What a strange episode of Doctor Who…

So without wanting to give too much away, did I just go nuts or did The Doctor just flirt outrageously with a group-sex-having, slutty, bisexual, American futurist space-rogue (and zoophile) and then invite said rogue to move into his travelling S&Mish trans-dimensional dance club with him and a teenage girl he picked up on Earth a few months before? I swear, this series gets better and better…

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Yes. I think I did too.
It’s a bit crap that there are only two episodes left though. Hope the new series isn’t too far away.

he definitely did something like that…
“he (the ‘ a group-sex-having, slutty, bisexual, American futurist space-rogue’) might want this dance…” said Rose
“yes”, said the Doctor, “but who with?” (with the Doctor and Rose being the only two potential partners…)
very odd contextually…
So, no, I don’t think any nuttyness you might be experiencing is anything to do with group-sex-having, slutty, bisexual, American futurist space-rogue characters on Dr Who… ๐Ÿ™‚

I guess this was the writer’s way of lifting the mood after last week’s frankly terrifying episode (I would have hidden behind the sofa, if only my sofa wasn’t pushed up against the wall).
Personally, I thought there was something fishy going on when the two of ’em started comparing their big sonic weapons. Missus.
Bet it’s revealed in a future episode that the little kid wanting its Mummy was actually the Doctor’s son from one of his earlier time-travelling shag-fests around the galaxy.

Actually there are three episodes left Natali :D. Next weeks with the slitheen (again?!) and then the final two parter – daleks anyone?

We’re just up to the second episode here is Australia but I already think its the best since those rose coloured Tom Baker episodes.
We really are very spoiled at the moment with old Dr Who episodes running Mon – Thur at 6pm then the new ones on Saturday night. Fantastic as the Dr would say.
What about the flirting with the tree creature in the second episode.

“Why not?
A truly fantastic episode – the glee on the Doctor’s face after the day was saved was wonderful – and I’m sad that he’s only going to be around for a few more episodesร–

No, Tom, you’re not going *mad*. It’s this damned crazy time we’re living in. Yes indeed. What next? Fucked-up burnt-out teen-popsluts masquerading as helpful intergalactic assistants?
Watch this (time)space(continuum)

sex with Who?
and knowing your robot sex tendencies (ah Citroen… by the way Tom, my wife says the dance the car does is from Thriller.. MJ) i bet you can’t wait for the cybermen; will they be ripped?

Rachel (TV) – you’ll also note that in ep#2 of Doctor Who 2005, Cassandra (the last human being alive etc.) was born a *man* in the Texas plains etc.
Who knows what happens to society’s mores in the 51st Century / 5 billion years from now? Will there be any sexual organs left? Will we procreate a la Barbarella? Tune in next week etc.

Sex in sci-fi is a great thing. Many thanks to Gene Roddenberry and the short skirts on Kirk’s Enterprise. Great minds know that spacefaring cultures are going to need a lot of booty to keep the psychology running smoothly.
A hint of things to come? —
In the first shots of 27×12/Bad Wolf, when the Doctor collapses on the floor outside the transmat booth, there’s a painting that says:
(Check it out, right there in the first minute of the show after “100 Years Later”.. the painting on the left)
I don’t have a single thing against all the male-centric innuendo, but I think next season we’ll get a little more “tittilation” of the feminine variety ๐Ÿ˜‰
Either that or “Mo Vaj” will begin appearing all over the universe next season to keep us predicting that the Movellans will return to the show…

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