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I’m with you on the spam arms race, Tom. Gaming of systems will always exist and people will always try to combat that gaming by creating better systems.
But saying “switch to a different CMS” is only useful up to a point. Once that CMS becomes more widespread, and more heavily targeted by spammers, it’s time to switch to another one. Even if your system is more secure than another one, it’s still not going to be 100% secure forever.
Some people will deal with the tiresome daily grind, but this will only stop if we work out a way to re-wire the web. How can we make the process of spamming fundamentally more difficult: too futile, too expensive or too complex to bother trying in the first place?
That’s the question I think *someone* needs to answer to get out of this arms race.

By that argument, anything that drives up the cost of spamming will improve the overall situation. Someone actually has to bother to do the work, though, and others actually have to participate, either by choice, or by force. Unfortunately spam isn’t going to go away all by itself.

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