Traffic Cone Mating Season…

Traffic Cone mating season

I was walking through the back of Paddington, by London’s Westway on my way home the other day and came across this strange orgy of traffic cones. This may explain why there are so many of the damn things all over London.

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That’s quite amusing – I give it until tomorrow morning before some drunken students decide to “acquire” it though. 🙂

I Fucking Hatre IT! In my experience of modern art the implementationm of traffic cones is ultimately gay. Either the people are so diseased to contrive something so cliche and unoriginal, or the love of a good woman is endlessly inconvenient. Traffic cones my arse! Beef Curtains to you sire, and ile see you another morn!

Yo, James, Shove it up your arse!
You wouldnt know modern art if it gave you a dick in the shitter!

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