In which Odeo launches…

I’m in the middle of writing a much longer post on the subject, but in the meantime I thought I’d just point people towards Odeo which launched yesterday. If you’re interested in podcasting in any way but have found it intimidating up until this point, then I can heartily recommend Odeo – if only because (unlike iTunes) it has lots of nice web-like affordances, like being able to link through to feeds (or shows) directly like: IT Conversations, Radio Free SubPop, SETI podcast and many others. There is, of course, already a whole bunch of BBC stuff listed on the service – most of which you can find via the tag bbc. It’s a shame that the ‘create’ functionality isn’t in place at this stage, because that bloody rocks, but in the meantime I’d still check it out…

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I’ve had acceess to Odeo for a few weeks now, and I haven’t touched it since I first logged in, because the creation tools aren’t ready yet. I can get similar RSS feeds by using the new version of iTunes, so uunless they get the creation tools out asap, this is going to be as dead as Kinja.

I don’t know about that. Yes, the creation tools are the killer app and it won’t be essential until they’re open to the public, but to me it’s much easier to use than iTunes (which keeps sending you out of the loop and back to the start every time you subscribe to a new feed, which is ridiculous) and much less fiddly than iPodder Lite.

For those of us who create podcasts deemed ‘explicit’ by iTunes music store, it’s a perfect promo alternative. Very nice to already see my podcast there upon signup, too.

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