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i popped in to send you the tagcloud link but saw you already had it.
but then saw this foie gras link.
i too had only learned the Evils of foie gras, how inhumane it was to the poor geese and ducks.
but i’ve learned a lot better since moving to europe.
something not too many activists see fit to mention is that foie gras was discovered by accident, by people noticing that wild geese and ducks seasonally gorged themselves on seed, to the point of being unable to fly, and that if they were killed subsequently their livers were very different and very tasty.
that is (key point), it’s a natural behaviour chosen by the birds, not some weird oddity forced upon them by evil sadists.
and something not too many activists see fit to mention is that the birds rush up to the farmer with the force-feeder. the force feeder (a funnel, basically) is just for his convenience in minimising his time/hassle — it doesn’t change the amount the birds would eat. nor does the farmer need to chase, cajole, or hurt the birds. they more than enjoy eating this food to this extent/at this pace.
yet another hysteria unrelated to reality

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