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FWIW, I think it’s possible that there’s at least one red herring in there. The splendid adherents of the repeated meme who’ve been posting to my blog have pointed out two things (described in very circuitous, spoiler-free ways for those who don’t want to follow your link):
1. The actor with the musical surname has never appeared in anything else. His name is also the nickname for the Welsh national anthem. A pseudonym, then, perhaps?
2. The other actor — who IMDb reports as playing a returning character — has a surname derived from “wolf”, based on language from the time period described by his forename (information that’s available from the Beowulf link on the Beeb’s Bad Wolf site, Another red herring/Bad Wolf reference, maybe?

You’re referring, no doubt, to the fact that the Doctor will (at long, long last) apparently be getting the full “What Not To Wear” treatment, right?
Or should I be looking below the June 11th episode?

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