Belaugh from the sky…

This may seem many months too late for other people to be interested, but I was roaming around Google Maps the other day and decided to try out their satellite imagery for the UK. Until a few days ago there had only been risable quality, super-long-distance photos of Britain – and if you zoomed in you got the standard grey squares that are more traditionally associated with sensitive parts of the US. Anyway, I typed in my parent’s postal code and came back with this startling image:

I’ve had to shrink it down a bit to get the full image to fit. You can see the original picture here though: Belaugh on Google Maps. Frankly, it’s stunning. I always knew that my parents’ village was situated in a little bend in the river. I’ve written about the village a couple of times in the past: Factfile: Belaugh, Norfolk is the best summary I’ve got. But I’ve never really been able to visualise it, and maps of the area are incredibly spotty and ill-focused. But suddenly I get to see the whole village from an entirely unexpected angle – I can see the farm nestled in the bend itself. I can see the ‘Unsuitable for Motors’ road and how secluded the village is – no one ever needs to drive through it on the way anywhere… And when I zoom in still further, I can see my parents house, and the river where I used to go canoeing and the church with the hidden passage. Yay, Google. Nostalgia, information, context and perspective – showing me things I never could have seen alone. Wow.

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Wow, that’s pretty impressive. I’d not bothered with it recently because of the quality issues, but that looks like an enormous improvement…
Interesting looking place to grow up, too.

Have you played with Google Earth yet? It’s simply amazing. Does everything that Google Maps does, plus about a million other cool (and useless, but still cool) things.
I would put a link here, but your strict comment rules have forbid me 🙁

I’m amazed to see my car on my drive when I look up my postcard.
I’ll say it again — I CAN SEE MY CAR. ON MY DRIVE.
Not to mention how unbelievably helpful Google Maps has been while hunting for accommodation on the other side of the world. It’s an utterly wonderful tool.

Yay for growing up in a village in Norfolk. I can’t imagine not being inspired to great things by the stultifying dullness of the surroundings. Although great things are still waiting to come from me…

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