The servers are on overdrive…

I’m getting a bit of an influx of people coming to right now because they’ve just watched the (really rather good) Boom Town episode of Doctor Who and for the first time they’ve heard the words “Bad Wolf” uttered out loud. And quite reasonably, they now all want to know what the hell is going on… For some reason this little post of mine is high on search results for Bad Wolf. So to try and be helpful, I’ve added some resources for people looking for a next step. If you know anything that people should know about (or if you have any theories of your own), then you should go and post some comments so that everyone gets to see them.

While I’m on the subject – What an episode! It was well-directed, had lots of intrigue and lots of plot arc advancement. A real character piece which – not for the first time – contained a good bit of flirting and dubious sexual intrigue. Very classy. Very cool. Just a little bit slutty.