movie, which there was some talks about that not happening. But he has been cast for it (unless they lie). Listening to that voice i can kind of hear him in there somewhere.. The voice also sounded deep enough to be Davros. Bare that in mind.
Thats it for me, for now.. Will post back soon, I would have checked the numbers theory out, but its 3 in the morn and i dont wanna go routin through my old boxes of tapes..

Date of te timewar perhaps? I think the voice may have been the tardis. It would make sense that bad wolf warnings follow them everywher, cause the Tardis goes with them. At the same time, It could be Davros. I wasn’t born when the old Who aired, but i have seen Davros on UKTV Gold, and to me it sounds like him.

Earth is at war with the Daleks and they invade the Game Station. The Doctor discovers that the Daleks were saved from the Time War by Davros, their creator. But this final battle has devastating consequences for the Doctor.
Found that on TV TOME!

If you can get hold of a copy of the audio version of ‘Evil of the Daleks’ and Bid Finnish ‘The Mutant Phase’ the voice sounds exactly like the emporer Dalek which would also tie in with RTD saying about ” the twist would please fans from the 60’s as well as the present..” Ties in perfectly.
Also the Norman Lovett/Davros casting has already been stated as a fake..jeez you guy’s..look at what people have said before making these comments..

The Beeb have been known to put spoof cast members in and leave key surprises out of cast lists before. It’s been said above that Norman as Davros was a hoax.
Interesting nobody seems to have mentioned the bit about Captain Jack leaving the Time Agents because they took a chunk of his life. Seems a bit unlikely this was just a throwaway device to explain him with no relevance for later episodes?
Bad Wolf must originally come from the nursery rhyme as somebody Who’s afraid of. The anagram idea doesn’t work, Fenris, Loki’s wolf at the end of the wold in Norse mythology may be irrelevant but has anybody tried Bad Wolf in assorted languages? We’ve had it in Welsh, German and French already. Is Da Vros some obscure Balkan dialect? Or Mas Tyr? I suspect a very bad pun somewhere.
It would be annoying if it were Davros. He’s never shown an appetite for teasing and games before – as the Doc said, if they’d wanted him dead they could have zapped him when he arrived – or probably at any point in the assorted stories where they’ve intruded. More the Master’s style.
This episode reminded me, who’s been watching since 1963, of the early episode where Hartnell & Co were forced to play games in some celestial toyroom – nerds will no doubt quote title and date for me.
I like the idea of a renegade Time Lord (whatever happened to Morbius?). If the solitary Dalek couldn’t detect his fellows it’s feasible that Doc’s inability to sense any Time Lords in the continuum was similarly blocked.
That voice was far to deep for any previous Davros. I am pretty sure it was being treated to throw us off the scent.

Try putting ‘The Parting of the Ways’ into a site search..very interesting..This phrase is used to talk about the Jewish christan relasions by Anne Amos. She talks about a council (war council?) by Emperor Constantine(note: Emperor)to settle some theological differences that were dividing his Christian Empire(Dalek Empire?).
They do say what comes around goes around..
Parting of the waves is also a song by the Carpenters. The lyrics are intresting and go like this:
Where has it gone?
The love we shared?
The love I live for is no longer there
If God only planned it to last all our days
There never would have been a parting of our ways
Love was so bright, then you went away
My days were sunny; now they are gray
If God only planned it to last all our days
There never would have been a parting of our ways
I hope and pray that he’ll return to me
Forever since he’s been gone, I’ve been in misery
I hope someday he’ll come up to my door,
Saying he’s sorry he’ll leave no more
My love is gone now; it didn’t last
Who was my future now is my past
If God only planned it to last all our days
There never would have been,
Never would have been now,
Never would have been a parting of our ways
WHO could the be talking about?

in the last dalek, at the end we were sposed to beleive that the dalek killed himself. but i think he teleported himself to davros, and because that dalek had the dna from rose, davros was able to create millions more daleks

nope davros did not die at the end of rememberance, if you look closely at the dalek mothership, right before the hand of omega smashes into it, you can see a little tiny dot shoot out the bottom of the ship!
hence y he could be returning ……….

i have been told by someone who claims to know someone importent in doctor who, and with the ammount he knows i believe him. he has told me that the only old villains they where going to bring back for this series where the autons (rose) and the daleks, so that makes it very unlikley it is the master is anything to do with bad wolf, i also think that the tardis would restore the entire dalek race as it probably dislikes them almost as much as the doctor, which leaves eather davros, adam or the dalek emperor, adam is very unlikley because he would not put something in power which would almost kill him in the future, he is also in the 21st century and it is not likley that he would have the equipment to build a time mechine, even if he did have the knowledge. that means eather davros and the emperor, and in the later episodes of the old series they where one and the same meaning it could effectivley be both.

Fools! Billie told me(before she dumped me…*sob*)that bad wolf is no other than the almighty genius that is mickey!!

Hi all,
Here are the comments from the Sky TV Episode Guide
Doctor Who:
“The Parting of the Ways: The Doctor’s friendship with Rose is put to the test as Earth plunges into an epic war. With the human race being slaughtered, the Doctor is forced into action.”
Doctor Who Confidential:
“The Last Battle: After 900 years of time travel, it doesn’t get any easier for the ninth Doctor. We relive his time with Rose, and see Christopher Eccleston take his final bow.”

If you go to the latest BBC Dr Who page and look at the contestants particulars, when you look at Captain Jack’s details, his favourite Crisps are ‘Smokey Bacon’.
Just thought I’d throw that in there.

i found this while looking about
The Parting of the Ways (II)
[1×13] Part Two of Two.
Production Credits
Writer Russell T. Davies
Regular cast
John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness
Christopher Eccleston as The Ninth Doctor
Billie Piper as Rose Tyler
David Tennant as The Tenth Doctor
could the bad wolf be the doctor himself ?

Just found something interesting when following the werewolf link on the bad wolf site (
if you read down all the information you get to this:
The Hittite says this:
If anyone abducts a woman and if those who go after/behind, three persons or two persons, are killed, there will be no compensation. You have become a wolf. UR-BAR-RA.
I thought this was really interesting as it’s almost exactly describing Rose’s situation at the moment. Any thoughts as too its significance?

“Who is bad wolf”, could this be a clue meaning, Who, is bad wolf, dr who is bad wolf, “who” being the doctors second name|???

‘Who’ has never been the character’s name except in the show’s title. So no character in the show should know that unless we’re being very post-modern and the League of Gentlemen have just done that one (though Mark Gatiss has been involved in this series, so …)

In Bad wolf the doctor admitted he had caused the distruction of earth as it was after sorting out events on satellite 5,. This means he is Bad wolf!

I have a feeling that UNIT are to return next episode, but y? There was no reason to bring them back. Or was there?

THE SKIES from black to pearly grey
Had veered without a star or sun;
Only a burning opal ray
Fell on your brow when all was done.
Aye, after victory, the crown;
Yet through the fight no word of cheer;
And what would win and what go down
No word could help, no light make clear.
A thousand ages onward led
Their joys and sorrows to that hour;
No wisdom weighed, no word was said,
For only what we were had power.
There was no tender leaning there
Of brow to brow in loving mood;
For we were rapt apart, and were
In elemental solitude.
We knew not in redeeming day
whether our spirits would be found
Floating along the starry way,
Or in the earthly vapours drowned.
Brought by the sunrise-coloured flame
To earth, uncertain yet, the while
I looked at you, there slowly came,
Noble and sisterly, your smile.
We bade adieu to love the old;
We heard another lover then,
Whose forms are myriad and untold,
Sigh to us from the hearts of men.
That was a poem by some guy.

The Poem above is by George William Russell… called parting of the wave.
This means what? William Russell aka Ian Chesterton ! Could he have been tteleported by the Daleks to become there new leader? Worth thinking about…

At Last a breakthrough….
The tardis will have a voice and it will be the little known ACTRESS Laura Frazer. She has been contracted to star in all but one of next series!!!! and she is in next weeks final episode!
This is fully legit information. I have an insider from somewhere they shouldnt be. I will keep in touch with more information as I get it.

Is that the Laura Frazer that wrote The Itallian Affair?
If it is then I can already see the direction that this show is going to go!
Please dont let it be true!

That answers the who or what is Bad Wolf…She got the part because of ideas used/taken from her book..She cant write a screenplay to save her life but boy did she write a book and that is where rtd got the concept for Bad Wolf!!
David Tennent is going to start in stripes then I guess AND I knew Clive/Colin was in episode 1 for a reason i.e everywhere the doctor goes death follows him ect ect…Nice to see we cracked it at last!
Oh and for anyone who doesnt know her…
This is all you will need to know to get the answers that you require!

Bad Wolf is the Face Of Boe … none other than Davros in disguise. When Gwynneth said that Rose had seen the Big Bad Wolf in Episode 3 she was referring to the FOB in Episode 2.
All of the other suspects (Micky, Adam, etc) are just pawns, although extremely instrumental in the unfolding of the “Long Game”, and the ‘last’ Dalek was a plant to obtain the DNA of a human time-traveller and to convince the Doctor that the Daleks were truly finished.

If you watch next weeks clip again where the voice says, “They survive through me” it looks like the Daleks and the Doctor are on the Tardis. It’s deceiving cause the scene before shows an outside shot of the station, but when they go into the next shot it looks like they are on the Tardis, so I suspect the Tardis has something to do with it.

Dave, they’re on the Dalek ship if you look closely enough.
(You didn’t record it? D’oh!!!)

The TARDIS has nothing to do with the Bad Wolf theme. The TARDIS has a voice in the last episode because it speaks to Rose and the others as the Doctor is about to regenerate.

what the hell happens in the italian affair that is so inportant to doctor who??????????????????

Sorry Monk but this information is not correct. Laura Frazer is set to star as the voice in 12 of next seasons episodes. She will play the Tardis voice due to the Bad Wolf ideas being taken from her book The Italian Affair. Read it!
“and he set his ship down and the bad wolf climbed aboard”
“the wolf stayed hidden but to them he will always rule”
“bad wolf had eaten to the heart of the ship and in itself it controlled everyone and everything”
Nice ideas mate but im sure you will agree that it would be a massive coincidence if a book wrote by the person who plays the voice is not going to paly a part in the story especially as it constantly refers to Bad Wolf!

Well if the TARDIS is something important to do with the next episode what does everyone suggest it is used for? I cant understand why the TARDIS would speak after 40+ years of silence, and what relevance it would bring to the show (if it is a aspect which is to remain next series) Also – the Doctor is on the Dalek ship when “the voice” tells him how the Daleks survived the Time War. That voice is certainly not that of the TARDIS (If it is played by a woman) What does everyone suspect will happen next episode?

Laura Fraser is a good actress. She was in First night(blayed the black smith) for thoses who might have seen it.
Shes also scottish so this might explain David Tennent’s accent if he uses it?
FOB in charge of the daleks? Another red herring i think or some one who may appear in the next series… Could be the Cyber controler for all we know..and theres something about the autons that dosn’t feel right…that first episode went to quickly and you couldn’t here what the nesten intelligence was saying bar Time Lord near the end…


Could this Laura Fraser be the Rani…she’s a genetasist..who else could re-create the Daleks?

Its clearly not going to be anything to do with the Rani or other B-List villains. It has to have something to do with time travel though, as im sure the Doctor could not have been so wrong to declare the Daleks extinct after the Time War. We all know the Daleks themselves have access to time travel but im sure the plot may have one last twist not involving Davros. What will happen in everyone elses opinion?

Been reading all your comments, and i reckon if you are right or wrong, you should all get yourselves down to the beeb and tell them you lot want to write the next series. The imagination is unbelieveable. Well Done

“The show features new ideas like the TARDIS interior and a new Doctor Who with a modern dress-sense, however old concepts have returned, like the old Delia Derbyshire theme tune updated and the Autons, Daleks and an old foe returning.”
Qoute from Tv tome. Old foe Davros?

Whoís afraid of the big bad wolf? or rather as a statement;
Who is afraid of the big bad wolf. So all you have to ask is who The Doctor afraid of ?

Well… lets recap, shall we?
As the BBC are appealing the new series of Dr Who to a new generation, it makes no sense to bring back Davros, The Master, The Emperor Dalek or any other villain from the previous series.
The writers have created the series so that it all ties in with each other, hence why they wont bring back old characters.
Put it this way…
The Tardis is NOT the Bad Wolf. The warnings that were given is that the Bad Wolf is in fact the owner of Bad Wolf TV.
That could either be;
Mickey: We all seen his evil stare he gave Rose. But, how will he know Time Travel etc? Plus, is he angry at the Doctor or taking Rose away from him or Rose for leaving him?
Jack: he came onto the scene for the final parts of the series where he is needed as a soldier to fight in the war. The writers will put him into the storyline via this way.
Adam: it seems as though it could be him. Look at the facts, he never seemed angry at the Doctor but DOES contain information for 200,000 years.
So, judging by all this, the writers may be misleading us to thinking its Mickey with the evil stare, when all along its the timid Adam.
But, above all, we all have to wait and see!

i think that it is davros cos think the darleks are in it and nearley every were they are so is davros and at the end of ep12 onto the preiveiw it shows the doctor saying how did the darleks survive it says they survived through me this sounds alot like davros and plus hes on the darlek ship with the doctor

i think the bad wolf is Davros. On TV Tome, for ‘The Parting Of The Ways’ (the final episode) it says that the Daleks were rescued from the timewar by Davros.
Is this Bad Wolf?

Who says the Daleks have been regenerated? Some SURVIVED the time war due through ?????. No geneticist needed.
Like the touch that the Dalek ship has a similar look to the Tardis interior. But maybe this just emphasises the old “Dark Knight Returns” subtext of “is there always that much difference between the crusading goodie and the rampaging baddie?”
I do worry about the Star-Trek-New-Generation, New-Age, deus-ex-machina-solutions direction this series has gone in. The telepathic heart of the Tardis and that sludgy ending for the 2nd Slitheen story was bad enough (compared with the masterful “oh boll..!” of the first) but if it’s going to start making mystical statements in a dreamy female voice I will finally part company with Dr Who, something even Bonnie Langford couldn’t quite do.
If I see RTD down the Washington Pub (neatly alluded to in the first episode by sticking the words ‘lic Archives’ on the end), he’s in fer a good talkin’ to!

Well i know that davros s back cause
a) it sounds like him at end of Bad wolf
b) He is on the credits listing
but didn’t the daleks kill davros and put him in prison before that?

I think that the Bad Wolf is Davros and the voice at the end of the preview is also Davros, the other day I watched some old Doctor Who episodes and one was with Davros and I think he is really cool. I wasn’t sure what those things coming out of the Dalek ship in the preview were but I went up to the TV screen and noticed they were flying Daleks! When you hear that voice it looks like they are in the TARDIS not the Dalek ship………………..

I think we can forget about Adam making use of future technology. As the Doctor tells Rose & Adam in The Long Game, as soon as the port in Cathica’s forehead closed she would forget everything – the brain is simply a processor. Why should Adam be different, and if he found that he could remember all of the information that he was tapping into then why did he need to record it in the past?
Here’s the real deal …
The Face Of Boe has cropped up several times, unnecessarily really, unless you look deeper …
Rose sees the FOB in Episode 2 and therefore could be the Big Bad Wolf that Gwynneth refers to in Episode 3.
FOB appears again in the Long Game, which is closely tied to the current story, when it appears on BadWolf TV. Why? – so that a character that is integral to the overall plot is not simply forgotten after Episode 2, and to establish a link between FOB & Bad Wolf.
FOB is also the subject of one of Rose’s questions in the Weakest Link. Why – once again to remind us of the character and link it in with the story as we are getting closer to the grand finale.
Open your eyes, everyone … the FOB sits on a very large mobile base and is big enough to hide Davros.
And if that isn’t enough, in End Of The World, the FOB is introduced by the steward, significantly I believe, as “THE SPONSOR OF THE MAIN EVENT”. 🙂
You heard it here first (perhaps).

“it sounds like him at end of Bad wolf”
How often does this need saying: no it doesn’t! Sounds like some voice run through a dalek voice box but far too deep to be any of the previous versions of Davros.
But it still could be him and I sort of like the FOB idea, though RTD is a great one for red herrings. Bottom and bungles! The only episode I missed was the one with the Face in.

Yeah, im pretty convinced the Face Of Boe has something to do with this again – there is no need for FOB to constantly appear, even if it is briefly. However, the only idea i can take on board is that of the FOB hiding Davros, or hiding someone else… The FOB is described as the oldest life form in existance..i thought only Time Lords could in theory live forever. Maybe the Master does have a part to play, although i did write his involvement off long ago. Davros looks more obvious though – hidden in the FOB as a disguise.

Well, I have this idea.
In the last episode, The Doctor looks out of the window with Lynda to see the 4th most bountiful Empire. But, instead, find that Earth has in fact, stalled.
Lynda says that this happened a 100 years ago… when the Doctor was there but.. so was Adam.
That has to mean something.

It was the cessation of news feeds that caused the change to Earth’s society, and that was down to the destruction of the Jagrafess, which Adam did not have a hand in.
In any case, to be the major player behind this caper, Adam would need time-travel technology. He can’t really be anything more than a puppet or a pawn.

Maybe, but we’ll all have to wait and see come this Saturday night…
… I’m more anxious than ever to see the final outcome!

But neither Adam or Mickey are a Kaled, so they cant be Davros(unless the scriptpeople “forget” this)

Not a long-term fan, but I’m aware of the previous series, and love the new one.
It seems simple to say the following:
1) The Doctor is the Doctor, not evil, not possessed, just himself. The BBC would not bring back a whole series and then make it a pretense, or a dream.
2) The Nestene clearly says “Bad Wolf” on seeing the Tardis.
3) Bad Wolf is graffitied onto the Tardis.
4) The Doctor goes on throughout the whole series about how even he doesn’t know the full extent of what it can do.
Surely this should be enough to point us in that direction? Also note, the only mention of Bad Wolf not mentioned on the bbc website is the first one.
However, the Bad Wolf may not be evil, remember that too!

Regardless of what happens in next weeks finale, what does everyone suspect will happen to the Daleks?
Will they become officially extinct or will the door be left open for Dalek stories in the future?
Surely it would be a waste to write them out entirly as why should Russell T Davies limit his options for the future. What does everyone think would make a fitting end to this series whilst closing with an air of mystery/anticipation/questions unanswered? your thoughts please

OK acording to TVTOME :Bad Wolf is actually the name of the company of the Game Station, in reality the Daleks, and these other mentionings are hints and attempts to lure the Doctor to them.
That solves that one…
Now they do say Davros is in it but i can’t see Norman Lovett being Davros! Whit his Brummy accent? Besides as has been said before this was a hoax (some one should tell them..).
Now it also say’s the Watcher is played by James Melody..who has no previous credits so this could also be a swizz. However we are ment to believe that the watcher is the same as Baker/Davison.
But what if this is a rep from the TimeLords..who do what? Watch the Time streams? AKA he would be a Watcher!
Watcher think of that?

It can’t be Davros as Billie Piper didn’t know the name “Davros” when interviewed by Christian O’Connell for Xfm..get out of that one Stepman!!

As we should all know, it was after The End of the World that the Doctor first began to lose contro or direction with the TARDIS. I think he is in a time loop and isn’t in control of his destiny, he is simply entertainment value for Bad Wolf TV.AKA The Daleks.
He keeps going round earth in different periods untill he regenerates and starts again as the 9th doctor. This would explain why Clive has loads of sightings of the Doctor but when he’s in roses flat he looks at himself as if he has recently changed. Also why he keeps notesing things have changed slightly like the way the people are like on satellite 5.
He has realised that this is happening to him (as in Meglos) and decides he needs to alter things by letting rose aboard. This changes every thing.
In the last episode it is explained to rose via a hologramme of the doctor that she must break him free and let him die so he can live on in another body..deedly dum deedly dum deedly dum..huwee woooo…

Nice one Big a point there…
Sam.. the daleks live on..they will survive..and take there rightfull place as the supreme power in the Univers…
Or they will be back…but not just yet. Perhaps in a war with the Cybermen..Now that i would pay to see….
Anyway i’ll have a think about it sam..

in the next series dr who should at least be on twice a week. I think the bad wolf is 2 ppl mickey and adam with mickeys hatred 4 the doctor and adams intelligence

Robbie… you have just ruined this “Blog thing” with that comment. Please go home and actually WATCH the TV show!

I gotta say whatever Bad wolf turns out to be I have never had so much fun with a TV series!
The work that the script writers and the websites have done is unbelievable and musta been planned for months before the show even began filming if the next series is as amzing as this one I might be a little less angsty over Buillie and Chris eventually leaving.
*Applaudes the BBC*

Soz about the bad spelling and grammer on my last post but it down to lack of sleep and me being a lazy sod

Thanks Deamack, although i have heard from someone else Russell T Davies has said the next episode will be the last we will see of the Daleks. Cant say im overly impressed if that is to be the case?

I’m only mesing with ya Robbie! Your entitled to your own views.
I never thought that the script for the new series would end like this and amount a lot of speculation and suspense. This never happened with Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy!
Its sad to see Chris leave.. but the 10th Doctor looks just as good. Also said to see Billy leave as well in the middle of Series Two, but I read that Mickey also returns in Series Two meaning that the Bad Wolf musnt be him as we would all expect the villain to die come this Saturday.
I’m still going with Adam as it all seems to fit together… also, the Victorian women who could read minds said that Rose had already met the Bad Wolf (or summat like that), that could mean in the future!
Its just that Adam was on Satilite 5 in the previous episode and the information he gained was info on the Empire, hence he could have stalled it in last week’s episode.
Then again… as I was writing this I had a Brain Wave! (And it hurt, too!)
When Adam alreay came to Satilite 5, the Empire was already crumbling or stalling so it couldnt be him.
I don’t think its Mickey or Rose’s mum, either!
I dunno now… I’ve completly lost my opinion now. Damn! I’m all confused!!!

I’ve personally viewed the secret message on the website. It reads “I hope you get the message”
Sounds to me like Mickey?

If you look @
the products that the company makes have been mentioned in previous Doctor Who episodes in connection with the Daleks.
Use the wikipedia link on the badwolf website and explore the links.
Therefore… seems likely that Adam & Geocomtex have something to do with the Daleks… perhaps anyway… (!)
Maybe Geocomtex were just selling technology that had obtained from the Dalek they captured..

Robbie – the Bad Wolf website, linked from the BBC Doctor Who page, on the disclaimer page, highlight it and there’s a message.
It’s either Adam or Mickey, the message is directed at Rose. Also, Jackie and Miceky are credited in the last episode, so maybe it is Mickey. And the voice on the trailer says the Daleks ‘survived through me’. That doesn’t necessarily mean they survived the Time War and neither does it exclude the possibility that it’s a new version of the Daleks recreated by someone else. For a start, we dont know if the Dalek in episode 6 actually self destructed, ‘he’ could have rebuilt the Dalek race. And what about Jack Harkness and his missing memory? He clearly plays a big part, he was cast before filming even started on the series.
So many questions…

Here’s another angle – literally …
If you carefully watch next week’s trailer again, when that voice speaks at the end, the Doctor turns around and looks UPWARDS at a taller being, whereas he would look DOWNWARDS if it were Davros. The angle of his glance might suggest the presence of the Emperor Dalek after all.
Perhaps the ‘Last’ Dalek was really the very last of them, and had teleported itself away somewhere (somehow) to become the creator of a new race of Daleks (getting itself rehoused in Emperor casing in the process).
That would support RTD’s comments about pleasing fans of 60’s Dr Who.

At the bottom of the disclaimer page after the text that says ‘the bad Wolf is not real’

On bad wolf website – the sound played – contains the melody of Ring a Ring of Roses which I belive is a child’s song about the plague in London.
And has anyone else noticed there is a recurring theme of female sacrifices in this series – and no I am not hinting at a possible end for Rose, I just wanted to add a thought to the mix.

Reading all this as a 30 year old with two young children, I must say that the beeb have achieved a miracle. They have satisfied both the die hard fans (with the whole Bad Wolf scenario) and a whole new audience (the seven year olds). I am loving the whole Bad Wolf thing, but also I am loving seeing my 7 year old son sitting on the edge of his seat when the next episode comes on.

shhh!, the melody played is ‘whos afraid of the big bad wolf’ not a ring a ring of roses.

In the bad wolf ep someone is named as bad wolf so they have appeared or spoken … who is this fella that plays him … dont recognise the name?
Bad Wolf” Episode: #1.12 – 11 June 2005
Sebastian Armesto …. Broff
John Barrowman …. Jack Harkness
Jamie Bradley …. Strood
Nicholas Briggs …. Daleks (voice)
Sam Callis …. Security Guard
Susannah Constantine …. Zu-Zana (voice)
Martha Cope …. The Controller
Barnaby Edwards …. Dalek Operator
Kevin Eldon …. Bad Wolf
Abi Eniola …. Crosbie
David Hankinson …. Dalek Operator
Paterson Joseph …. Rodrick
Jo Joyner …. Lynda
Paul Kasey …. Android
Kate Loustau …. Colleen
Davina McCall …. The Davina Droid (voice)
Nisha K. Nayar …. Female Programmer (as Nisha Nayar)
Nicholas Pegg …. Dalek Operator
Anne Robinson …. The Anne Droid (voice)
Alan Ruscoe …. Android
Jenna Russell …. Floor Manager
Jo Stone-Fewings …. Male Programmer
Trinny Woodall …. Trine-e (voice)
“The Parting of the Ways” Episode: #1.13 – 18 June 2005
John Barrowman …. Jack Harkness
Nicholas Briggs …. Daleks (voice)
Noel Clarke …. Mickey Smith
Camille Coduri …. Jackie Tyler
Laura Frazer …. Tardis Voice

It gives quite a bit away. It shows Adam will retun in the final episode – until now this hadn’t been confirmed. Just loadsa unconfirmed rumours – either denying or saying he is in the episode
It shows that he will be using his ‘Third eye’, which makes sense as it ties up a huge loose end from the earlier episode

Davros backwards is sorvad- taking both parts of the word separatly ad the first 2 letters of “Adam” ros are the first 3 letters of rose the v left over…
i checked out the unit site, its good stuff

Can I just say that I hated this series of Doctor Who. Why was it all set on earth? Why was there no developing storyline? Why was the Dr weird? Why did they ruin the last of the daleks by giving it emotion.
Oh how stupid of me. I am in awe of QAF, Bob & Rose was cool and Second Coming was inspired. What made me think that this series would be any less than perfect.
All those questions I had are no obsolete and I’m quite glad I hated it because it makes loving it all the more enjoyable.
I’m going to take the BBC’s advice and stay off the internet and avoid the trailers. I had goosebumps on Saturday night for 20 minutes. I’m 23 on Friday but this has made me feel like I’m 8 again. RTD should be knighted and the bad wolf, websites, secret access codes, clues – it’s like Dr Who always should have been but couldn’t.
I am in love. I even trust that RTD can make me want to watch David Tenant.
Half a million Daleks – that’s got to be good!
I’ll happily pay my license-fee as long as this remains on TV!
BRING ON SATURDAY but I have an awful feeling the wait for the next series will kill us all!

So to summarise all the theories into a Unified Theory of Time & Space, Bad Wolf is actually Davros who is actually Adam Mitchell who the character played by Christopher Eccleston dropped back in 2012 with 200,000AD technology and a computer chip the size and shape of Davros’ third eye in the middle of his forehead. The centre of the Tardis contains the memories of all the dead Time Lords (the Matrix) and it is these that have been trying to warn Rose Tyler (whose name roughly translates as Red – Riding – Hood) by leaving Big Bad Wolf clues through time. The character played by Christopher Eccleston is the Master who has been working with the Daleks all along, creating Davros, shutting down the news output on Satellite Five, etc. In hiding his links with Davros behind pretending to be The Doctor, Ecclestone’s character is effectively the wolf hiding in grandmother’s clothes and bed (the TARDIS). Red Hiding Hood Rose will eventually discover this with help from the woodcutter. The woodcutter in this instance is Captain Jack who is actually the Doctor but doesn’t realise it himself as Van Stratten used the Geocomtex technology referred to in episode six to wipe two years of Jack/The Doctor’s memories, replacing them with a fabricated knowledge of himself as a renegade Time Agent (there is no such thing). Simple when you piece it together really.

Come to think about it…RTD keeps saying it’s all about sex. Forgetting all the clever Dr Historical theory stuff, the best drama always comes from a spurned lover. Who this is however may be more to do with RTD’s mind. Think he once said he always wanted to be an Assistant…

Has no1 thought that all the info on doctor who so people r being tricked into thinking its somethin else on the internet r just made up stuff so people r being tricked into thinking its somethin else? Just a thought

Does no-one else think the Doctor has been acting very paternalistically towards Rose? more so than with previous companions? Time Traveller DNA, bike for her 12th birthday, getting her boyfriends name mixed up… Hmmmm….

The Dalek Emperor has just become much more likely to be featured.
Visit the BBC Doctor Who website, they’re now screening daily spoliers. The same deep mechanical voice that said “They survived through me” is now saying “I am the God of all Daleks” with Daleks chorusing “Worship him! Worship him!”
Note that the Doctor looks up at the voice, so it must be very tall. I’m assuming it’s some kind of ‘Evil of the Daleks’-type Emperor, which was certainly like a giant, stationary dalek fixed in place.

Yes robbie, the UNIT website is fake, set up by the Beeb like the “who is docter who?” and the Badwolf site

Here’s something interesting points regarding the casting of Kevin Eldon as Bad Wolf – if the cast list above is to be believed.
* Kevin Eldon appears in many BBC comedies, including Big Train which also starred fellow Dr Who actor Simon Pegg!
However, here’s the interesting bit about Kevin Eldon’s previous appearance in a Dr Who episode. In fact, perhaps significantly, he appeared in the pilot episode for the new BBC series, one that appeared on BBCi and entitled “Death Comes To Time”. The episode concerned warnings to the Doctor that timelords were being killed. At the end of the episode the Doctors dies himself – he doesn’t regenerate, he actually dies! All a bit odd but the story was rewritten a few times, and the whole purpose was to get it to a TV audience. Now the other bit is that Kevin Eldon played Antimony, a new assistant of the Doctors, who is blue-skinned and an Android. He apparently “appears” in the Tardis and is revealed to have been created by the Doctor who is fed up of being 900 years old and seeing his other companions dying. Thus Antimony is created and is as close to a “son” of the Doctor as possible. However, he is killed by another Timelord (despite the fact he was built not to!). I’ve never heard the story but there are similarities, I believe, to the current storyline.
I’m not saying that Antimony will return as the son of the Doctor – I think its too far fetched and would only appeal to die-hard nerds who know every possible Dr Who detail. However, I DO think that potentially this guy Kevin Eldon (and I havent had concrete proof he IS in the final episode…I’m going on what is written above and on some other sites I’ve seen) could be a larger part in the story. If anybody has ever seen a picture of him, he bears a striking resemblance, accidental or not, to The Master. May just be a coincidence, and I’d pretty much convinced myself The Master would not appear again, but believe me he looks like him!
One other nerdy-type note is that in the first episode “Rose” the enemies were The Autons. I may have totally missed it – sorry if I did – but who were they in league with? What I mean is that in the original Autons appearance (the 60s?) they were controlled by somebody. That was the whole point of them, they were puppets.
Also, what was this about UNIT? As UNIT also appeared in Death Comes To Time.
AND…the BBC website now has the tagline “Time Is Up”…sounds very similar to “Death Comes To Time”.
All just adding to the rumours I’m sure….but I thought the links were interesting!!

Ive only just read some of the comments on this forum, but i wouold like to mention that anynoe trusting that the Tardis voice will be played by some author that RTD stole ideas off is wrong! People have been playing around with IMbd adding people like NBorman Lovett and even themselves! ie Bad wolf is an uncredited actor!
I suspect with the tardis voice they wanted Laura Fraser that was in casanoca, so it would be more credible as some1 RTD has worked with. Lets be honest its prob justy another hoax, there is no clear cut evidence as of yet either! so noone can claim they r 100% right.

Tim, the Autons are controlled by the Nestene Consciousness as they were in the 60’s also!
As for kevin Eldon, i believe its just another hoax. Death Comes To Time was a spin off, and was mainly produced with hopes of doing many more like it over the internet. when produced there was no idea that a New TV series was to be produced, so i doubt it has any significance.

You know in the final episode they wont reveal who bad wolf is, then axe Dr Who again and we will all have to wait 15 years till the do a new 1 and reveal bad wolf 🙂

Can someone tell me what the spoiler is on the website, as i don’t have real player! Please?

Tv tome has been updated! Now it says….
“Earth is at war with the Daleks and they invade the Game Station. The Doctor discovers that the Daleks were saved from the Time War by the Emperor Dalek. But this final battle has devastating consequences for the Doctor…. ”
“The Doctor: I’m dead or am about to die any second with no chance of escape.
Emperor Dalek: (of the Daleks) They survived through me!
Emperor Dalek: I am the god of all Daleks!
Daleks:(of the Emperor Dalek) Worship him! Worship him!”

Heres a few points ive noted from “Bad Wolf” episode of Saturday night.
>Jack knows the Dalek ships, and said they were destroyed…was he involved in the time war? (Where do his missing 2 years fit in?)
>The Doctor says that “they have been shaping the course of Earth for centuries” and that whoever is behind this installed the Jagrafress. How could this be the Daleks or is it someone else?
>The Daleks themselves would only just listen to the commands of Davros, their creator…is it really plausable that someone like the Master, or another being (Face of Boe, Micky etc…) could control the Daleks? I think not…unless they are not controling the Daleks?
>”The Voice” heard explaining how the Daleks survived is deffinitly Dalek related – although it does not sound like Davros it is almost certainly not the TARDIS.
>The Doctor is clearly on a Dalek ship during the encounter with “the voice”, it is not in the TARDIS as some people have commented.
>It seems strange how “the voice” appears from no-where to interupt the Doctor (as he is asking a Dalek how they survived the Time War). Surely if either Davros or the Emperor Dalek was present he would be addressing them? The Emperor is very large (explaining the Doctors look to the sky when hearing the voice) but is also very unmanoverable. This means the Emperor could not just appear from behind a door (like Davros could). The Doctor would instantly realise the presence of the Emperor.
>One idea behind that is the voice is speaking over a telecommunication device, whether it be Davros or the Emperor Dalek. This would explain his look upwards and the suprise at his interuption.
>If it is over a telecommunication device, are there now more Daleks? Inhabiting a new form of Skaro? Is this where the orders are coming from? It would seem pretty stupid if the whole entire Dalek race were in ships above the Earth. The ships are refered to as “the Dalek Fleet” – not the Dalek race. Does this more options open with the Daleks?
>The hollogram of the Doctor which addresses Rose/Cpt Jack seems almost certainly a pre-recorded message – maybe something of a fail safe device the TARDIS has. The Doctor says that “Im either dead, or going to die with no possibe chance of escape” – if it were a live communication he would know which he was.
>I’m unsure as to how Micky, Jacky and Adam can return in the next episode. They are surely all dead as it is thousands of years out of there time. If the Doctor goes back to try and alter time – thus defeating the Daleks, how will he be killed in a way which he can regenerate? He clearly dies while not in the TARDIS, hence the hollographic message.
Any thoughts?
My guess is Captain Jack has a large part to play in what will happen next week. I dont expect him to make it past the next episode, although i cant see him siding with the Daleks as he is clearly shooting at them during the trailer. To be honest I am fairly unsure. I do hope the Daleks remain part of the new series though – it would be naive and stupid to write them out with no means of return – although certain people have stated Russell T Davies will not use them again? Why not leave the door open for there return, as it is obvious they will not suceed next week. Maybe someone can help with that idea as many people on here seem to have “inside knowledge”. has been updated. The disclaimer message now reads:
Rose – Are you there? Are you getting this? You’ve got the point, haven’t you? Rose…?
We know it is now definitely pointed at Rose. But who is it? If anyone has any other messages that were hidden, let us know, and we might be able to put them in order and actually make a message! They obviously have something to do with bad wolf, or they wouldn’t be on the badwolf site. Although, they can’t give too much away on the internet, as it wouldn’t be fair on non-pc people, cos they would never know the secret of Bad Wolf, would they? It’s probably just extra info to help us on the way!

i think the message is directed at rose from the doctor because it could be when he is the hollogram. when he says “im dead or about 2 die with no chance of escape”

What if something esle was inside the Tardis like the heart of the tardis, that being held captive by what esle is in there, and so the heart of the tardis is warning the doctor rose. A stupid thought but anything can be possible.
We’ll find out the truth soon enough.

I have a few comments after reading this…
The anagram isn’t “Vote Lib Deb”, but “Tombed Evil”, refering to the dalek in the basement..
The point of a Rose, surely, is the thorns? Rose is an unusual name for a British teenager.
The morse code decodes to, you guessed it, “Bad Wolf”
neuro-linguistic programming is a set of managment techniques that covers subjects such as “body language”. An example of which is that looking at the direction the eyes move tells you if someone is recalling or constructing sounds or scences. A “down right” lie, is just that, the liar looks down and the the right.
Didn’t the doctor get his maths wrong when he calculated the number of daleks?
All the new daleks are the loosers from “The Weakest Link” and “Big Brother”. How you loose on “What Not To Wear” is anyone’s guess.
Are the daleks using these humans to breed mutants (having posioned the Earth’s atmoshere) or are the daleks entoumbed humans?
BAD is hexadecimal for 2989.
Doctor Who has a history of misleading Radio Times entries, and RTD has an even bigger history of misleading Radio Times entries.
The voice isn’t going to be Bad Wolf, it’s too obvious.
There’s been much “sexuality” innuendo in this season. Perhaps “Bad Wolf” is the Doctor’s feminie side?
The 1980s “acid house party” occurs just before the King’s Cross fire – “Energised” is a wierd name for either (as they were called then) “orbital paties” or a club night.

On the 23 June 801 the Monestery of Gainsborough was founded on the site of the grave of the old danish king Ida who’s device and banner was a wolf.
This theory stretches out to many pages, but the whole crux is that the new super-villian in the Whoniverse is the Face Of Boe. That’s why the Doctor was looking up at the end (although I can’t rule out Davros making a theatrical appearance on a balcony). The Boe has only shown any flicker when the Moxx mentioned ‘Bad Wolf’.
If you add the numbers up you come to 12, and I reckin the Face is the 12th generation of the Master.

I have just checked my ‘Rose’ episode on the pc (NOT downloaded from WinMX…) and I STILL don’t get the bit where everyone thinks the nestene screams ‘Bad Wolf!’. Everyone says he ‘clearly’ screams Bad Wolf, and others say that you see him mouth the words.
2. I still can’t see him do anything except mouth his mouth up and down, like when he was speaking anyway. This was the crappiest bad wolf clue, if it actually was one.

Emperor Dalek: I am the god of all Daleks!
Daleks:(of the Emperor Dalek) Worship him! Worship him!”
This Dosen’t sound like the Daleks i know…. ‘Worship him?’ That is more like a human megalomaniac with delusions of grandeur..It is the Emperor but not the origanal..perhaps some one else….Valeyard..or even(oh god help us)Adam.
The Emperor could be floating or being droped to the ground like the Borg queen..
Kevin Eldon would make a good Master but i’m not so sure he will be in it…i mean up till yesterday every one was sure Norman Lovett was Davros…
My mention of the valeyard was (for those of you who don’t know) The dark side of the doctors regenerations between his 12 and last body..Bad Wolf?
I also think as mentioned at
The Docs been stuck in a loop travelling around eatrth in different times only to regenerate back to his 9th body..forgetting where he has been before (this explains why in ‘rose’ Clive had loads of pics of the doc when as he’s looking at himself in the mirror in jackies flat he first notices his ears and face…
He remembers only bits but enough to relise that he needs help..aka Rose to chainge everything and break free of the trap.
Good plot if it could work.. have a look on the site and see what you think…

Briantist, you lose on ‘hat Not To Wear’ when Trin-E and Zu-Zannah tried to give Jack plastic surgery. Either they just took his face off or they have dis-inmajiger rays in their hands. Although, the daleks can’t be them, cos at the end of bad wolf, you saw that they didn’t actually die, they were transported!

The parties in 1987 were called “orbital parties” (because they were held around the newly opened M25). Not an actual space station, I give you, but there is a link.
I think “Energized” is a wierd name only because it was the name of a Brighton-based free-party outfit, but a few years later.

Captain Jack’s favourite crisps are smokey bacon… Meaning that he has a taste for pork… He knows the inner workings of the Tardis… The clues are all there…

Could it be that the Dalek infected by rose in the Emporer. This would explain the Human Touch to his ‘god of all daleks’ speach?
They will return..they always do……

In the 1967 story ‘Evil Of The Daleks’ the daleks kidnap the Second Doctor (played by Patrick Troughton) in a contemporaneous London antique shop and transport him back 100 years to Professor Maxtible’s home in Kent.
Maxtible had accidentally stumbled upon the daleks in his experiments with static electricity and become their unwilling accomplice.
The daleks plan is to isolate a specific element in humans which has allowed them to defeat the daleks on numerous occasions.
Implanting this into daleks was intended to overcome daleks’ weaknesses.
However , things went wrong and the ‘humanised’ daleks led a revolt on Skaro leading to the destruction of the Dalek Emporer.
The Dalek Emporer was a fixed unit, kept in place by numerous tubes that fed into and out of him, just like the girl at the end of Episode 12.
Captain Jack – He’s not just along for the ride. He has already told us that he is a con man, and a time traveller.

Perhaps Adam has created himself a Dalke case, and is now the emporer. It would be a shame if Jack is evil, as I like him! I think he dies anyway so…

In the weakest link, rose answered a question, the only one she got correct was the face of boe….
1) Hu is the face of boe
2) Ive heard ppl mentioning huim
3) Anne droid had a postphoned silence b4 she said “that is correct”
any relevence there???

yeah it does seem interesting with the “god of all daleks” speech. Im pretty sure Davros or the Emperor has never refered to oneself as a Dalek God. It also seems strange that the Daleks chant “Worship Him”
Cpt Jack wont become a bad guy, but if it does it will be without his own knowledge (during his missing 2 years) I do think he will come to an untimely end soon though.

HMMMMM a bit on doctor who web page says
Remain Pure – give it up for a week
This Saturday sees the biggest episode of Doctor Who ever, full of jaw-dropping surprises, amazing revelations and more Daleks than even you can imagine.
Up until now the episode’s been kept an absolute secret – there were fake scripts, fake scenes were shot, and no preview tapes have been issued. It’s such a secret that not even’s Fear Forecasters have been allowed to see it.
But all that will change this week – publicity pictures will appear tomorrow, and there’s a screening for the press on Wednesday, so stuff will leak out. Our best advice to you – STAY OFF THE INTERNET THIS WEEK!
Especially as is running a video teaser every day at noon. It’s also shown on BBC One through the day, and at 8pm every night – so step firmly away from the television at those times.
You’ll also be missing out on changes to our spin-off sites such as, and one or two special treats on Avoid them – they’re only there to lead you into temptation.
So – we’ll see you on Saturday evening after the last episode of Doctor Who Confidential (which contains a few surprises of its own).
We’ll miss you, but it’s for your own good.

So all the things marked with with words “” are all to do with things that are linked with things that go into orbit:
– german bomb was one of the first “rockets”
– orbital party
– TV stations from the space stations
– orbital gallery at the end of the world
– the Tardis

So all the things marked with with words “BAD WOLF” are all to do with things that are linked with things that go into orbit:
– german bomb was one of the first “rockets”
– orbital party
– TV stations from the space stations
– orbital gallery at the end of the world
– the Tardis

I think the Chris Eccleston doctor has been dead for some time and the recording in the Tardis was made a long time ago. The clip / hologram seen at the end of this week’s episode is discovered by either Rose or Jack this week. It leads them to discover that the doctor has been dead for a while and an evil force (possibly an evil Time Lord) has taken over his Eccleston body – i.e. a wolf in sheeps clothing. Remember in Little Red Riding Hood the wolf dressed up as Grandma. So someone is dressing up as the doctor.
Obviously when that doctor died he regenerated in David Tennant – who has been warning Rose or the Tardis throughout this episode. But he hasn’t been able to time travel because his Tardis was stolen.
So who controls the Daleks? Well I don’t think they are controlled by Davros (although I always liked him) but by the new, real doctor (David Tennant). During the Time War, the doctor and Daleks realised that an evil, third force was playing the two sides off each other and both were heading for extinction. So they conspired together to catch the renegade, who escaped with the CE Doctor’s body and the Tardis. Obviously, the new doctor had to travel with the Daleks as his Tardis had been stolen. This would annoy the Terry Nation estate – firstly that the doctor and the daleks are on the same side ,secondly that the Daleks are fighting for good, and thirdly because Davros will not be included, which they used to insist upon.
At the end of this week’s episode, perhaps the new David Tennant doctor will open the lid of the tardis and clamber out, rather like Bill Hartnell did back in the 60’s. This would explain RTD comment about it appealing to those who liked the original episode.
I am attracted to the idea of Adam being the new Davros, but think this and the FOB are red-herrings. Don’t believe what the BBC say – they have a history of misleading fans. In rememberance they put an anagram for Terry Molloy up who was playing Davros to fool the audience.

Just watched Bad Wolf again..The room rose is in with the daleks Has an opening overlooking The center of the dalek army(you see thenm foating up and looking into the room. If this is correct the thing that the doctor is talking to in the trailer must be massive..look at it closly agin if you can just see rose in the bottom right had corner of the screen.
Going onto what Mondo Dynamo said.Good point. However the emporere appears to be destroyed..but what of omega and beta..the two Daleks with the human factor? Beta got trashed but what happend to omega (not the timelord by the way)?
Could he be the new emporer..this would work because of two things
1) The Dalek Voice seems more human.comparing it’s self with God..Not very Dalekish but Human mabe..
2) This would be a shocker for the Doctor as he was the one to create this Dalek giving it the human factor.
3) Evil of the Daleks is suppose to be in there distant future..and the 2nd Doctor say’s that it is the end of the daleks…
4) RTD’s comment about a twist from the Doctors past..His own medaling with the human factor daleks creates a new army and starts to destroy the earth.
How about that then..?

“I think the Chris Eccleston doctor has been dead for some time and the recording in the Tardis was made a long time ago. The clip / hologram seen at the end of this week’s episode is discovered by either Rose or Jack this week. It leads them to discover that the doctor has been dead for a while and an evil force (possibly an evil Time Lord) has taken over his Eccleston body – i.e. a wolf in sheeps clothing. Remember in Little Red Riding Hood the wolf dressed up as Grandma. So someone is dressing up as the doctor.”
Now you’re getting warm…

thinking about that on the doctor being dead did he not dissapear in fathers day when rose touched the baby and the creatchure not assumingly kill the doctor yet at the end of the program hey presto the doctor was back again or was he the real doctor?

Yea right ..dont look on the net and stay away from the tv ant 12 and 8… It’l be in the Sun on mark my words….

Your very mysterious MondoDynamo – what is your theory that everyone is so close too?
You mention the internet so presumably GeoComtex/Adam has something to do with your view?
Or maybe the Dr Who obsessive in the first episode who searches the internet for information?
If someone has placed the Doctor on the internet (i seem to remember a wanted style poster being on there somewhere) who did it? is it part of the long game?

It wouldn’t be fair of me to spoil things for everyone. I am aware of the solution, the end to the game.
The game is not just what you see, it is what you make it.
The clues are all there, in every episode. Most of the clues on the internet are not in line with the episodes.
Duality… A series of easy to follow stories, all with one common theme.
Duality… One person having two forms or side or paths.
Some of the clues are very subtle and have been mentioned here. On the weakest link show, the droid pauses when the Rose answers correctly. The droid is not sentient, it is controlled. Therfore those controlling it are surprised, or at the very least confused.
Do the Daleks want Rose? Do the Daleks already have Rose’s DNA?
Adam? Cold, cold, cold.
If anyone wished I’ll continue this discussion on my weblog – – in a few minutes. Be warned however, my job might shock you, only visit my site if you are over 18.

Another internet reference is the Dalek, in the same named episode, downloads the entire internet once it escapes…is that important

I can’t wait for saturday its gonna rule and anyone who wont watch it is just Daft. I like the Face of Boe Idea but I guess no one noticed how similar Bad Wolf was to The Long Game for example when survaillance spots the Doctor in TLG The guy who simon pegg plays says ‘they are no one.’
and also in BW the Controller says ‘they are no one !!!’ coincedence or what.

I have thoroughly enjoyed watching all these comments. Here’s my ideas (the show is fantastic, so good to see it back!!):
1. The doctor looks up at whoever says ‘the daleks survived through me’ – but now daleks can float and fly, maybe it’s the dalek from episode 6. Although I’m more inclined to think Adam has something to do with it – that chip in his brain does look a bit like Davros’ 3rd eye in the centre of his forehead…
2. Loved the FOB idea – why did FOB give birth in episode 7 on Bad Wolf TV? Maybe the birth is significant? Birthing the new dalek race maybe…?
3. The Doctor, I believe, is in a time loop, as mentioned before…and I think David Tennant will emerge as the REAL Doctor Who No.9 (saving on the regenerations). I am also of the idea that maybe the person who made the daleks survive was the Doctor himself, but I have no evidence for this, just a hunch.
All I can say is well done RTD, who must be loving all of these forums and sites…oh roll on series 2 with the Cybermen!!!

I really don’t think that the Dalek from the earlier episode killed himself and it is him that is heading up the new Dalek force (As the God). This though has nothing to do with Bad Wolf which I feel is related to the Doctor Himself in some way.
Remember, using the games, they are transferring humans into the Dark Space where the Daleks are. Is this not to supply individual DNA to each new Dalek that gets created?
In the latest clip the Daleks all chant worship him, worship him. This is more a human state than a Dalek which is why I think these Daleks are Human DNA bred.
My two pennith worth.

Your theory would also explain why the doctor didn’t get transmatted into dalek space, and why he could take the risk with Rose and make the threats, cos he’s dealing with “stupid primates” not daleks.
that only explains the plot, however, no badwolf clues…

Watch the series again..and then think about what the controler said…”My masters fear the Doctor…”
Think about it…WHY?
The never did before…WHY NOW?
Jack knows how to repair a Tardis..HOW?
Two years of his life are missing..WHY?
The Daleks have taken Rose as a hostage..WHY?
It won’t do them any good?
The Daleks arn’t green any more there a human flesh coulor..WHY?
According to Gwenyth Rose has seen the Big Bad Wolf..WHERE?
The Face Of Boe keeps creeping in..WHY?
There are more questions..but if you put one answer to them it begins to make sense..Try it!
It’s all there have a good look…

come tho think of it in the episode darlek
if i remember the darlek said you would make a good darlek

Well spotted adrian.Also in Boom Town he claims tobe awair that Bad Wolf keeps cropping up but suddenly shakes his head and looks as if he’s forgot it..

Adrian – I’ve already covered this here –
The Doctor IS the big bad wolf.
Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?
My master fears The Doctor.
It couldn’t be more obvious.
And yes, Jack isn’t who he thinks he is.
Duality… That is the key to everything.
Face of Bo – Nothing to do with anything!

Actually, the Daleks have always feared the Doctor. To them, he is the “Ka Faraq Gatri”, the bringer of darkness, their version of the devil. They’re bred with standing instructions to exterminate him on sight.

Is anybody going to solve the theory and make a guess to what exactly is going on? Mondo, i have checked your link just now and you havent given anything more away. Seems like everyone is very close but i would appriciate the duality statement explaining and ideas of how it will effect this story.
i was lookin at the page which tell people to avoid the internet for a week, and notice the dalek on the page is the one from the episode ‘dalek’. not sure if this is a sign that it will feature in the last episode because on all the other pages its showing the sorta new gold daleks. just an idea and sorry if its useless…exciting isnt it!

u found the page with loads of daleks on it saying exterminate
also theres chapter 13 up parting of the ways with pictures commming tomz

Has anyone seen Monday’s trailer of Episode 13?
In it “The voice” says that he is the Dalek God. God has always been seen as a creator so this would indicate Davros as being Bad Wolf to me.
On the same train of thought if the “Last Dalek” didn’t actually die but teleported away and used Rose’s DNA to re-create the Daleks, then he would be a creator therefore a Dalek God.
In conclusion I think Bad Wolf is either Davros or THAT Dalek.

Yeah i think Rose has got something to do with it although im now convinced the Doctor isnt all too innocent himself. It was mentioned before:
>Who are the Daleks affraid of (the Doctor)
>Whoes affraid of the big bad wolf??
*Why are the Daleks now “affraid” of the Doctor – they never have been, they have always resented him but fear is not an emotion a Dalek should possess…….unless the “masters” the controller speaks of are not the Daleks themselves??
The theory of duality still needs exploring though as Mondo has said.

The classic Bad Wolf scenario is…
the bad wolf posed as Red Riding Hood’s Gran to lure RRH to her doom.
At the end of the world, several species were lured onto the satellite, including Rose and The Doctor. Hence the comment “It’s the classic Bad Wolf Scenario”
The Tardis is hinting at how The Doctor can destroy the overwhelming menace of 500,000 DALEKS.
Lure them aboard Satellite5 .
God….you nerds!

O.K. First time post, I think that Odin is on the right path with it being that Dalek, a couple of things have frustrated me with the Dalek episode, in it they state quite clearly that anyone that touched the ‘Metaltron’ burst into flames, that clearly did not happen with Rose. It also clearly states that it needed time traveller DNA to regenerate, rejuvinate, whatever… So either time travell changes anyones DNA that gets in the TARDIS or Rose is something more than we thought…. And I can’t help thinking that RTD has not killed of all the Time Lords. Just a thought, enjoy Saturday night, and just for reference, there is no way that I am going to be able to stay away from the website until after the episode, that just is so not going to happen. If nothing else enjoy the fact that the Doctor is back and better than ever. Be seeing you.

I think that Bad Wolf is just simply them being locked in BadWolfTV. Cos In ‘The End Of The World’, moxx says ‘bad wolf scenario’: they are all locked inside somewhere where they will all die. Probably not, but…
In The Sun, RTD has stated that Daleks will NOT be in series 2, but Cybermen will.
I don’t think David Tennant will actually turn out to be dr 9, cos then there would be no point in making a whole series with Chris. Also, Billie will not be in Series 2, but David will be in the Xmas Special.

Personally I don’t think they are going to reveal all in the last episode. There are going to be wails of “OH NO, you can’t do this to us!” echoing over the planet at the end of Saturday night’s episode. RTD’s too coy to let the cat out of the bag just yet. DW has been based on cliffhangers since the day it was born. However, I hope I’m wrong. Sociologically speaking, this is what holds fandom together – as does speculation. If you don’t believe me, then you can read my dissertation on DW next year. Failing that, go and reverse the polarity of your molecular conductor!

Just as a thought, we know that the Doctor or the Tardis can not be in serious danger because the TARDIS cloister bell has not been ringing.
If if recall correctly this rings when the Doctor or the Tardis are in Mortal danger.

Don’t get too excited about today’s BBC teaser. There are no further clues as to what will happen, just a spaceship hovering over the Earth with hordes of Daleks flying out of it.
(Sneak preview) :)))

Yeah, Russell T Davies said hes “not sure if he can bring back the Daleks after what happens next week” – so it clearly going to have something to do with going back in time and destroying the “last Dalek” (whom must have teleported away rather than die first time around)therefore Adam will return, perhaps in Van Stattens place.
It tragic the Daleks wont be coming back! I suggest everyone email then Sun (if your like me and want it left open for them to return) The Sun started the campaign to bring them back this series. Why cant RTD leave his stories open ended?! Someone should tell him Dr Who has never had clear cut endings…Its part of the fun.

Sam, chill your boots, the last dalek self-destructed and yet they’re back.
RTD only said he doesn’t know how he’d bring them back. He’s not the only writer on the show and he’s not going to be involved in every series from now until the end of time.
That’s the great thing about Who, you can definitely 100 per cent wipe out a character and then have fun weaving them back in.
The greater fear is when you maim them (think the Master) and they just fade from use!
Anyway, was reading the fear factor review of saturday’s (last) episode and look at how they describe the hologram (they being BBC writers):
(41) Samuel and Adam are wildly enthusiastic during the “Next Time” trailer. Adam: “The Daleks have all got different voices!” Samuel: “Ohhh, yessssss! Some good Dalek weapons!” The phantom Doctor appears in the TARDIS.
Phantom Dr? Phantom as in ghost, or phantom as in to really the Dr?

Has anyone heard the last track on the bad wolf website, it starts of in French or German (never can tell) and then a static voice breaks in and says something, cant make it out, except the last bit seemed to be saying “My life destroyed” can anyone help?

Deamack can u e-mail me the link cos
a) i am under 18
and b) i cudn’t get onto the site cos i am @ skool and i blocks unauthorised sites

If you listen to the last musical clip there is a voice that appears under the music. I cant tell what it is saying properly tho.
Also, the Kincade record has been heavily edited so as to only put out certain parts of the tune.
The main part being the “whos been sitting in my place” which leads me to think that the Doctor isnt who we think he is.

3. ROSE.
10. ADAM

Also on the Geocomtex site there are some other references that i dont think have been mentioned.
The Mimsy Borogrove one comes from Jabberwocky by Lewis Carrol.
The WTFLD Generator is quite obviously a clue about the Daleks because its Waterfield. Doesnt help much tho.

Read the interview Russell T Davis gives in the TV Times this week ‘Interesting’. Bad Wolf has got to be The Doc, with Rose saving the day

I am not entirely sure that we will find out the identity of BadWolf in the last episode of this series. Maybe in the Christmas special….

‘Odin’ according to RTD everything will become clear and it will lead into the Xmas special

Bad Wolf, I really like you theory about the Doctor being trapped in a circle with Rose having to get him out of there.
adrian has a very good point in noticing the real Doctor may have dissapearded in Father’s day after being ‘eaten’.
I think things have been going wrong in stages. The Doctor got caught and later on, he died. He may have recorded the hologram between leaving for the first time in episode 1 and the reappering a few seconds later to take Rose with him. Being stuck in a fictional world would explain several returns of old enemies.
stainless, thank you for explaining what the Bad Wolf scenario is. That’s a good hint.

Mickey and Jackie
I am convinced that there is nothing special going on with Mickey and Jackie. They’re just playing in the series to be Rose’s homebase. Her constantly leaving them and eventually missing them just adds some extra drama to the series. That’s why they’re in there. Obviously Mickey wi=ould be around in the next season if Rose is. I believe they will eventually make up and that’s when Rose will leave her timetraveling days behind.
I find the theory of the Doctor being just thrown into an amusement show by the face of Boe and / or his associates (as the face of Boe is a universal entertaiment tycoon) quite interesting. The Face of Boe being the new villian is also interesting, but he’s not been proven evil yet. He’s only a businessman.
Jack Harkness
Him being a timelord is almost certain to me. He knows so much things the Doctor knows. And with the lost memory thing… Him having actually been the Doctor is a nice option but I should see a more detailed explanation before I believe it.
I used to think the title “parting of the ways” stood for Rose leaving the Doctor and stepping back into her ordinary life with her mom and Mickey, but I guess it’s not even a real ending. The Doctor and his companions become seperated and don’t get reunited until later. It’s a cliffhanger. That’s what I think.

Sorry. I stand corrected!
I like the idea of Captain Jack being the Doctor because the previous one was consumed in Father’s Day.
However I still think that Bad Wolf is either Davros or THAT Dalek

It was always going to be the case that CE was leaving and that the seris was written around that fact. Everything will make sense at the end. He say ‘WE will have the time of our lives watching’

I think the suspense is going to kill me before Saturday!! Especially with the teasers being shown on the BBC and all these theories going round.

here is the cast list from
The Parting of the Ways” Episode: #1.13 – 18 June 2005
John Barrowman …. Jack Harkness
Nicholas Briggs …. Daleks (voice)
Noel Clarke …. Mickey Smith
Camille Coduri …. Jackie Tyler
Laura Frazer …. Tardis Voice ????

The Doctor IS the wolf. Its obvious.
Who is afraid of the big bad wolf?
My masters fear The Doctor.
Simple as that, Rose is red riding hood, Jack likes smokey bacon crisps, how many more clues do you need!?
Adam / Face of Boe / Van Statt – forget them, all just little characters and not important to the arc.

The Doc’s friendship with Rose is put to the ultimate test as the earth is plunged into all out war. The Time Lord has to take desparte measures to save humanity from annihilation

Monda, the only thing I don’t get about that is “Jack likes Smoky Bacon crisps”…which would indicate HE is the bad wolf rather than the Doctor. Unless of course he IS the doctor. Fair enough. That’s not my query though. My query is WHY would the Smoky Bacon crisps theory be such a big clue – as far as I’ve seen its only been mentioned on the BBC website, so TV-viewers wouldn’t know that…

Lets not forget there will be loads of red herrings, so who it says is in the cast list doesn’t really mean much

The Radio Times has confirmed that David Tennant is in this weeks episode as the doctor so Ce must be killed off on Saturday.

Just been to the DW exhibition on Brighton Pier and next to the Face of Boe it says that he has a terrible secret that he will only tell to one person hinting that this person is the Doctor. this suggests that he is going to feature in the series again at some point ie this Saturday!
For the record I think the Emperor Dalek is coming back as I think Davors would be too difficult to explain in such a short time.

But the RT has published incorrect cast lists before, so it could be another red herring.

I don’t think it will be the Face of Boe. She would have to be hundreds of thounsands of years old because the Earth was destoyed in the year 500,000 wasn’t it? And doesn’t the last episode of this series take place in the year 200,000? I just think that I would feel let down if Bad Wolf turned out to be a flat, wet face.

Definately CE’s last ep on Saturday no question. RTD say’s ‘It was a shame the news leaked about CE leaving because when you see the last ep everything makes sense. It was aways heading towards that’

face of booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

mondo keeps sayin duality being the key. What if there have been 2 doctors all along

Just to let anyone no who doesn’t already, I will be in a few episodes of the new series

What if Jack is the real Doctor but he doesnt’t know it. That’s what the 2 years of his life that he lost are for.

And don’t forget Rose has always worn red in every episode ( Little Red Riding Hood)

I am not at liberty to say.But i am reading all your comments very closely. DT is very interested too

Robbie, all i can say is some of you have got the story so right and some of you have it it so so wrong

I wouldn’t think they are the real actors. Never know though, might be coming to us from the future to try and stir things up even more!

Lol. I try.
I still think that Bad Wolf is Davros or the Dalek from “The Last Dalek”. What with the whole “Dalek God” thing in the BBC 1 teaser.

Have you noticed that the tardis is in shot when the Daleks are chanting ‘worship him’ in the trailer teaser? indicating that it can’t be the tardis talking.

Excellent point.
Right, time to get off the fence! In thyat teaser the “God of all Daleks” has a Dalek voice. Did Davros sound like a Dalek? (I am only 18, never seen Davros before) If not then I think Bad Wolf is the Dalek from the episode earlier this season in which the Dalek was meant to have died.

Robbie i’m glad to hear it, aren’t you enjoying the disscusion? Thought CE had made you go off line

goin by wat they have said on the bbc avoid the internet i think thats a clue.i think the bad wolf has 2 be some1 we’ve seen b4 on the episodes

How can I be near and far here!!! Damnit! I want to see that episode!!! It’s not fair!!
I just had a discussion with my mum and a mate. Mum thinks it’s Captain Jack and mate thinks its the Doctor….so many theories so little time!

Have you seen the rest of this series? Because if you have you got to have a theory! Everyone has! I’m sure the Queen has even got one! ANd i’m pretty damn sure that the writers don’t even know who/what it is! Lol.

Odin, don’t give up, you are getting so very close. Your mum and mate sound perceptive

You know what….I think you don’t actually know who/what it is and you just enjoy teasing me!

well i hav got a theory but i couldnt b bothered 2 say it at that moment. it could be the dalek becuz goin by wat weve seen on tele that seems obvious but adam could be the new davros

Odin,, I must admit i am privvy to certain information, but i am not at liberty to tell you

Odin,, I must admit i am privvy to certain information, but i am not at liberty to tell you. But believe me it’s a BLAST

Im glad you’re not at liberty to tell because that would ruin it.
It’s definitely the Dalek that survived. That’s my definitive theory!

if it is the dalek who is the god of all daleks. how did the daleks teleport in the older series ?

Odin,, I would never spoil it, I have very high friends at the BEEB, Plus the fact i would lose my job. CE

Hi, this is Tom Coates and this is my website that you’re talking on. Can I ask everyone not to pay any attention to CE and billypiper – unless they’re both using exactly the same computer with the same fake e-mail addresses on AOL somewhere in the world, I think it’s highly unlikely that it’s them. I’ve investigated behind the scenes and the odds of them being who they say they are are pretty much negligible. Sorry guys.
To CE and billypiper, frankly shame on you – lying and taking advantage of people’s good nature and desire to believe that they’re talking to people from the Doctor Who series – you should be enormously embarrassed by the whole thing. I don’t care if you think it’s funny or not, all you’re doing is mocking people who are just trying to have a good time. It’s just cruel and stupid and I’d like you to get the crap off my site. On the very unlikely situation that you are indeed the actors concerned, then I’m sure you’d have no problem whatsoever in getting your respective agents to contact me at the BBC.

billypiper isn’t the real Rose, cos her name is spelt billIE, not billY. Not sure about CE.
They are showin a preview of TPOTW tomorow i think to tabloids and media and stuff, which is why they say ‘stay away from the internet’, cos loads of places will spoil it.
Also, on bbc/doctorwho, they have an article on Bad Wolf, and RTD says that it hasn’t been revealed yet, and it isn’t FOB>

This board is the best i’ve seen for Bad Wolf, but I have a real problem.
I am at school 9-4, and so much happens, that when i get home, I have so many messages to read!
Tom Coates, great site! And great telling to billypiper and CE. Good on you! You should feel proud! Keep up the good work!
That is all.
Bad Wolf, come soon!

Let’s face it, if anyone from the show planned to Really Try Divulging information on a board like this, they’d certainly use A HIDDEN NAME

I have just been explaining all the theories to my friend and there are so many that i have confused myself!! Help me!

I’m going to work now, when I get back I hope to see lots of great theories for my to dive into. Speak to ya later Who Fans!

I think it’s fair to say RTD is smart enough to not only realise the likelihood of obsessive fan speculation, but also the importance of not alienating new viewers. Thus many tiny clues (or perhaps not) have been thrown in throughout the series, and on the spin-off websites, to give the hardcore fans something to argue about. I wouldn’t put it past him to visit websites such as this to further confuse people!
If you consider that many of the shows 7m viewers are kids who have never seen the old shows (including the Paul McGann movie), and that the vast remaining adult audience are not long-term fans, it would make little sense to bring in the Master, or the Rani or whoever. For CE to suddenly announce ‘Er.. actually I’m the Master and I’m evil after all, despite bringing people back to life’ would confuse and mean nothing to at least 50% of the viewers.
Therefore the ‘bad wolf’ must be a character already within the series – most probably the last dalek, Adam or the Face of Boe. Any of these could work (and quite possibly all have been filmed as alternate endings!). Something I noticed, which is almost certainly irrelevant is that ‘Boe’ is obviously an anagram of ‘Beo’ ie. Beowulf, apologies if anyone else has said this before.

The latest trailer clearly has the figure saying he is the god of the Daleks. This is not the same as creator. If Adam had brought the Dalek race back from the dead he would be treated as a god by them. Also we all know that RTD does not want to bring to many “classic” elements back to confuse the new viewer. Some story outlines also make mention of a character being “emmortal”. A genius with 200,000 years of future tech info would probably be able to extend his life, etc. I am sure this will proved to be rubbish come saturday.

Frankly, introducing Davros at this stage in the new series would be suicide.
Like the master, Davros is too deeply integrated into the Doctor Who mythology to introduce with only one episode left (but look out for both of these characters in 2-parters next year).
All Iíll say about what weíve done with bad wolf this year is that weíve written the first series as a stand-alone with a nice neat ending, but itís not until next years Cybermen episode (episode 7) that youíll really find out whatís been going on all along.

pssst!!!!! i know a little secret that someone doesn¥t want you to know.
all i will say is this.
Find it and you¥ll find the answers your looking for. thats all i can say.

oh and one more thing.
!!!!!ENEMY WHITHIN!!!!! the doctor who television movie.
add 2 and 2 together and then: BAMMMMMM
theres your plot twist.

Someone asked about the relevance Jack’s love of smokey bacon crisps. The bad wolf chases the tree little pigs in the song because he wants to eat them.
Having said that, I still think the doctor is not what he seems.

RTD, please don’t play the same game as billypiper and CE. (If it is you, thanks for such a great show!)
Havik, I am one of the kids that has only just started watching DW, so I have no idea what ‘Keeper of Traken’ and ‘Enemy Within’ are. Please help, someone!
Love the Boe anagram, but RTD has already said in a bbc interview that he loves the Boe idea, but it is wrong. 🙁

I initially thought the Adam/Davros idea was most likely, and personally would have found that perhaps the most satisfying ending (of those that I can imagine anyway), but however I agree that it is perhaps unlikely now. Alex I don’t think we can necessarily trust everything RTD says regarding the final episode.
As for the Keeper of Traaken/Enemy Within thing, I’m only 21 so have only seen UK Gold repeats intermittently so I’m not that familiar with the old storylines, but I believe this is effectively insinuating that the Master is within the tardis or possibly even the Doctor himself. Keeper of Traaken I think was about the Master trying to rejuvenate and ends up capturing someone’s body, whilst in the Enemy Within he is trapped within the tardis. I may be wrong.
Anyway I think the bottom line is that nobody knows what is going to happen, even if they’d like to think they do, so don’t pay too much attention to ‘inside sources’ 😉 This is all good fun though!

alright last post. as ive said look up those two things.
you can check at,
search the two things i posted and as i said
BAMMMMMM there you have it.
ps. better type in “the master” instead of KEEPER OF TRAKEN and then check the fifth paragraph. check both of those things and you wont regret it.

right this really is the last post. so here goes!!
the doctor who television movie also features a certain enemy, ahemmmm (cough cough) and the master.
GET IT!!!!!

I’ve been thinking about the purpose of Jack in the story line. People have suggested 3 alternatives – either he is the doctor, the wolf, or a nobody. Against the doctor argument is that he has had plenty of time to explain what is going on to Rose when CE wasn’t around, his libido (out of keeping with past doctors) and his gung-ho attitude with guns. For it is the fact that he was fiddling with the Tardis in Boom Town and the way he sought out CE and Billie using the ruse to con them in the empty child.
For the wolf include the clue about the crisps, the way he was tinkering / fiddling with the Tardis in Boom Town (maybe he was forcing the Tardis to end up on Satellite 5), and the way that he was not written out after the doctor dances. Also CE does not allow Rose to spend much time alone with Jack – he won’t even allow her to dance with him. I can’t think of any convincing arguments about why he isn’t the wolf.
He could be a nobody – a redherring. Or he could be simply a tool to allow the doctor to dispatch with enemies by shooting them (something he is reluctant to do).
But, for me, the bad wolf is still reminiscent of Red Riding hood with the wolf dressed up as Grandma. Perhaps the reference to smokey bacon is that he is a pig from the 3 little pig stories, rather than meaning he wants to devour them.

Havik, I can’t be bothered to count the paragraphs and put things together. Please can you just put what you think bad wolf is on here, but put
so that everyone knows not to read it?
. .

I really don’t think the master is behind this. There would have been reference to him earlier in the series to help the “new” audience. It would be too confusing to introduce him now, especially explaining why he had been trapped in the Tardis. In fact, it is harder to explain his appearance in 45mins than Davros, who could quickly be explained as the Dalek creator.
No, i think the answer is far more clever than dredging out an old adversary.

i hope this week is gonna just whiz past i just want to know.
I’LL MISS YOU CHRIS!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁

CE is the real Doctor.
He gets killed by the Daleks.
The hologram message tells Jack & Rose to get the Doctor’s body into the heart of the TARDIS … DT emerges as the regenerated Doctor.
Jack’s missing years were something to do with a secret mission on behalf of the Time Lords to allow them to eventually survive the Time War … and the Face of Boe is somehow involved in that up to her neck (well, she would be if she had one).
In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Jack who got the FOB pregnant in the first place!

okay here you are then, ill post both things it says on those pages, ab bit lazy at the moment (i cant be bothered to wright it myself to be honest)
ENEMY WITHIN (i mean its even in the f****** title)
On the planet Skaro, the renegade Time Lord known as the Master is put on trial by the Daleks, and executed. His last wish, however, is for his remains to be returned to Gallifrey by his greatest enemy, the Doctor.
In the TARDIS, the Seventh Doctor stows the urn containing the Master’s remains in a container, locking it with his sonic screwdriver, then settles in for the trip back to the Time Lord homeworld. As he relaxes, however, he does not see the container shake and shatter. A gelatinous slug-like creature oozes out of the container and enters the TARDIS console, shorting it out. The Doctor tries to compensate, but the TARDIS systems indicate a critical timing malfunction and initiate an emergency landing. The Doctor finds, to his horror, that the Master’s container is cracked open.
On December 30, 1999 in San Francisco, a Chinese-American teen named Chang Lee and his two friends run from rival gang members. An ambush opens fire on them, and as Lee is about to be shot, a high wind whips up in the alley and a police box materializes in front of the teen. The Doctor steps out only to be shot by the startled gang, and he falls. Lee finds his friends dead and the Doctor gravely wounded. He is unable to warn Lee about the worm oozing out of the TARDIS lock and following Lee as he calls for an ambulance.
In the ambulance, Lee signs the paperwork that Bruce, the paramedic, gives him, putting the Doctor’s name as “John Smith”. The Doctor is wheeled into the operating room while the worm hides in the ambulance, and then in Bruce’s uniform. The medical staff are puzzled by the fact that the Doctor’s X-rays reveal two hearts which are racing wildly. They decide to contact the on-call cardiologist, Dr. Grace Holloway, who is at a performance of Madama Butterfly when she is paged, to the annoyance of her boyfriend, Brian. She rushes back to the hospital, still in her ballgown.
Puccini plays as Grace starts to operate. The Doctor’s eyes snap open and he tries to tell Grace that he is not human, and that he needs a beryllium atomic clock, but they put him back under. The use of a cardiac probe goes wrong as Grace is unfamiliar with the Doctor’s physiology. The Doctor goes into a seizure and flatlines. Grace is angry and upset, demanding to see the patient’s X-rays, and is disturbed when she sees the two hearts and realizes it is not a double exposure as assumed.
Grace tells Lee that “Mr. Smith” is dead, and when Grace figures out that he does not really know the dead man, Lee takes the Doctor’s belongings and runs off. Now past midnight on December 31, the Doctor’s body is put in the morgue freeze room. In Bruce’s house, the worm creeps out of his uniform and forces itself into Bruce’s mouth while he is sleeping next to his wife. The Master has taken over.
In the morgue, the body of the Doctor crackles with electricity, and he regenerates into the Eighth Doctor, who rises from the gurney, disoriented and amnesiac. The Doctor manages to pound the door of the storage chamber off its hinges, frightening the morgue attendant into a faint. Confused, he staggers into a disused section of the hospital, clad only in a sheet and the tag still on his toe. As he spies his reflection, he cries out in anguish, “Who am I?”
As dawn comes to San Francisco, the Doctor rummages through the worker’s lockers, finding pieces of costumes for the New Year’s Party. Lee searches through the Doctor’s things and finds the TARDIS key. The Master awakens in Bruce’s body, saying that he needs to find the Doctor, and that the body will not last long. When Bruce’s wife sees the green glow of his eyes, he kills her.
The hospital administrator discusses the Doctor with Grace, and burns the X-rays so that they can cover up the death of the patient. Grace is adamant, however, and threatens to resign. She gathers her things and leaves the hospital, followed by the Doctor, who in his confused state latches on to someone he recognizes. Grace tries to fob him off, thinking that he is insane, but he climbs into her car anyway. Suddenly the Doctor screams as he removes the remains of the cardiac probe from his chest. As the Doctor tells her that he has two hearts, Grace begins to realize that this might be the same man, as impossible as it seems. The Doctor cries for Grace to drive off and she does.
The Master goes to the hospital to find the Doctor’s body but is told it is missing. A nurse tells “Bruce” that the Doctor’s property is with the Asian boy, and the Master thanks her and goes off. When Grace and the Doctor arrive at her home, she finds that Brian has moved out and taken most of the furniture. Grace listens to the Doctor’s chest and confirms that he has two hearts. The Doctor starts to remember details, saying that he was dead too long this time – the anaesthetic nearly destroyed the regenerative process. Grace asks the Doctor not to talk to her like she is a child; the dead stay dead, but is startled when he tells her that about her dream as a child to hold back death, and that she will do great things.
In Chinatown, Lee uses the key to enter the TARDIS, and is shocked when he sees its dimensionally transcendental interior. The TARDIS also seems to respond to Lee, powering itself on when he touches the console. Somehow, the Master is already there, and hypnotises Lee into giving him the Doctor’s belongings. He tells Lee that the “dead man” has stolen his body and they need to find him before the Master dies.
Grace and the Doctor go for a walk, where she theorizes that he might be the product of a genetic experiment. The Doctor remembers more details – he is from Gallifrey, and remembers a meteor storm he saw with his father. In the TARDIS, he convinces Lee that the Doctor is the evil one and that they must stop him. The Master brings him to the Cloister Room, where the Eye of Harmony is housed. The Master uses Lee’s retinal pattern to open the Eye. As the Eye opens, the Doctor’s memories start flooding back and he kisses Grace in joy.
The Eye projects images, first of the Seventh, then the Eighth Doctor – and his retinal structure, which is human. The Master concludes that the Doctor is half-human. Meanwhile, the Doctor senses that the Master has opened the Eye, and that he will be able to see through the Doctor’s eyes. He shuts them, but not before the Master spots Grace. The Doctor tells Grace that the Master wants to force him to look into the Eye, so that the Doctor’s soul will be destroyed and the Master can take his body. He explains that if the Eye is not closed, the planet will soon be sucked through it, and that he needs an atomic clock to fix the timing mechanism on the TARDIS to prevent this. They have until midnight.
Grace, now believing the Doctor to be insane, runs back into the house to call an ambulance to take the Doctor away. The Doctor convinces her, showing that the molecular structure of the planet is changing by walking through her picture window. The Master hears all this and goes with Lee to drive the ambulance to Grace’s house as “Bruce”. On the television, the Doctor sees reports of weather patterns changing around the world, and then a report of an event in San Francisco showcasing the unveiling of an atomic clock at the Institute of Technological Advancement and Research.
The Master arrives at the door but the Doctor does not recognize him. They ask him to take them to the Institute. The ambulance lurches as they stop for a traffic jam, and the Master’s sunglasses fall, revealing his alien eyes. The Doctor takes a fire extinguisher and fires it in the Master’s face as he spits venom at them, hitting Grace in the wrist. Grace and the Doctor escape from the ambulance. The Doctor commandeers a police motorcycle by threatening to shoot himself. The ambulance, driven by Lee, races the Doctor and Grace on the motorcycle towards the Institute.
When the Doctor and Grace reach the Institute, they see the ambulance in the parking lot. Grace and the Doctor mingle at the reception, introducing the Doctor as “Doctor Bowman” from London, but are blocked from entering the room with the clock. They manage to sneak up there anyway, where the Doctor removes the timing chip. As they make their way out, they see Lee and the Master and try to avoid them, running into a group of security guards who have been paralysed by the Master’s venom. The Doctor triggers off the fire alarm as he and Grace head for the roof, descending to the ground using a fire hose. They get back on the motorcycle and ride back towards Chinatown and the TARDIS.
They gain access to the TARDIS with the spare key the Doctor keeps in a cubbyhole above the “POLICE BOX” sign. As they enter, they hear the cloister bell signalling disaster. The Doctor installs the beryllium chip into the console and closes the Eye, but it may be too late – the Eye has been opened too long. The only way to prevent the destruction of Earth is to go back before the Eye was opened, but the TARDIS is out of power. Grace challenges the Doctor to think – his knowledge of what happens to her in the future must come from somewhere. The Doctor proposes directing residual power from the Eye directly into the time rotor, jumpstarting the TARDIS. But as the Doctor sets things up below the console, the Master’s venom takes effect on Grace, making her take up a tool and knock the Doctor out, just as the Master and Lee enter the console room.
The Doctor wakes up in the Cloisters, strapped down. He tries unsuccessfully to convince Lee that the Master has been lying to him. The Master, in the meantime, has changed into Gallifreyan garb. Grace, still possessed by the Master, chains the Doctor on the upper balcony, attaching a metal harness on his head designed to keep his eyes open while he stares into the Eye of Harmony. The Master tries to get Chang Lee to open the eye but makes a slip which makes the boy realize the Master has lied. The Master breaks Lee’s neck, and uses Grace to open the Eye instead.
The glow from the Eye focuses onto the Doctor and the Master, linking them both and starts to transfer the Doctor’s regenerations to the Master. The Doctor shouts for Grace to go to the console room and divert the power to start the TARDIS or everyone will die. As the clock counts down to midnight, Grace struggles with the console circuitry, and manages to connect the wires just as the clock strikes midnight. The time column starts to move and the TARDIS goes into a temporal orbit, suspending everything at the moment of destruction. Grace runs back to the Cloisters and tries to free the Doctor from his chains but the Master pushes her over the side of the balcony and kills her.
The Doctor and the Master battle over the Eye of Harmony, and in the struggle, the Master gets sucked into the Eye and is seemingly destroyed. The clocks on the TARDIS continue ticking backwards, and a glow from the TARDIS washes over the bodies of Grace and Lee, bringing them back to life as the Eye closes once more. The Doctor then resets the console and brings them back to December 31, just at the stroke of midnight, and time proceeds again as normal.
Back in San Francisco, Lee returns the Doctor’s things to him. The Doctor tells Chang Lee not to be around next Christmas, and the teen leaves. The Doctor asks Grace to go with him, but she declines, saying that she’s not afraid of life anymore. The Doctor kisses her goodbye, and enters the TARDIS, which then dematerialises. The Doctor settles back in his chair in the console room, off for further adventures.
THE MASTER (the important bit)
The Master also appeared in the 1996 Doctor Who telemovie that starred Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor. In the prologue, the Master’s current body (played for mere seconds in the final edit by Gordon Tipple) was thoroughly exterminated by the Daleks, but managed to survive through means unexplained in the finished film, his consciousness embodied in the form of a small, snake-like, amorphous entity.

sorry that last bit should¥ve been
In 1981, the Master became a recurring villain again. In The Keeper of Traken, the Master (Geoffrey Beevers under different heavy make-up) briefly gained control of another ancient power source, using it to transplant himself into the body of a Trakenite named Tremas, overwriting Tremas’s original mind in the process. Now played by Anthony Ainley, the Master appeared on and off for the rest of the series. Apart from his regular goals, extending his life ó preferably with a new set of regenerations ó was an extra prize he was determined to get.

why would it be hard to introduce the master if you understand what im getting at.
10mins top, thats how long it would take to introduce the master.

referring to the film
The Doctor shouts for Grace to go to the console room and divert the power to start the TARDIS or everyone will die
The Doctor then resets the console and brings them back to December 31, just at the stroke of midnight, and time proceeds again as normal.

Because the way you are linking him into the story relates back to the film, which some kids will not have seen. People who haven’t seen the film will not know what the eye of harmony is, how the master got there etc etc. Plus the production team have been keeping the thrust of the story this series fresh and new – the references to the past have been characters – the Daleks and Autons – not how they got to be there, or where they had been before.
The final episode is going to be fast moving and action – orientated. There is no time to introduce a new character whom the kids have never heard of. The whole idea of this bad wolf thing is like a who dunnit – and classic detective stories introduce the murderer near the beginning and wait til near the end to reveal secrets / or their true nature. They do not suddenly introduce a new character who performed the murder in the last chapter – how much of a cheat would that be? So, in this case I do not think that the master will suddenly appear. No, the bad wolf must be someone we have already met. Something is not as we think it is…

think about it.
why cant jack remember two years of his life?
why does this doctor seem to know so much about killing?
why didn¥t we see him regenerating at the start of the series( and im not talking about that contract bulls*** whith paul mcgann).
how come this doctor survived the time war?

Well this is a crazy one, but last i remember Davros was just a head.
Not far off being just a face is he ?

* Hines, don’t think anyone queried WHY Smokey Bacon, I think it was WHAT is the relevance of it only being on the web, thus TV viewers wouldn’t see it. I think its a red herring and agree with you that Jack is pig rather than wolf!
* I 100% think the Doctor, as we see him now, is the wolf. Why does the Dalek Emperor, Davros or FOB, or whoever you think the “voice” is have to be the Bad Wolf? I think they’re different people.
* No-one has mentioned 2 things about Davros (as far as I can tell):
– In the classic series Davros created at least 1 clone of himself! Hence why he was killed previously and came back. So he could do it again
– Davros also claimed himself Emperor Dalek in classic series, so again could be 1 and same
– I don’t remember him having a dalek voice as such, but there was a tinge
HOWEVER, even though I saw him in the cast list, I’m agreeing more that the new Emperor Dalek is the one from Dalek episode. I think Adam & Mickey are red herrings.
* I’d LOVE the Master to be in it and I DID think he was pretending to be the Doctor, whilst Jack is the true Doctor. I STILL think he could be. People say why bring the Master in to the new series…don’t forget that he only ocassionally appeared in the classic series…and each Doctor appealed to a new generation too. I hope its the Master, its DEFINITELY more his style than Davros or the Daleks…I just think 1 episode is a lot to cram all that in!!
* Like the Beowolf/Boe connection – convinced thats a red herring though and a deliberate one

Havik – the reason the regenration scene wasnt included was explained by RTD in an interview – he thinks its bad to start a series with the death of the main charcater. Alot of what RTD has done this series is based on his idea of what a good TV series should be written like. That means its highly unlikely that the Doctor is an imposter because it makes the previous 12 episodes, the relationship with Rose etc a complete mockery. While The Doctor could still be the Bad Wolf, he certainly is the Doctor, not the master in disguise etc. I dont think he’s going to introduce charcaters such as Davros etc so late in, because as other people have said, it would involve too much history and be unfair to newer viewers. Both RTD and CE have done interviews saying this series is designed primarily to entertain kids, so the plot twists wont be overly complicated or involve old charcaters. Rather, it will be a character from the current series – my money’s on Adam or the Dalek from ep 6.

im asking peggy if i can have a biscuit..
this is a major line in the next ep of doctor who. You will hear ‘graham’ quite often.

reply if u have any questions about the ‘graham’ factor,shall i give u another clue,badwolf is also in the clue,
hahaha,knowone knows what im on about but i do!
i know what REALLY happens in doctor who!

why does everyone presume the doctor is the main character!!!!
Whats the first episode of the new series called?

dunt anyone wanna know the graham factor clues in doctor who then,i can reveal all about what happens in dr.who,but guess u dont wanna know,fine then

Davros is a no no…They would of asked Terry Maloy to do it..
Jack is one of the keys..the throw away line of having his mind wiped..Why?
He seems to be able to operate and repare the Tardis..He might be a time traveler but Gallifrey technology? Nah…He must be a Time lord…or….?
‘Time and Tide wait’s for no man…’

ok ok, so as i sed about the graham and peggy thing,they are actually the creators of bad wolf which is the master dalek…want me to go on?

so, the master dalek(bad wolf) kills the doctor and rose brings the (dead)doctor to the tardis(wheres jack?) and opens the tardises heart to regenerate the doctor and….

Quote from bbc site from RTD:”Judging from the reactions I’ve had, a lot of people seem to think the Bad Wolf has already been revealed. Oh, it’s the TV station. Oh, it’s half a million Daleks. I’ve even got one friend claiming it’s the Face of Boe! I must get better friends.”
“I don’t want to give anything away yet, but there is another revelation to come in Saturday’s episode. We haven’t discovered the true Bad Wolf yet.”

Had a though the bad wolf dresses up as Red’s Grandmother…How about dressing up as her mother?


one more time!!!
what series did the master first appear in?
what were the first enemys of the new series?

From Terror of the Autons:
UNIT troops engage the Autons while the Doctor and Jo pursue the Master into the facility’s control room where the Master is opening the radio frequency for the Nestene invasion force to come through. However, the Doctor convinces the Master that the Nestenes will not distinguish between ally or foe once they arrive. Together, they close the channel for the invasion, driving the Nestenes back to wherever they were coming from and causing the Autons to collapse. While the Doctor and the Brigadier catch their breath, the Master vanishes.
(the hints are all there if you look for them)

What is the ability of the Nestene?
where did all those daleks come from all of a sudden?
Do you have to have a kaled to have a dalek exterior?

Before the new series, the doctor and the master sent them back into space, and only the master knew where they came from?
Whoever brought the Nestene back must have known where they were

Just found out that nicholas pegg is starring ar an android..He’s the guy who wrote the big finish story ‘The Spectre of Lanyon Moor’ and directed Paul McGann i the BBC Audio website version of ‘Shada’!
Nothing special just thought i’d mention it…

anybody reading my posts please start from where i first posted or you wont understand what im tring to say.

So are people here proposing that the end of this series will link to the start of the feature film (with paul mg) ?
* ie with CE (who is really the Master) being executed by the Daleks?
I want the Daleks to remain in Doctor Who – so it is a theory that is interesting as it would enable them to remain but perhaps go missing for a few seasons. (RTD has said the Daleks wont return however) saying “after what happens to them next week it will be hard for them to return” – what does everyone think?
Anyhow, If im wrong with this then what exactly are you getting at HAVIK ?

I get it havic..and it’s a good idea. But what about the Time lords..i can’t see that the Daleks who are (compared to them) just starters in time travel..can be the only ones to escape the Time War…

Also how about the ‘Last Dalek’? Who’s tosay that he wasn’t the last remaing one from this Dalek War..That would explain how it ended up on Earth…It was orbating it in the future!

what im trying to say is that even the producers reffered to the master as a reccuring villian
quote: “the producers conceived the Master as a recurring villain, a “Professor Moriarty to the Doctor’s Sherlock Holmes”, and he first appeared in Terror of the Autons”
dont be missled by the trailers thats exactly what they¥re intended to do.
When the doctor asks the daleks how they survived the time war and when that voice accures (im pretty sure those are two different scenes)
a leaked quote from the last episode is:
“Whats wrong Rose dont you want to congratulate me on my big shiny teath”
And also RTD is intending to mislead you with everything he says.

Tiem loop in Fathers day..they end up in a time loop when Rose’s dad dosen’t die…could the doctor wouldn’t usualy do this..taking some one back to a point like that..twice! Unless he is trying to make her understand what is happening to him..?

Dont see how the last dalek cant be from this war..otherwise how would “the voice” have any idea as to how the Daleks survived the Time War?
The voice wouldnt just say “they survived through me” if it had no knowledge of the Time War.
Just doesnt work for me, sorry.
Could someone answer my post about Haviks idea please?
Also whats this about “Graham”??
Dont see why people leave cryptic style clues – just say what you think – not hard really!

Sorry i don’t think that ‘the voice’ is the last dalek..just one of the stragglers at the end..

i¥ll tell you what i think happens in a minute just need to research something before i start.

Can someone tell me where the slytheen are from i cant find out the name of the planet?

Goin by on the fathers day time loop that could be happenin with the doctor he isnt dyin when he is meant 2. that might explain the supposed bit where they put his body in the heart of the tardis and he regenerates

I’m enjoying the speculation and the theories, though I’m sure mine are a lot less accurate, imaginative and exciting than most of them on here, but I’ve got to say I’m feeling slightly embarassed on behalf of Dr Who fans everywhere at all the people claiming (sorry, hinting!) to be members of the cast and creative team.
Grow up for heaven’s sake! Are you the same people who go on Harry Potter boards and claim to be the actors from the films or (worse) the characters from the books.
Dearie dearie me.
We’re *fans* – it’s our job to obsess over the details and speculate wildly. The *actors* are probably the least likely people in the world to spend their spare time trawling fan sites and saying “Don’t want to give too much away, but look out for an old and ABOMINABLE foe in the last episode. Have you guessed who it is yeti?” and so forth.
Embarassing. Please stop.

And while I’m having a rant, please stop citing Wikipedia as a reliable source. Anyone can edit any page at any time. I could put a page up now proving that the last episode of Dr Who was written by Leonardo DaVinci and coded into the colour palette of the Mona Lisa. It would be gone in a few days when Wikipedia mods saw it, but until then I could refer you to it quite happily as “proof”.

Here her Adam…The Voice saying ‘They survived through me’ is what the ‘Last Dalek’ said…

The Doctor catches sight of himself in the mirror. He evidently hasn’t had much time to check out his newly regenerated body:
“Ah, could have been worse. Look at the ears!”
As in the Bad Wolf?
Aso he can’t of been regenerated for long..Time loof theory getting stronger….

Well can you place a link up please Havik?
I will be back later and will go and check it – also is this just your own opinion or is it going to be 90% true? you seem very certain about it.

wikipedia isnt a very good source i just typed in leonardo da vinci is the 11th doctor and it allowed it

Not 90% Sam but it fit’s in very well..
I did the same Robbie and it thought James Bond was…not very good

More 70%..but i could be wrong..and i am not anything todo with the BBC..Promise

It’s just my theory..but it keeps getting stronger as more evidence come in…

I think i said it’s a theory that fits. As i said to you last night..the evidence to me points towards it..some bits could be wrong if not all (show’s i’m not confident). But look at jack. 2 years missing..Why? Must be important. also he can use the tardis controls and if you looked at the last episode he has a key? When did he get that?

Russell would be within his rights to do an alternative timeline/restoration story. Doctor WHO has been light on those, in comparison with, for example, Star Trek (all variations, including ëEnterpriseí) and Stargate, which quoted the Simpsonsí ënear enoughí episode: ëI thought there were no fish in this pond, sir?í

Star Trek Voyager in particular was very naughty with regard to this sort of thing.

Candidates for Bad Wolf:

12. Toad of Toad Hall

Coming in at ëthat all-important number eleven positioní (Johnnie Walker, 1975):

11: Margaret Thatcher (The lupine influence is finally showing in her face these days.)

10: The Paul McGann Doctor: in an alternative timeline in which Uncle Monty got him.

Oh Marwood, thou art sick

The invisible cock that flies in the night

Has found out thy bed

Oh why paint an archerís target on thy buttocks?

Art thou a mere Bushell under which no light hideth?

9. The Celestial Toymaker. (ëYou didnít think that you really got out of that one, Doctor?í)

8. The Second Grim Reaper, a being which embodies and exploits surface deceptions in all areas of life, evil disguised as good, hidden forces, the hi-jacking of language and the double-edged human ability to adapt to almost any adverse circumstances.

7. General Curtis E. LeMay

6. Michael Grade (Who was his daddy?)

5. Marriage

4. Rene Descartes

3. Father Jack (the one from ëFather Tedí, not the one from ëSix Feet Underí)

2. Number One from the last episode of ëThe Prisonerí

1. The Antimozart

The Antimozart, the Spirit of Mediocrity, describes his role in human history, which was that of ensuring that humanity remained essentially mediocre and that the number of ëdangerousí geniuses and colourfully imaginative minds was kept to a minimum. Killed Mozart and Schubert. Destroyed Beethovenís ëbetterí works and Shakespeareís novels . Founded ITV but was furious when ëThe Prisonerí and ëCallaní ëslipped through the netí. Speaks with pride about the deliberate bowdlerisation of outstanding elements of popular culture, including certain unusual television programmes and the work of certain rock music groups. Made them cancel ëMillenniumí.

Helped Michael Gradeís career.

what i wrote on here before was just my personal opinion of what could turn out to be true.

The Time loop brole with rose and then meeting jack…Who recognises the Tardis as a Time machine..How it looks like a Blue wooden box?
I think he may be as important as bad wolf…

mondo has been sayin duality is the key what if there has been 2 seperate paths that he could of took like say he died when he was ment 2 instead of staying alive.

Sorry ment ‘started’ not ‘brole’. This is what comes from typing and reading this site and watching Most Haunted!

Mondo said(sorry if i get it wrong mate!) That there was two stories going ,the main story for each episode and then an underlined story for die hard fans…He also suggested looking at each episode again and picking up notes..I havent had time what with work but if anybody wants to have a go….

Jack as the doctor though..i’m not sure..In the last episode clip he’s using a machine gun..Very Un-Doctor like..Perhaps an Agent sent By….

Ah well I’ll let you lot in the day to speckulate and i’ll find out a bit more tomorrow..I Hope..Bye the way If you don’t want to find out don’t just keep of the net..Dont by a paper on thursday !!! The press get to see it tomorrow so it will be in the sun ! As Always!
Night all!

what i was trying to hint all along is that jack is the master
the clues are all over the place

Show us some of these clues you mention that point to Jack as the Master…
Now the Master could traditionally control other people (Autons) and also take over other bodies…maybe he can’t take over other timelords (he took over Nyssa in the old series I think?)
So what are the clues you reckon point to your opinion?

More of my thoughts…I think Jack is simply put in the series as ‘cannon-fodder’ for the big dalek battle. In Dr Who Confidential RTD talked about having soldiers for the war in the last episode, and Jack is the man who can shoot his guns!! Jack is solely there for that, I think – although his two year memory loss has probably got something to do with the timewar, maybe this is pointing at the old time loop theory!
I still believe the strongest candidates for Bad Wolf are: The Doctor himself, Adam, or the dalek from episode 6. However, in order for all the Bad Wolf references to be explained, well, that opens up a whole new can of worms and I really hope RTD can pull it all off in the last episode…
How does the Moxx of Balhoon KNOW about the ‘bad wolf scenario’ ?!! The Bad Wolf scenario in my mind is the corporation covering up the fact that there’s a fleet of daleks ready to blow you up! He’s presumably seen this happen before, and again, this points to the old FOB theory as detailed above. Mmmm, interesting!
All this talk of The Master and Davros is ridiculous, in my honest opinion (sorry y’all). RTD has 45 minutes in which to cram in a battle with daleks, a regeneration and death of a doctor, explanations of Bad Wolf and Jack Harness…if he can fit ALL of this in AND have time to introduce The Master/Davros I’ll be a beached whale! I would love it if Davros or The Master DID appear though…hey prove me wrong series!

That’s what makes me think that Bad Wolf is the Dalek from ep.6.
Although Jack being The Master would be awesome.

The Dalek from ep.6 acquired Rose’s DNA. This is the reason why people in the far future are still referencing Big Brother and Weakest Link.
The Dalek from ep.6 is the new Dalek “God”. Armed with Rose’s ideas of good and evil from the DNA fusion.
But then… the Master was imprisoned in the “Heart of the Tardis”, formerly the “Eye of Harmony”, which may well have been destroyed with the Time Lords (if the TV Movie is to be believed, all Tardises would have been linked to the Eye back on Gallifrey, the refuelling in Wales (!) might suggest a new power source), if not, the Master was still in there… until the regeneration of the Slitheen! At this point the Master could have inhabited the egg, which was then returned to — insert name of Slitheen home world — and grew to be the new Master’s body.
The Master was destroyed by the Daleks at the beginning of the TV Movie. What better way to revenge himself than to become their God?
Who’s afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? What big ears he has, what big eyes he has, what a massive screen-filling gurning face he has – it’s the Doctor. The Daleks are afraid of him. And the Master, oily, duplicitous git that he is just can’t resist leaving Bad Wolf clues throughout space and time because he is so vain.
The Slitheen/Master created a creature from a pig purely as another clue to the Bad Wolf theme.
The Master will use the Bad Wolf analogy to goad the Doctor. Wolf in sheep’s clothing. He thinks he’s so good, but will he really destroy an entire race (the Daleks), that’s genocide! How the Doctor resolves this is RTD’s coup de gras.
BTW: Did anyone notice that the Gelf story is entirely unrelated to everything else (apart from the existence of the rift), unless something happens next week? Do you really think that RTD would introduce a powerful race like that to be defeated in one episode?

So you believe he will destroy the Daleks (the entire race) and thats how RTD has said it would be hard to bring them back?
Or do you predict another ending?
The Daleks best be back – id rather them outsmart the smarmy Master than the other way round

BTW: The ‘Classic “Bad Wolf” Scenario’ referred to by Moxxy is clearly a bunch of people held hostage on a space station.
I mean, it’s a classic “Bad Wolf” scenario, isn’t it?

For a lot of Who fans, and RTD if Queer as Folk is to believed, Genesis of the Daleks was a pivotal episode. Up till then the Doctor never used weapons, but fought for good on a level we all understood. In Genesis he didn’t destroy the Daleks because that would have been Genocide, totally contradicting his fundamental values. This is why I don’t believe that he will detroy them this time. It’s not the Doctor’s way. Send them to prison, yes, but kill them…no.
Remember how Rose said, “and what are you turning into?” in ep.6? RTD knows what the Doctor is supposed to be, and he knows that he’s messing about with his character, but bringing him back online at the end of each story. It’s a way of bringing new viewers into his morality – something the Stallone’s and Schwartzeneggars have removed from our British consciences.

Well Nigel, as everyone whoes posted on here will know Im a Dalek fan. RTD says when talking of the Daleks returning “Oh no, we’ve done them, anyway – i cant see a way of them returning with what happens next week” or something on the line of that.
I dont want to see them go for good! Be better if they stay on but are not overused ie, every season. What do you think?
Or is RTD deliberatly being misleading?
Surely it makes more sense to not totally close the door on the Daleks?

Just a thought.
Remember that, in Bad Wolf, the loosers of the games were transported off the station instead of being killing. Since we learn that, when Rose was transported, she ended up unconscious on a dalek ship, it’s logical to conclude that everyone else was transported to a similar location in a similar way. This would also explain why there are so many daleks – this process has been going on for about 100 years.

Perhaps it is literally a bad wolf: an unpleasant animal which lays waste to the Doctorís chickens, causing much concern to the farming community (although practically anything seems to upset them these days). There was little indication of this in last weekís trailer.

The ëSun Literary Supplementí claims that Bad Wolf is a complex reference to Beowulf:

ëThe Anglo-Saxon word-element Beo means “bright” or “noble,” and the word-element wulf means (surprise!) “wolf.” So Beowulf means “bright wolf” or “noble wolf” — both of which apply to our hero.í

ëHaving difficulty keeping the characters straight? You’re not alone. Try this list of characters at the Beowulf website..í

feond on helle.
WÊs se grimma gÊst Grendel haten,
mÊre mearcstapa, se ˛e moras heold,
fen ond fÊsten; fifelcynnes eard
wonsÊli wer weardode hwile,
si˛an him scyppend forscrifen hÊfde
in Caines cynne. ˛one cwealm gewrÊc
ece drihten, ˛Ês ˛e he Abel slog;

that field of hell.
Grendel this monster grim was called,
march-riever mighty, in moorland living,
in fen and fastness; fief of the giants
the hapless wight a while had kept
since the Creator his exile doomed.
On kin of Cain was the killing avenged
by sovran God for slaughtered Abel.

HÊbbe ic eac geahsod ˛Êt se ÊglÊca
for his wonhydum wÊpna ne recce.
Ic ˛Êt ˛onne forhicge (swa me Higelac sie,
min mondrihten, modes blie),
˛Êt ic sweord bere o˛e sidne scyld,
geolorand to gu˛e, ac ic mid grape sceal
fon wi feonde ond ymb feorh sacan,
la wi la˛um; Êr gelyfan sceal
dryhtnes dome se ˛e hine dea nime.
Wen ic ˛Êt he wille, gif he wealdan mot,

I have heard that the monster
in his recklessness uses no weapons.
I, therefore, for Hygelac my lord,
scorn to carry sword or shield,
but I shall seize my enemy
in my hand grip and fight,
enemy against enemy,
and let God decide
who shall be taken by death.

It is reported that the 20-minute hero-as-villain song ëGrendelí by Marillion will be featured in the final episode, including the guitar hero part at the end.

After slaying a dragon, Beowulf names his successor with his last breath. CE becomes DT. After being hassled by her mum for going travelling with Jesus, Rose now gets Casanova.

ìNever listen to gossip, Duckie.î

(Julian & Sandy, Round the Horne, Chapter 15, Verse 33)

I really must get out less.

Wait a minute. Bad wolf, multi-meglo-media-Murdoch-mania-manipulationofhumanity bymalevolentforces, Grendel, Supperís Ready, Foxtrot, red dress, fox head?? Bad Wolf = a large Fox = FOX!!

Thoughts :
When the voice says, I am the god of all Daleks, why does everyone look up to the ceiling, look at the end of the clip?
In Episode 6, there is a brief news article and the TV shows Channel + and reports the solar flares”, then she says, and over on the Bad Wolf TV” and the screen shows “Face of Boe Expecting Baby Boemina”?? I’ve not seen this anywhere before?

on the bad wolf website in the clues section there is some music to listen to that supposedly have hints in them.
the first song is about a little girl hiding from the big bad wolf.
the second song is just about the “whos afraid of the big bad wolf” it.
the third song and probably the most meaningful is about an imposter ie. “whos been sleeping in my bed” etc.
the fourth song is french, but about halfway through the song theres an interference with a strange voice, this goes on till the end of the song. the only bits i can understand are,
“my life destroyed” (maybe reffering to the doctor),
“invisible world” (the dalek fleet),
“crimson skies” (the time war)
when RTD was last asked about the bad wolf he hinted that he/she/it hasn¥t been revealed yet. this could mean two things
1. we haven¥t seen this person/thing yet and on saturday we realy will see him/she/it for the first time
or (my personal belief)
2. when RTD says we haven¥t seen him yet he means that we haven¥t seen his true face yet. somebody is pretending to be something they¥re not. they¥ve been hiding their true identity.
My Canditates are:
the doctor and jack

Im wondering if Adam Hendine isn’t a pseudonym. He hinted at this in this posting :
Let’s face it, if anyone from the show planned to Really Try Divulging information on a board like this, they’d certainly use A HIDDEN NAME
→ Posted by: Adam Hendine at June 14, 2005 05:22 PM
Also, “Really Try Divulging” contains unnecessary capitalisation ? Just so happens to be the initials of Russell T Davies
Or it could be someone trying to be clever……

Continuation from above…..
“Adam Hendine” being an anagram of “A Hidden Name”

well hendine is not listed as a surname in the US or Aussie whitepages anyways…
aghagha i’m really confused about all these theories…
all i can say is… common saturday!!!!

Hey! I think its a bit mean that CE and billypiper got told off by the site owner! They were only having a joke, and anybody who belived it is very gullible!
BTW why is Mondo Dynamo allowed to post an ADULT link and he doesnt get told off? You need to get your priorities right!!

All this about Adam having 200000 years worth of data isn’t possible anyway
If you remember back, he only ever acted as a conduit for the information – he sent it to his answerphone along with a message “Don’t delete this – I can read it.”
Of course, that answerphone was later destroyed by the doctor. So Adam doesn’t have access to that information anymore.
And even if he did, the information itself would only be about the human empire. You’re not going to find dalek schematics, details of the history between the doctor and the daleks, or details about the time war either.
So I think it’s definately safe to rule out Adam now. He has nothing to work with.

I agree with James MacDaniel, posting links to sites that contain porn on a page like this should not be allowed kids are gonna be on here and will inevitably look.

hi have you heard about peggie and graham in doctor who the plot is still brewing rite me a note if you have any comments bye 4 now . dean

The peggy and graham factor clues in doctor who(last episode),ppl still dont know the clues yet,Lee and dean,im glad you know about bad wolf and graham and peggy.

hi ive heard about the graham and peggy story i hope you all have 2 its gonna be so cool if you have any questions e-mail me or text me on:07909552092 this doctor who is gonna be so cool if you wanna find out who bad wold is text me or e-mal me bye 4 now ….paul

Hey don’t start tearing down my name- it’s not my fault what mum and dad called me.
Anyway, it’s also an anagram of “Mine Head-DNA” which is obviously nonsense and “Dianne had me” which is gloriously preposterous.
Personally I’m just desperate to see what the real storyline is, though the theories on here will almost certainly be better than the reality! More of them for a start.
Oh, and “Hunter of the Remove”, can I just say how bona it was to vada the quote from Jule and Sand, that takes me right back. Fabulosa!

just noticed something on on the german bomb in “the empty child” it says
“schlechter wolf”
now this doesn¥t actually mean bad, as in evil (bad wolf) but more of an “awful” or “dreadfull” bad.
either this is pore translating by the bbc, or its a nother clue.
probably just c*** translator though.

hi peeps iv’e herd about peggie and graham how cool this episode is gonna be the best ever bye 4 now i cant belive the master dalek is bad wolf bye 4 now cya l8r bye
from moureen

Hi people,i agree with you guys,ive heard alot about peggy and graham in the LAST doctor who ep on sat,by the way i havefound another clue,b4 the doctor DIES,you hear bad wolf in the background tlking about graham and the biscuit,email your clues to

check out
quote: “So, anyway. Saved the world last week, thanks.
And how’re you supposed to feel when you’ve done that? Pretty gutted, actually.
I can’t go on waiting for her to turn up. I can’t go on waiting for Rose. I can’t go on doing this. Sorry”.
that doesn¥t sound like the doctor, it sounds more like mickey

The “who is dr who” site is supposed to be Mickey’s work – his own blog of his encounters with “Doctor Death”

I was looking through the Who is dr who site and came accross this
The best thing about the internet is that it doesn’t just contain pictures of Jordan, but lots of other stuff.
There’s very little about “Schlechter Wolf” bombs, for example. That alone is interesting – there should be something about everything on the internet. If there isn’t – well, I’m drawing my conclusions.
But, after a bit of careful digging around, I found a grainy picture or two, and a few nuggests. These bombs appear to have been used during raids on London up until early 1942. They rarely exploded – early theories were that they were “a bit rubbish”, but a few people wondered if something more clever was going on. After all – why bother blowing up a few buildings when you can poison the water supply?
All this chat about chemical weapons meant that people got very worred – had a poke inside some, found nothing, and either lost interest, or became even more worried.
What if they are Hitler’s final weapon?
Maybe bad wolf is nothing except to get people curious, maybe distract them from something else ?

Hm. What if the Bad wolf was the Doctor himself. It seems to me that in the time war the doctor made a decision to anihilate the Dalek race once and for all probably knowing that it might also mean the end of the Timelords. The doctor usually has a back up plan just incase such things go wrong just so that such finalities may not have to be final. Fiddling with peoples memories/minds perhaps even his own so that the consequences of his decision could only be altered in an absolute emergency. Captain jacks memory lost? Last timelord alive? (“I’m alone because it feels loke theres noone else. Up here I would know”). If I were to wipe out two of the most prominent and important races in the universe, I would have to erase my own memory of it and hinder my understanding of what had happened just to make sure that it really would be final.

however I might need my memory of the situation at some point in the future in case the decision went absolutely wrong and wasn’t as final as I had intended. Bad wolf may well be a message that the doctor has sent to himself to try and jog his own memory or to rehabilitate his understanding of what happened in the time war in order to be able to fight the daleks again/bring back the timelords if it were necesary at some future point. The tardis and maybe a few other survivors or observers of the time war could be helping him by sticking up the words Bad wolf everywhere so as to interfere as little as possible with the normal passage of time (sound familiar?).We now know that the Daleks have survived the time war perhaps Bad wolf is the only means of helping the Timelords to come back. What dya fink?

can i just say, that as an all new fan to the series, id say that all conjecture over old villians, recurring nemesis etc, is maybe a bit indulgent. whilst old fans would love to see the return of the master or davros, don’t you think that this would alienate new fans. taking into consideration that the series was cancelled as it had became a series ‘by fans for fans’?just a thought

I guess I havent been paying attention, can someone tell me in which episodes and scenes the watcher appears in the new series?

Der Martin I LOVE that theory about Bad Wolf being a clue to the Doctor’s own memory! Amazing, I applaude you **applause**

As far as I am aware the Watcher was listed on along with davros, I believe that has now been changed and neither of them are now listed. A red herring or a simple mistake, we shall find out on Saturday.

Looks like a bad picture of some sailor if you ask me, never noticed that before. Any ideas anyone?

I have to agree it is not the Doctor, and it aint Tennant either. So who is who? (Sorry could not resist!)

Could Bad Wolf be the Dalek we all thought destroyed itself. It could have jumped into the future instead to start its own creation of Daleks in the future out of the humans transported to the mothership. Wouldn’t be all alone and a one-off then

Can I say that BAD WOLF is clearly ‘Mary’-evictee
of the Big Brother6 house.
Shes a witch.She endlessly talked of alien abduction.
She left the house just before the episode was shown.
Its clear to me……
Alternatively its Jake Shears of The Scissor sisters,preparing to resurect Billie piper`s pop career.

Or!! You could participate properly and add something constructive to the discussion!!
Gerrad, I said that so I think you’re right.

Matt, just had a butchers too. It is CE, only with slightly longer hair. Who did you think it was then, if it’s not the Doctor? But I recon it is.
I know I’ve posted this before (somewhere) but I can see RTD leaving a massive cliffhanger on Saturday, to ensure audiences for the next series. However I take der Martin’s theory onboard, it certainly would make sense, considering that the Doctor looked genuinely confused in Boom Town when he recognised ‘Bad Wolf’ in Welsh. He’d seen it before but couldn’t remember when or why. Mmmmm…

I wish I had recorded the first episode. There was something strange in the way the guy put the bin out which engulfed Mickey and turned him into an auton, but I can remember the words on the sign in front of the house. It just seemed too abstract and the guy looked dubious. I keep thinking that there is a clue in that scene.

Whoops 2 matts! I’m talking about passes not big bro etc 😉 So I’ll moniker as Matt S

OK hmmm Well perhaps it IS CE (although why longer hair? and when did UNIT get a photo…?)
I dunno it doesn’t look like him to me – and I thought I’d seen the pic somewhere in this series but I couldn’t place where….
oh well 🙂 nice try as they say, I thought for a moment I’d found a clue :))

I like the idea of the doctor wiping his own memory but I dont see it hapenning.
What if it is the voices of the Timelords somehow guiding the way he thinks and does.

The pass pic looks like part of the title sequence where he’s running with soldiers behind him.

Abstract thought, and I’m probably just confusing the issue, but when Van Statten was taken away at the end of episode 6, the woman said erase his memory and put him somewhere beginning with “S”. What about Skaro?……

The pass pic is the doctor and it is Ce and it has number 9 on the front which might be indicating hes the ninth doctor

Quite obviously the daleks were not wiped out in the ‘Last’ Time War. By implication, the timelords and Gallifrey also possibly survived.
I think Bad Wolf is beyond our limited knowledge. It will travel with us into the next series and with the 10th Doctor.
With the Time Lord’s history Bad Wolf could be something to do with their darker past…

Timelords dark side…..Rassilon (sp) (will his true identity open up a can of worms as intimated in some of the “older” episodes?).

is this a red herring ? on the bad wolf website at the start of the front page the song in the bakground it sounds like the tardis over the music

The press screenings took place today, in three different rooms. Guess what? The press have been played three different endings!
I’ll post them on my site once I have them, however, I can’t promise to pick out which one is correct (although I am pretty sure which it is).
To put some of you out of your misery – The Face of Boe makes no appearance at all (told you so). Mickey has nothing to do with it, neither does Jackie.
The whole thing is pretty straightforward.
The Master is in one ending – this is the fan boys wet dream ending!
Davros is in one ending
Like I said, I’ll post a precis of each episode on my site once I have typed them all up.
Of course, it is possible that the press screenings were still just a hoax.

I’m under 18 soo i cantgo on ur website mondo can u send it 2 me ?
I also think that it probably is a hoax i bet they have done 4 endings and the one they havnt shown is the one on saturday. because they know that the sun will give away details of the episode

I don’t believe any of the press screenings – they are there to whip up a frenzy and get all of us watching (as if we need encouragement).
Have been thinking today: I have previously dismissed Adam as I thought he was a red-herring. I still think the doc is bad wolf. But at the end of one episode, the doc makes a kid wipe the “bad wolf” graffitti off the tardis. Given Dalek is set in 2012 – couldn’t this young kid have been Adam? Perhaps he has comunicated with his younger self and encouraged him to warn rose that the dr is the bad wolf.

I was thinking that the “bad wolf” was the dalek in episode 6 of the new series and very much agree with what was said earlier about the dalek going into the future to make a new race of daleks. For the “older” fans you should no that davros is well known for his escapes and always manages to use a escape pod somehow to escape the doctor. Maybe that dalek helped davros create some new daleks. At the end of Bad wolf last saturday in the “next time on doctor who” the doctor asks how did you survive the time war and a voice i reconised as the dalek in ep 6 spoke “they survived threw me”. This also links back to when that dalek said that the daleks would ive on threw him. So wot do you think???

how many things are red herrings then/ is it possible that CE departing the series is another? as a new fan, i need some help or assistance here, but in fathers day, did the doctor reappear from nowhere after his ‘death’

i dont know if this has alreaady been mentiond but, couldnt jackie tyler be this “bad wolf”
rose has definetly seen her before and she has seen some of these creatures from other planets. could she not want revenge for the doctor taking rose away?
i also like the adam idea.

without knowing the back story of who, could someone tell me if the series runs on a timeline or contradicts itself frquently, where is davros in current continuity, and is adam being davros not a possibilit?. cos i think it sounds pretty cool.surely bruno langley who plays adam wouldnt have left coronation st for a bit part in who. this lends me to think that his role will be important on saturday.

I think the Davros/Adam thing is a possibility but I’ve always been intrigued as to why the Doctor calls Mickey, Ricky. At one point he even said something like ‘No, its Ricky’. But hey, that’s probably nothing!
I still maintain that we are NOT going to find out who or what ‘Bad Wolf’ is on Saturday – that’s too neat and there’s got to be some sort of cliffhanger…
I’m inclined to go along the lines of the Tardis being Bad Wolf however, simply because of the comment about the ‘big bad wolf’ being in Rose’s head and doesn’t the Tardis get inside your head?

Well Davros was last seen escaping the Hand of Omega as it destroyed His Ship and Skaro…
Adam is from earth and Davros is fron Skaro a few thousand years apart.

Mercy I think tahts just the doctors sence of humor..he use to call ian chesterton chesterfield and the Valeyard Nakers yard..grave yard etc…

i agreee. i think to make adam davros would really be nod to older viewers whilst not landing new ones with a ton of continuity to deal with, as this would deal with davros starting point for all fans,
do u think him saying ricky instead of mickey is the doctor having a slight glitch in a ‘reprogrammed’ timeline?

Has anyone taken into consideration the Face of Boe? I think it is somehow connected, as it has either been seen or referred to in several episodes. We know it is extremely old, and when Rose named it in the Weakest Link game, Anne Droid paused. The Face could also turn out to be someone else–a disguise of some sort. Also, on the Bad Wolf site, Beowulf is mentioned among the ancient references to wolves in Earth lore. Beo/Boe…?

you may disagree but i believe bad wolf is rose which is why the daleks kidnapped her. that is not a warning on the site (i belive!) i believe it is when the doctor tells rose she is the “bad wolf”. though she may not be bad this “bad wolf” could be protecting the doctor through rose!

The only way that would work if it was because the last dalek had her dna and had mutated in to a human hybrid…

Rose as bad wolf…she recreated the daleks? Istill go with the time loop idea myself..

Come on guys, think outside the box. It can’t be Rose – just think about all those Red Riding Hood references…
I think we’re in for a shock.But not one that’s complete..

What of the Gelf? Is there a link between the Rift and Bad Wolf? What about the energy surge from the Tardis?

Sorry gtopz – I mean not complete by carrying over the Bad Wolf to the 10th doctor. Its surely a Nemesis and part of the cliffhanger attraction is to never fully reveal its identity…

i did read somewhere thatRTD said this would be the biggest evercliffhanger in british tv history (dunno how hard that would be, i wait with baited breath for the conclusion of crime traveller).
i see what you mean though. i think that the aim to keep the new series continuity free would be enriched by an adam/davros event. a character whom the audience has enough knowledge of would be a fine pay off. whereas the master would be a puzzling ‘reveal’ for most viewers, davros/adam would then continue into the xmas special, which presumably sees the end of the daleks.again.

Skaro= the home planet of the daleks…..
u no wen Van statten internet guy has his memory wiped that lady says put him sumwhere with a s how about skar? how wud she no that???

bit of a coincedence that she chooses skaro as it is the daleks home planet and they had a dalek in captivitey……

Possibly. But knowing the Beeb, could be a red herring…
Does anyone know/care about Jack?

hi mercy, i dont think jack will die for a couple of reasons
with the departure of CE and billie next season i think for jack to die too may make the next season to ‘alien’.
he is a cool recurring character, and would be nice to see him threaded through future seasons, reacting to different doctors and assistants.
he also adds another facet to the universe of characters the series is kill him would scale down the foundations of how big the universe these characters inhabit is.
as an aside, thats why i think that mention of the FOB etc adds to this potential vastness. to tie together a lot of characters with the season finale leaves the series less places to go next year.

has any1 seen the new doctor who teaser on the bbc. it looks like the tardis is goin 2 be hit by missiles.

The only reason I can see the humans aren’t being killed on the game show is that they can be mutated into Daleks. Which would probably take 100years for them to build up into the masses they have become.
It just puzzles me why they didn’t kill the Doctor when they had the chance. They seemed to just want to keep him out of it rather than killing him. Maybe a clue

That depends. On whether the T.A.R.D.I.S is indestructable or not.
Would be great to see loads of smoke and a big explosion….and then out of it, the T.A.R.D.I.S comes speeding through.

i now think that its the doctor cos think at the first doctor who it didnt show us how he regenerated
and in the ninth doctor the master got stuck in the i think that becouse the master can change his appearance , i think he is pretending to be the doctor and when everyone has asked him who he is he does nt say and i think jack is a time lord from gallifrey and he is hiding alot he seems to have more knoledge than the doctor thats what i think

Yes I think there’s definitely more to Jack than meets the eye…and we’ve seen quite a lot already…!!!
I just feel Bad Wolf is more than one person or thing…it is a controlling force in the universe. Gallifrey? Reconstructed by the daleks?

If the tardis is indestructable and it say has a forcefield or sumthin around it and the missiles bounce bak and hit the dalek ship that would be cool but unlikely.

Gallifrey as Bad Wolf….I think that’s a little far out. It would result in the same issue as The Master being Bad Wolf. Alienating the new fans. Also, wouldn’t that undermine like 40 years of Dr. Who? Lol

Ok, the news from the press screenings is in. I’ve outlined everything that happens in all 3 screenings (yes, there were three slightly different versions) on my site.

again, as a newcomer, but as a sci-fi fan, i think it would be brilliant if it had been the master all along, or davros, or anything that ties to old great storylines. Surely though, logic would dictate that, a series with a real emphasis on new viewers (and probably not sci-fi fans, cos lets be honest, EVERY sci fi fan in the UK will watch who regardless) will not have a tie in to who history, especially a part regarded as controversially.

I agree. From the same point of view as gtopz, I think it would be great to see an old villain but i just can’t imagine it. Imagine the sharp intake of breath that all older Who fans would have as the Master came onto screen….the younger generation would be thinking “Who the hell is that!?” That’s why I just can’t see The Master or Davros or anyone like that re-emerging as Bad Wolf.

For eevryone asking about the pic on the UNIT website, its an old picture of CE, search on google images for CE and you’ll find it. It was just mocked up for teh website and they obviously only had access to that headshot and made it quickly. Its not an imposter or a clue, it really is CE!

thanks odin.
its just puzzling to think what angle RTD will come from. you can introduce adam as davros in a way that wouldnt deal with the fact he existed before this series, maybe this is his beginning, even for the original series. dunno how accurate that would be. so younger fans would love a mutated psycho adam now davros. and to be honest, while it may not gel with continuity, the fanboys would be happy just to see davros again.
or simply a new villain, called badwolf.RTD saying that this series will stand on its own, without rehashing old villains. anyway it goes, i’m loving it.

Non-spoilery news from tonight’s BAFTA screening of final episode and ensuing Russell T Davies Q&A session, if anyone cares:
Xmas episode will be called “The Christmas Invasion”.
There will be another Xmas episode in 2006 (after series two).
Series Three has officially been commissioned (even Davies’ boyfriend and agent didn’t know until tonight!).
Billie Piper has signed on for the whole of series two but not, as yet, series three.
That is all.
PS Yay!

ok just been watching “Boom town” over to see if there are any more clues and i think we’ve all missed one of the biggest hints of the series!
If anyone has mentioned this before and I’ve just missed it appologies but i have to put this out there just in case.
Basically when margret enters the tardis shesays “This is the technology of the gods”
The dr answers “Don’t worship me I’d make a terrible god…”
Then throughout the whole date thing it comes up again that he is acting as a god. It only struck a cord when i heard the teaser with the “I am the god of the daleks.” and the daleks saying “worship him worship him.” Might be unrelated but just thought there might be more significance what does everyone think?”
This was orignally from sarah harper but she got me 2 pass it on

Bad Wolf is bound to be something connected with the series. Russell T Davis has written the thing so well and the one common stand is he’s connected it with other episodes.
It could well be the Master, which would explain why he re-introduced the heart of the Tardis in Boom town to give it some pre-introduction.
But I agree with Odin.It would confused the hell out of the younger generation for some bloke in a goatie to just pop up.

just wondering. if the ray things in ‘bad wolf’ teleport people, why was there a pile of dudt lest behind when the anne-droid zapper rose? whe jack shot lynda,with a y, there was no dudt left there….

Mondo has posted the press screenings on his site, No Adam (thank goodness, that would have been crap!), no Face of Boe, just good old fashioned Dr. Who fun. He says there are 3 screenings and everyone of them sounds pretty good, especially the one with The Master in it!

I was impressed by the suggestion that Bad Wolf might be a message sent by the Doctor to his future self, a la some Star Trek episode or other which I canít remember, although I do vaguely recall something along the lines of:
ìWho told you that?î
ìYou did!î
Perhaps Iím thinking of ìNo fate but what we makeî. (T2)
I will be recording a novelty Christmas record: ìBad Wolves in the Nightî, to the tune of ìStrangers in the Nightî:
ìSomething in my heart ñ told me I must have ewe..î

I can’t find the pic on the Unit site. And I also can’t find anything in the secure part except the missile targeting system. Is there more?
Mondo, what about Kevin Eldon? Was he in any of the alternative endings?

Hmmm..yes you’re right about new fans going ‘who the hell is that?’
So what about the Gelf? and the Rift? Does anyone think there’s a connection?

Robbie, another excellent point. I was so sure it was the Dalek from Ep. 6 and everyone is confusing me now!!

If the 3rd ending is the real ending that would be a brilliant cliffhanger for the christmas episode

No. Just no. It wouldn’t fit in with his character – being prepared to sacrifice his life with that bomb, his anger at Anne Droid when he thought Rose was dead….its just not Master-like behaviour…
Is it?

I dont wanna ruin it 4 ppl but on the 3rd endin jak says ” i am the master ” but i think hes havin a jk with them

Servalan – enter badwolf as the password on the unit site and that will take you to a number of pages, including the one with the picture

this whole bad wolf thing is realy confusin me… i am one of the younger generation who have only seen this 1st series, and could someone please tell me what ideas everyone has come up with so far…?

Hey Chunky – go back a few days and read the whole thing!! I only discovered this today cos I twisted my knee and couldn’t work today! Was meant to be writing school reports but er..I found this…
I’ve got to say, for me, who used to hide behind the sofa at the theme tune when I was little, to having a HUGE crush on Peter Davison, this regenerated series has had me absolutely obsessed…just wish CE was not leaving.. does anyone else agree that this is the best thing on tv at the moment?

If you go to the Winning Geocomtex Essay on the “Who is Doctor Who” fake site, the winning essayist writes about how he would like to be a best friend to aliens, perhaps even a god protecting them. The essayist is Adam Mitchell.

Yes Welles that is interesting…
and a bit scary…all that ‘sharing’ stuff and how we shouldn’t be that scared of them. Thats the stuff of Satellite 5 type of propaganda…
However, he’s not in any of the 3 endings is he?

the 1 problem with adam grafittin bad wolf on the tardis is that he lives in nottingham not london.

You know, the more I shudder at the idea of the gorgeous Capn Jack being evil…
the more I think its likely…

this new dr who is ace… i remember my parents trying to get me to watch the old stuff but i wasnt at all interested…. now i am completely obsessed on trying to find out what (or who) bad wolf is…lol
i just cant wait to see the final episode of the season

Thanks, Nina! Very interesting.
I almost feel sorry for the Big Brother contestants. The poor things are missing all of this.

The one that has annoyed me with the series was that there was only 1 episode a week.

If one of the versions is correct, it has to be version 3. It adds up that Rose is the Red Riding Hood figure and the Doctor is the Bad Wolf especially as he ‘created’ the situation on earth 100years before on satellite 5…
It fits with new fans like Chunky to have the lone Dalek back as the Emperor…and as I’ve said, I’m coming around to the idea of Jack as the Master

Oh yea sorry I’m Back peeps! MONDO..thanks for the insight very good but could there have been a fourth one?

How about two of the stories being in one.I meen th2nd and 3rd version..have another look and see what i meen….

H ementiond one of the endings that were shot..but as it’s mentiond by others it’s ok..If you don’t know Mondo Has them on his have to be over 18 to see it

O sorry – get it now!! Doh! Think the painkillers are getting to me – that and reports!!!
Sorry – sack me for spoiling…

By the way, you lot probably knew this but I’ve just discovered that the real Sat 5 provides visible and infrared images of cloud cover, snow and ice and the sea surface and gathers information on the vertical structure of temperature and moisture in the atmosphere.
So now you know.

Has anyone told the other Dr. Who forums about Mondo’s site? They could maybe find out which one of the endings is the most accurate.

if it is the 2nd ending i hope jack would be in the next series and not get killed off in the christmas special.

Yea Robbie i see what you meen..i like that as well…Like i said before it will be spread over the Sun tomorrow…that’s why i recon there might be a fourth ending..It’s also good that one of them dose mention a time loop of a kind though not like i thought..ah well i’ll use thet in a book perhaps!

mercy you on the painkillers as well? I know how you feel! I don’t think anyone has done that Abi if you want to go for it!!
I like Jack as well Robbie..i think the doctor and jack are a good comedy act..abit like the doctor and you know WHO!

this has got nothin 2 do with who the bad wolf is.u know the bit in boom town where mickey comes in the tardis its a good comedy act them 3 rose the doctor and jak

I am impressed that the dalek ships look like the ones from the old TV 21 cartoon and like the ones in the CGI up date added on the bbc dalek invasion of earth dvd! Sweet

Yeah – painkillers for knee. And going to bed now. If I don’t dream about all this it’ll be a miracle…still, a few dreams about a certain Capn wouldnt go amiss…!!!
Goodnite fellow Who-ies x

I must go too Night all and remember “go forward with all your beliefs, and prove to me that i’m not mistaken in mine!”

Will Deamack, Robbie or any of the regulars stop my tears and think of a way the Daleks could return? or at least tell me they will and back it up with evidence? they cant go like that! they made Dr Who – please gentleman, your ideas please?
(Btw ive also seen the press release – i wont spoil it either 😉 )

The Daleks will be back. Its easy. They have a base on station 5, they have all of their ships and their units just need some sort of fresh DNA strand to kick start them again.
Adam could do it. The Master could do it.
And most importantly of all, Davros isn’t connected to the new hive so he isn’t taken down with the rest. He survives. The screenings don’t make this clear, but he isn’t part of the new Dalek hive, he runs it, along with the new Emperor, but he is not connected. Therefore, if the version with Davros in it is the correct one, this is an easy way back for the Daleks – Davros just starts again.

Yeah thats a good point Mondo – all that worries me is RTD sayin “with what happens next week it would be difficult for the Daleks to return”…or would you suggest he is always misleading like that? I can see where your coming from though – i guess no one will know what happens once the TARDIS departs in Ep 13 – is that also what your getting at?

It could be said that it was difficult for the Daleks to return this time round! They were presumed wiped out in the time war but still we are here, looking forward to seeing them swarm out of their ships.
If they came back from that, they can come back again. Plus, Davros could very easily be involved. And all the time he is around the Daleks can make a return.
They won’t be wiped out 100% forever. Put yourself in the BBCs shoes. They know they have a winner on their hands, they are not going to let the number one bad guy be destroyed forevever.
Don’t worry – there is always a way back in Sci-Fi!

I’ve got it.
And folks wonder why the show isn’t airing here in the States.

ëthe obvious phrase is; “who’s afraid of the big bad wolf?”í
Perhaps it is Fear Itself?
It is taking on a life of its own as with regard to something which does not seem quite right, but you canít prove it. Hopefully this will not be dispelled on Saturday when it turns out to be Doctor Fu Man Chou N. Ginsberg MA (failed).
On May 18, 1965, the Daily Mail carried a ten-line paragraph with the headline ‘Double meaning’. Without a hint of irony it reported: ‘The BBC has called the attention of the cast of the Light Programme series Round The Horne about words capable of double meaning. A spokesman for the Corporation said, “There have been complaints and we ourselves have noted a tendency towards a play on words capable of double meaning.” ‘ The producers were instructed by the BBC to cut out double entendres as these were said to be giving offence to some listeners of the Light Programme.
In a subsequent episode there followed a scene in which Kenneth Williams, while playing the fiendish Japanese mastermind Chou N. Ginsberg MA (failed) – or was it J. Peasmold Gruntfuttock, the strangle-voiced Archbishop of Hoxton? – feigned to run out of patience with the inadequacy of the script and began a faux ad lib about how this work was undermining the integrity of an artiste of his high calibre.
‘I shouldn’t be doing this rubbish,’ Williams shrieked. ‘I’m a star. I dun films. I dun Shakespeare. I dun Bottom. They all want my Bottom. Producers all over the West End want my Bottom. Audiences want my Bottom. They’re clamouring for my Bottom. But they can’t ‘ave my Bottom because I’m here doin’ this rubbish.
The world,’ he brayed like a donkey, ‘is crying out for my Bottom but it can’t ‘ave it.’ This outburst, with much emphasis on the word Bottom, was accompanied with a full range of visual theatrical tricks: the prissy, pursed mouth, the mask of mock outrage, the flaring nostrils, the quivering crescendos, the Queen-like indignation and the haughty camp mince from the stand-up microphone in the Paris Studio in Lower Regent Street to his chair beside the brown-coated sound effects man, while the studio audience howled with incontinent laughter.
After this there were further gags from Jules and Sandy, the two ‘resting’ gay chorus boys who ran the domestic help agency Rentachaps, about ‘ sucking a Fisherman’s Friend’ to cure a cold and even urbane anchor man Kenneth Horne, the Horne of Round The Horne, appeared to be infected with this impudent coded V-sign to the panjandrums of BBC dictat when he introduced the show by announcing: ‘The other night I was fiddling with my nine-inch Bakelite Bush when…’ Smut. Filth. Innuendo. What untold dirt was lurking in the shadows here?
Havenít had this much fun since the night the ironing board was bent in two.
Kenneth Williams can be seen in “The Little Hut” in Leicester Square

Is it just me or is the Daleks saying “worship him, worship him!” and hiding very un-Dalek like?
I have never heard of a Dalek hiding from anyone or anything before.
This would again lead me to suspect that the Dalek from Ep.6 has used Rose’s DNA to create Daleks that can actually think about more than simple extermination. Or alternatively a human has created more Daleks….

Has anyone considered that possibly Bad Wolf refers to the Doctor, and not any mysterious masked villain?
1. Gwyneth (the psychic girl) had indicated Rose had met the Bad Wolf already, yet as that is in episode 3, there is really only a finite number of possibilities. Of the people possible, we can narrow it down as being someone recurring to the series:
– The Doctor
– The Face of Boe
– Mickey (unlikely)
– Rose’s Mom (very unlikely)
2. The “Bad Wolf” appearances seem to me to indicate they are labelling the Doctor. Look to:
– The spraypainting on the TARDIS
– The Blaidd Drwg banner that only the Doctor notices
– The Bad Wolf corporation is controlled by the Doctor’s mortal enemies
– Gwyneth reffered to whomever Rose had encountered as the Big Bad Wolf
An alternate theory of mine is perhaps that the TARDIS itself has manufactured these events. I can elaborate on that later though I suppose. 😉

Knee still playing up – am off work again but with even more painkillers, Deamack…
I wonder if Mondo is right about Davros..
Chris, have you checked out Mondo’s website?

I think this discussion forum has gone into creative meltdown, with participants being more concerned to play bluff & double bluff mindgames with one another rather than actually consider the matter at hand.
Really, that’s disappointing.
The interesting investigative fanboy/girl/other spirit that this started out with has just turned into repetitive terminal discussions that go over the same points ad nauseum.
Thank goodness for Hunter of the Remove who I’m sure is far closer to the truth than anyone with his bona theories and his elegant savoir faire (that’s your actual french you know).
Personally I think the Bad Wolf is Bonnie Langford’s character Mel. Terrifying.

RTD has just been on Breakfast news on BBC1. They show a preview of Saturday’s episode… The Daleks try to kill the Doctor as he comes out of his Tardis, but their weapons don’t work. The Doc says “so how does it feel to experience fear? You have human DNA down inside you somewhere”, (or something like that). He then says that the Daleks fear him and says “Do you know what they call me through time?” (on other planets or someting like that – I was so shocked I didn’t write it all down so excuse the woolliness) “They call me ‘The oncoming storm'” and then he says “how did you survive the Time War?” turns around to face the Dalek voice that says, “They survived through me” and looks up. Well, it’s pretty certain that they have Roses DNA but I think that they have been re-created by Adam going on the look on CE’s face. I could be wrong, but it’s definately nothing to do with Jack!
Wasn’t expecting to see that at 9am this morning!

By the way I forgot to mention that RTD says that Billie Piper is in all 14 episodes of the new series, which starts filming in 5 weeks time. So eat it Gadge!

Oh and furthermore, he would not disclose anything about the Bad Wolf theme when Natasha Kaplinski questioned him about it. The sh*it that he is. God! he must be making a killing out of this! Wish I had his bank ballance!

Also the bbc website has confirmed as mentioned that Billie is in all of season 2, but also that series three has been comissioned. Christmass has come early!

I dont believe the Daleks are a killing machine anymore, and just want to take over the human race to create more of themselves. In all the clips I’ve not seen a weopon fired from a Dalek yet.

Daleks not a killing machine…so how do you explain all the death in ‘Dalek’?
I just think RTD is a very clever salesman..

“To CE and billypiper, frankly shame on you – lying and taking advantage of people’s good nature and desire to believe that they’re talking to people from the Doctor Who series – you should be enormously embarrassed by the whole thing”
You should be ashamed for yourself for allowing a site that kids surf to have a link to an ADULT pornography link
I am going to keep posting until I get a answer from you – how can you justify telling off CE and billypiper when theres numerous people on this site – including a teacher advertsing a porn site!

todays clip has got the doctor on holy gram again saying if this is activated i have been ill fated or summing

I am the teacher and I apologise – I wasn’t really on the planet when I checked out the link as you may see – I got subtly told off by Deamack for advetising the spoilers…
I do agree with you and I am sorry I was a bit thick last night…I wouldn’t want my students on it thats for sure…

just watching 27×06 dalek when the dalek has got rose tiler in the bulk head he askes what is an emotion and then the dalek says if you will not say he says the wolf you bluff
is that a clue

Hi all. This is the first time I’ve posted here-I was just wondering if someone could e-mail me the possible endings too cos I’m under 18-thanks for ure help!

“Hello.New teeth. Now where were we?”
Tennant will be fantastic.
I’m definately with the adam theory.

Tom Coates, I have to say I love your site and this huge discussion on all the theories. I’ve stopped reading them all today, because I think the most interesting theories have already been posted. I am waiting impatiently for the episode on saturday now. And I would really like to come and dicuss it right after it’s been aired.
I’m from the Netherlands and I will watch this season again when it airs on the Dutch television in 2006.
And I hate not being able to watch BBC three, ‘cos the Confidential episodes on the website are in such low res. 🙁