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It’s entirely too easy to confuse “why I don’t” and “why I and my countrymen don’t,” but my feeling is that Pledgebank isn’t a particularly American sort of thing. “I’ll do this, but only if I know that everyone else will do it too” isn’t exactly a part of our national self-image. We may be a bunch of sheep quite often, but coming right out and saying “I’ll do this as part of a crowd, but not on my own” doesn’t fit our independent, self-reliant image.

re Google and music and the other search engines too. MP3s have relatively rich ID tags that are at a known place in the file. It doesn’t feel particularly hard (for Google) to spot the .mp3 extension and use HTTP get range to collect and index the metadata. I’ve seen people criticise this saying that it would hit the bandwidth of the provider, but collecting just the ID tag mitigates this.
So why hasn’t it happened yet?
This probably applies to other media as well. Like the JPG EXIF standard.

I think Pledgebank is fantastic, but it’s not being used by US users for a couple of reasons. First, the support methods for Pledgebank include SMS to a specific number – both not so big in the US, and (I’m assuming) using a number specific to the UK.
Unlike Phil, I don’t think collective, community action is against American principles – the way it’s portrayed here, though, sometimes implies sheep action.
I think it just takes a few people to start using it, and it spreads. It’s still very young, you know, and it hasn’t had much press outside Britain.

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