In San Francisco, briefly…

Jet-lag equals brain death – I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s like the whole cognitive part of your brain is replaced with blind incomprepension. I get hungry at completely random times, go to sleep at random times and between four and six pm every day start looking at people’s heads to try and work out where I can hit them so they’ll be quiet and let me sleep. I hate jet-lag. Jet-lag hates me.

Anyway, in the four or five hours a day that my brief periods of being awake and sane intersect with everyone else’s, it all seems to be going well. I’m heading off to FooCamp this afternoon, which is intimidating and exciting in pretty much equal measure. I think I’m going to be talking about social media and user-generated metadata – and hopefully will be able to demo the Phonetags project that Matt Webb and I worked on earlier in the year with Gavin Bell and Graham Beale. I might even be able to finally put up the post about the project that I’ve been threatening since ETech.

After Foo, I’m back in San Francisco for Sunday and Monday night before returning to the UK. At the moment I haven’t quite figured out anywhere to stay for those nights, so if anyone has any suggestions that would be great. And if anyone – as ever – wants to get together and chat about media navigation, social media, social software or design for Web 2.0, then they should send me a note to tom at the name of this website, as usual.

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OK, I’m not sure how you feel about hostels, but there is a fabulous one in San Fran. It’s called the Pacific Tradewinds Backpackers Hostel and it is on Sacramento Street.
It’s really quite nice. Have fun, I love San Francisco. 🙂

Hey George – if you’re sure that’s okay with you, then that would be great! Obviously there are two rooms and all, so there would be space I think for both of us.

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